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How to store your motorcycle for winter


The motorcycle is an amazing way to get around the town. But – there is a small drawback you have to think about when you plan to get a motorcycle. This is storing your motorcycle during winter. It is almost impossible to ride your motorcycle during winter without getting sick, or even worse, getting injured. So if you do not store your motorcycle for winter properly it will surely  get damaged. And this can be expensive since it is not easy to fix the damage of a motorcycle that was kept outside during winter. However. if you do not procrastinate and make sure you have enough time to protect your motorcycle from winter you have nothing to worry about. Let us show you how.

Make sure you clean before you store your motorcycle for winter

The first step you have to take when you plan to store your motorcycle for winter is cleaning it. If you store a bike with dead bugs, water spots or dirt it will get damaged. Your paint will corrode and you will have to pay extra to repair it. You need to clean all these things thoroughly and make sure there is no moisture on the bike. Once you make sure your bike is dry apply a coat of wax. This will protect your bike from all the rust and moisture. Forgetting to make sure your bike is clean before a New York relocation is one of many things that can go wrong while you move. Make sure you stay organized to avoid this.

A motorcycle, clean it before you store your motorcycle for winter
If you make sure your bike is clean before you store it the paint will keep looking great

Protect the battery before you store your motorcycle for winter

When you take care of the surface of the bike you might think your job is over. This is not the case. You need to take care of one very important part of the motorcycle . This is the battery. It can be very costly to repair or replace this crucial part of your bike. There are two most common types of motorcycle batteries: the lead-acid batteries, and the maintenance free batteries. When you want to preserve your lead-acid batteries you need to make sure you check the acid leaves of your battery. If this is low your battery will get damaged leading to damage and replacements. Don’t let the name of maintenance free batteries fool you since there are a few steps you have to take while you preserve these batteries. Make sure you keep them at a warm place and recharge them from time to time.

A lead-acid battery
Makse sure you check the acid leaves in your lead-acid battery before you store your bike

Take the preparation of the fuel system seriously

There are many people that get scared for their bike because of the fuel system. They have a right to be since there are many stories of the expensive carburetor or injector repairs. This is why you have to take the preservation of the fuel system seriously before you store your motorcycle for winter. These days people add ethanol to the fuel which can be problematic when you want to store your motorcycle for a while. Ethanol can lead to damage to the carburetor and fuel injectors. The best way to avoid this is to fill the tank and use an additive that will protect your motorcycle from ethanol problems. After you do this you will be able to look for public storage New York and be carefree. There are many great public storage facilities that will keep your bike safe during winter.


Cover up your motorcycle before you store it

When you plan to place your bike into a storage facility it is important that you cover it. All the work you put into protection of the surface of the motorcycle will be useless if you do not cover the bike properly. It is good if for indoors storage like storage facilities or garages since it will protect your bike from dust and moisture. You will also avoid rodent that might make their home in your bike. If you plan to store your bike outside in the winter the proper covers are crucial. These will protect your bike from the elements.

A motorcycle
Be sure you cover the bike once you finish all the preperation

Make sure you replace the oil in the engine of the motorcycle

Many people will forget to change the engine oil of their motorcycle before they store it. This can lead to many expensive repairs. This can be very bad especially if you want to store your motorcycle before moving. These added costs can ruin your relocation to New York. You need to take care of your motorcycle in order to lower the moving costs NYC. The engine oil of your motorcycle helps to filter the small particles. The most important of these small particles are carbon. If you store the bike with used motor oil this carbon will corrode the motor which can lead to expensive repairs you need to avoid. Simply replace the oil and filter before you store your motorcycle for winter. This will ensure the motor of your bike stays safe.

The engine, make sure you replace the oil before you store your motorcycle for winter
Replace the motor oil and the filter to make sure the engine remains intact

Winter is a hard part of the year for people that like bikes. You cant ride your precious bike and you have to place it to storage.And this is challenging and stressful for many people since a little mistake can damage your bike and add extra costs for repair. This can be very bad when you plan to relocate since the relocation is already expensive. It is important to stay organized and calm in order to store your motorcycle for winter so you can avoid all these problems. This way you will be able to keep your bike safe and sound.

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