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Importance of NYC storage insurance


Imagine the following scenario – you’ve decided on relocating to Brooklyn and everything is going perfectly. You’ve found the best Brooklyn movers, secured packing supplies, and have everything set and ready to go. However, somewhere in the middle of your Brooklyn relocation project, you realize something. Your new place doesn’t have that much room for all your stuff and what now. Well, you can rent a storage unit, of course! It’s easy, cheap, and can be quite useful once you have the right information. The only thing left is securing your valuables for unexpected situations. And we are here to explain to you the importance of NYC storage insurance.

Who needs to rent a storage space?

This is maybe a new subject to you, but once you find out about storage solutions you will see how helpful they are. It is very rare that the dates of your moving out from an old place and moving into your new home match perfectly. So you can find out that your local movers Brooklyn based are able to offer you use storage space. You can use it just in between moves or you can elongate that period of time.

Let’s see who needs to rent a storage space.

If your new home is smaller than the previous one, or you just don’t want to stuff it with some items that you use only from time to time or only seasonally, you can ask for a storage solution. Moving and storage New York will offer you some different options and we are here that you will find just the right one for you. So you are the one who will choose the size of the unit you need. But also, the company can bring the unit just where you need it to be, whether that is a parking spot or your backyard. You are also the person who will decide do you need some special conditions (like a climate-controlled storage unit) – in case you have some very valuable or fragile items.

Do you really need NYC storage insurance?

Renting storage doesn’t have to be pricey. It will depend on your needs only. The price will be made in accordance with the size of the unit you need and the period you are renting for. But be sure that you’ll be able to find cheap storage Bruooklyn based. If you are wondering do you really need NYC storage insurance, the answer will depend on your case. The experience of many New Yorkers confirms that this is a really good idea to have it. The majority of people already have homeowner insurance, which includes coverage for personal items. This also covers belongings kept in storage units to some degree as well.

NYC storage insurance
Do you really need NYC storage insurance?

This is almost always limited when it comes to self-storage units. You have to know what is the total personal coverage for your home. Counting on that, the storage coverage will go up to 10% of the value. But still, it can happen that this percentage doesn’t cover the value of your stored items. So you have to check it all well with the company once you decide to rent a unit. We understand that your belongings are valuable to you. So it is clear that you will have to look for insurance protection.

What are the different options NYC insurance has for you?

Basically, you’ll have a few NYC storage insurance options available to you:

  • To upgrade your homeowners or renters insurance policy that you already have;
  • If you do not have renters or homeowners insurance, get it from an expert insurance company;
  • You can purchase insurance from the storage Brooklyn that you chose;
  • Your moving company can offer you to rent a storage space and insurance policy with it.

You should be aware that some warehouses require proof of insurance as part of the rental agreement. And in case you do not have an existing insurance policy, storage facilities are more than glad to offer you one or mediate a deal with a private insurer. Our advice would be to go through an independent insurance agent, you can score extra discounts.

Main reasons to get NYC storage insurance

If you are still not sure should you insure your storage, let’s look for some risks that can occur. The insurance policy will have to note the material of which the storage is built. Someone else can try to make some damage to your unit or steal your things. So it is always smart to be careful. You’ll be able to sleep tight once you know that insurance will cover any damage possible according to the policy you got from them.

Main reasons to get NYC storage insurance
Here are main reasons to get NYC storage insurance.

We are giving you the list of potential risks

This is the list of the potential risks, so you have a better idea of what we are referring to:

  • Theft and vandalism – this is a common occurrences when it comes to desolate storage facilities. More or less, whenever the storage unit is placed, there is a risk of stealing something from it. So unless the NYC depository has security guards or cameras in place, consider insurance or a different location.
  • Fire, Smoke, or Water Damage (from fires) – the truth is that you just never know when a fire or flood might arise. So make sure that the storage unit you rent has a fire alarm or anti-flood mechanism in place. Otherwise, you know what to do – cover this risk with insurance.
  • Mold & mildew – are not that much of a risk unless you are looking at long-term storage options. Still, we have to mention it and it is good for you to have it on your mind.
  • Wind Damage (from tornadoes, hurricanes, or straight-line winds) – unfortunately, hurricanes are becoming a more common occurrence nowadays. They are not happening often in every area, but if you live somewhere where this is a possibility, don’t skip n it. As we mentioned, storage units are not what you might call fortification. If you want to be fully covered, don’t skip on adding this risk to your policy.
There are risks to renting a storage unit.

It is also important to always read the conditions of your NYC storage insurance before you sign the deal with an insurance company. You have to know that your insurers also want to protect themselves from some risks. Those are all calculated risks and often are very similar from one company to another. But you should have all the information in advance. You can compare those conditions before you decide.

The benefits of having storage coverage

By now you most probably understand the importance of having storage coverage. Still, we want to give you the list of benefits that you can also use to bring some ideas about what items you can store. Also, some items that are more valuable will need different kinds of policies.

Having an insurance policy has many benefits.
  1. Storing valuable and prized possessions: Furs, antique furniture, expensive rugs, etc. can easily trump the limits of your everyday homeowner policy. So you should make additional coverage for those items for their extra protection
  2. Storage unit exposure to high heat or high humidity area: The need for this kind of risk will depend on where you are living. But generally speaking, the potential for mold, mildew, or the simplest of heat damage is always present. Insurance is the only way to make sure that you are covered in these types of situations.
  3. If it so happens that you have insurance that excludes self-storage units or is simply not enough coverage: This just goes to teach you that you always need to have a backup plan, or in this case – backup insurance.
  4. Long-distance storage and/or constant business travel keeping you away from home: Long absences of storage owners make an easy target for thieves and vandals.
  5. Liability coverage: Imagine if one of your belongings can cause a fire or some other accident that would damage another storage unit or unit? Given the fact that most liability coverage policies go up to $100.000, this might cause complications.

We underlined the importance of having NYC storage insurance

We gave our best to give you all the important information on having NYC storage insurance. The truth is that having insurance is a smart thing whenever you live in. And in a busy city like the Big Apple is, it is almost a must. So don’t save on that, because you don’t want to regret passing this one. If you are well informed, as we think you are by now, it will be easy for you to negotiate the kind of a policy you just need. Write down all you want to ask, and after you find out all the answers, ask for a deal. You can also decide to compare a few different insurance offices before you make the deal. Just always read the conditions and compare those too.

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