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How to store wood furniture

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It is incredible how many things we have to worry about during a relocation. Packing, unpacking, finding reputable movers – it is all an integral part of the relocation process. In a lot of cases, people realize they have more furniture than their new house can support. Therefore, if you are moving to Brooklyn, and are looking for a clue how to store wood furniture until you can find where to put it in your new home, you are in the right place. We are more than happy to share with you all the tips and trick we have accumulated on this subject over the course of years!

A close-up of a rustic wooden table in the middle of the garden. The possibility to store wood furniture has never been easier than in the recent years.
Tables, chairs, desks – if you want to store wood furniture, we have got you covered!

Research your options on how to store wood furniture

If we are being completely honest, your best option is, without a doubt, finding suitable storage units Brooklyn – based to keep your furniture safe and sound. However, what you need to think about is the period of time you plan on using the storage. Storage is, usually, the only logical choice when it comes to storing wood furniture for a short period of time. We don`t know if you were aware of this, but storage units can be quite pricey. Therefore, if you are moving and don`t plan on using the furniture in question in the foreseeable future, ask yourself whether it is worth keeping it. Perhaps it would be better to sell it and earn some money instead of spending it on storage?

In case you feel brave a decide to store your wood furniture in a basement or attic, there are some things you should do. For starters, buy a humidifier, dehumidifier or humidistat. Know that this is not an optional step. If you decide to skip the purchase of the aforementioned items, you might get an unpleasant surprise the next time you take a peek at your wooden furniture.

Get a climate-controlled storage unit for your wooden furniture

Once you have decided that storage is the way to go for you, you need to know what you are looking for. Sure, a climate-controlled storage will be more expensive than the regular one, but it will pay off in the long run. A climate-controlled storage will keep your wood furniture safe from any harm. Moreover, it will keep the room humidity-free, which will prevent mold and mildew from forming. Isn`t this a win-win situation? We are reliable and experienced relocation professionals, so you should take our word for this one. You can never go wrong when choosing climate-controlled storage units for storing your wood furniture.

A small, pink, portable fan on a black surface.
You will need powerful air conditioning in your storage unit; one that will keep the same temperature level on any given day.

Clean your wood furniture thoroughly before storing it

We understand that sometimes you are not in the mood for cleaning. However, the days (and weeks) before your relocation is when you should be working the hardest. Which means that you will have to clean your entire house before the moving date. The same applies to your wood furniture. Before storing it, you need to make sure that your wood furniture is clean from top to bottom. So, how do you achieve this pristine look?

  • Use a mild soap and water. Products such as Murphy Oil Soap will not make any damage to the existing finish of your wooden pieces.
  • To prevent your furniture from drying out, you should treat it with furniture polish.
  • In the end, make sure that everything is dust-free before you decide to store wood furniture for good.

Once everything is scrubbed and cleaned, unfortunately, the job is nowhere near done. There are still some other things for you to do before you can safely store wood furniture in a unit.

We see a bucket with some cleaning supplies in it, and a green and purple cleaning rags hanging on the front.
It is of utter importance that you clean your wood furniture properly before storing it in a unit.

Disassemble your wood furniture before putting it in storage

Perhaps you have heard of the rule that you should always disassemble your furniture before the moving date. That is, you should do it with those furniture pieces that can be disassembled. The same rule applies to when you are preparing your wood furniture for storage. Desks, bookshelves, and tables are in the most cases easy to disassemble. And, what if we told you that the disassembly of the furniture pieces is one way to reduce the cost of Brooklyn storage? Would you believe us? Well, you should.

If you put apart your wood furniture, you will automatically get more storage space. Thus, you will maximize your storage space, which means that you will be able to store more items in a smaller space. Do you see where we are going with this?

Keep your wood furniture covered at all times

Finally, we got to the last step of our guide. Once you have done everything on our list, and have put your wood furniture in storage, the only thing left for you to do is to cover it. A protective cover will keep your furniture from getting scratched and damaged in some other way. One thing people usually use for covering their furniture is plastic. However, for wood furniture, this is not a good idea, because the condensation from the plastic can make the wood swell. Instead, opt for furniture blankets, furniture pads or any other type of clothes that fit. But, never skip this step, even though it might seem menial to you now!

A bicycle in front of a wooden bookshelf.
Once your wood furniture is in the storage unit, make sure to cover it with some protective material!

Clearly, to store wood furniture is no simple task! It takes a lot of time, preparation and dedication on your part. And, after you have prepared and put your wood furniture in a storage unit, there is only one more thing to think about. You need to ensure that your storage facility is secure and, thus, prevent any future troubles. We hope you will have no trouble dealing with the task that is in front of you.

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