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How to store your boat in the off-season


Owning a boat is great. You get the freedom to sail, enjoy the nice weather and generally have fun. But, once the season changes and the weather is no longer suitable for sailing you need to think about preserving your boat. To store your boat in the off-season you need to prepare. From cleaning your boat to finding storage space for it. And this guide will give you a few helpful tips on how to do it. What are the dos and don’ts of boat storage? And what are the things that you absolutely need to pay attention to? Here are some answers.

Definitely store your boat in the off-season

A boat is a valuable asset. And you should invest some time and energy into storing it properly. Many people think that leaving the boat in the dock is a solution to their boat storage problems in Brooklyn. While in some instances that might be true, it’s much better to store it out of the water. Even though your boat will probably be fine in the docks, there are some problems. Docks usually don’t have the best security. So you will be constantly worrying about your boat. And you will probably have to pay unfair docking fees for the entire season. You will be giving away the ability to just hop in it when the weather improves. But you will gain peace of mind knowing that your boat is ok. So, to store your boat in the off-season you need to find a good storage solution.

Leaving your boat in the docks during the off-season is not recommended

Storage for your boat

When you want to store your boat in the off-season you are presented with two choices. If you have enough space at your home, you might want to store it there. If not, you will probably be looking for a temporary storage solution.  A garage is a great place to store your boat. You will have easy access to it. And it’s a good opportunity to tinker with it. But, it takes a lot of space. And many people simply don’t have enough space to store their boat at home.

Don’t leave it out in the open

One of the worst things that you can do when you want to store your boat in the off-season is to leave it in the open. As the weather changes and snow starts to fall it can cause some serious damage. Exposed metal can begin to rust. And the fiberglass of the boat can form cracks and dents. Severe changes in temperature are not good for a boat.

covered boats
Don’t leave your boat in the open

Find boat storage

If you don’t have enough space to store your boat in the off-season in your home, your next best solution is personal storage. Storage Brooklyn is not that expensive and it provides you with a few perks. You will have easy 24/7 access to your storage unit. So, just like at your home, you can grab something from it. Storage facilities have great around-the-clock security with CCTV cameras. So you won’t have to worry about safety. And, boat storage is usually built for easy access. So,  you can just pull in with your car and drop off your boat.

Take good care of your boat

Once you’ve found a good storage solution, it’s time to pay attention to the boat itself. You will want to pay special attention to your boat before storing it. That way, it will be ready to go as soon as the weather gets better. And to do that you need to do a few things.

Clean the boat

A lot of dirt can accumulate on your boat during the summer when it’s used. So, you will want to give it a thorough clean before storing it. That will keep the pets away and your boat safe. So, empty all the food compartments. Throw away or move any perishable items that can spoil and attract insects. Wipe all the dirt from your boat. Pay special attention to the exposed metal areas.

Inspect the boat

While you have your boat out of the water you should take the time to inspect it. Look for any cracks along the boat. And pay special attention to the hull. That way, you can be sure that it’s in good condition for the next season. And you won’t have to do it in the spring. You can just take it out of storage and drive straight to the dock.

Rustproof exposed metal

While you are cleaning your boat look for any exposed metal areas. With the humidity changes, that metal can begin to rust. So, you might want to rustproof it. Even if you did it for the last season, you should double-check. Waterproofing coating can wear off with use.

rusted boat as a reason to store your boat in the off-season
You can cause serious damage to your boat if you leave it out in the open

Empty the gas and oil tanks

One of the important things that you need to do is get rid of the old gas and oil. Otherwise, your boat engine can get stuck as it sits idle. So, when you store your boat in the off-season make sure to empty the gas tank. You can leave it empty or fill it will new gasoline. Same goes for oil. Leaving the old one can cause a lot of engine problems.

Protect your battery

It’s a good idea to invest in a trickle charger that will ensure that your battery stays active without being on. Changes in temperature and humidity can cause it to drain. And it can get irreversibly damaged due to it. And while you can always buy a new battery, it’s not worth the risk. This way, you can use your trickle charger for many years. And not have to worry about the condition of your battery during the off-season.

Check all the safety equipment

Since you are storing your boat, and it won’t be in use, take the time to inspect all the safety equipment. Check lifejackets, flares, fire extinguisher, GPS, EPIRBs, and radios. Also, have in mind that some equipment has an expiration date. Flares and fire extinguishers need to be changed every few years.

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