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How to transfer utilities when moving

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Moving to a new home is exciting. It gives you a fresh start in a new place. You get to decorate it for the first time. Set up everything the way you like it. But there are a few things that aren’t that difficult but are important to do. No one wants to spend their first week in a new home without electricity, hot water or internet connection. That’s why you need to transfer utilities when moving and ensure that your new home is ready when the time comes. It’s not that difficult to do, it just requires some time. And you will be grateful you did it in time when you are able to take a hot shower after moving day.

Hot shower with water dripping as part of transfer utilities when moving
You will need a hot shower as soon as you are done moving, so make sure to transfer your utilities on time!

Why it’s important to transfer utilities when moving?

A lot of people who move for the first time don’t take this into account. You get your bills in the mail or e-mail and you just pay them. And it’s easy to assume that all those services come with the apartment. But if you don’t transfer utilities before moving you might end up paying someone else’s bill. And you will be stuck in your new apartment without internet. At least until the internet company comes to set everything up. That’s why it is important to take care of the transfer in the right and timely manner. After all, you are just starting your life in your new home. And you want to be able to enjoy that new home from the day one. So, start preparing for moving.

Familiarize yourself with your bills

Before you start canceling all your services make sure you know which bills you are paying and why. You can start by making a list of all the utilities and services you are using. Starting from the basic ones. Electricity, gas and water and sewer should be first on your list. Look at your bills for these services and find out who is your service provider. You can go online and find a phone number you can call to transfer utilities when moving. It usually falls under customer support category.

calculator, paper and pen as a perso need to do before transfer utilities when moving
Get to know all of your bills and go through them slowly

After those, you should look at your satellite, internet and phone subscriptions. It’s important to write down which exact services you are using. How fast is your internet, and how many channels do you get on satellite. It will be important when transferring those subscriptions. Last, but not least, don’t forget services like trash disposal. People usually forget about those. But yes, you need to cancel them too.

Transfer or cancel

While you’re going through your bills, you might as well look at what you are paying. This is the perfect opportunity to see if you want to cancel anything. We often subscribe to services thinking we are going to use them. But more often than not we end up not using them after the first few months. That’s why, before you call to transfer utilities when moving, see if there is anything you are not using. You should also do a little bit of research. Internet prices have been going down for the past decade. If you’ve got your internet connection a long time ago, you might be missing out. You might be able to get a much better deal now that you’re moving. And that way you will help your budget.

Check the service coverage in your new home

Before you start transferring utilities you should check if the service provider covers the area you are moving to. A lot of service providers cover just a certain part of the city. And the service you’ve had so far might not be available in your new place. At least it might not be provided by your current service provider. You can usually find that out online. If you can’t, you can try and call the customer service line. They will be able to provide you with all the necessary details.  This is especially important if you are moving to a different city.

red phone on the wall
Call your providers on time and notify them about your move

Same goes when hiring a moving company. Make sure that they can actually transport your belongings to your new home safely and on time. Companies like U.Santini Moving and Storage cover almost the entire United States. But others might be only local moving companies. So before you decide on a company, check their coverage.

Transferring utilities

When you transfer utilities when moving it’s a good practice to notify them at least a few weeks in advance. That should give them enough time to set everything up. You don’t want to end up without hot water after you’ve spent an entire day moving. You want your new home to be ready for you from the first day. So, start by calling each provider and setting up installation dates. You can usually schedule water and electricity installation anytime since it’s already set up. You just need to start paying the bill. But for services like cable and internet, it might take some time until they can come and get it up. That’s why it’s a good idea to call them at least a month in advance.

Make sure everything works when you need it

When scheduling your utility installation you will want to be sure that everything works when you move in. You hire the best moving services Brooklyn so everything can get to your new home in time. It’s the same with utilities. You want everything to be working when you move in. When scheduling your electricity disconnect, make sure you schedule it at least a day after you’ve moved out. That way, if you forget something and need to go back you will have the lights. It’s similar to your connect dates. You want to have everything set up at least a day or two before you move in. That way you can have a shower after unpacking and can turn on the AC. That’s why it is important to organize everything properly when you transfer utilities during the move. And you moving can be smooth and without unnecessary stress.

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