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Last-minute moving Brooklyn guide


From time to time, you’ll make small spontaneous decisions, like grabbing a cup of coffee before work. But, there might come a time to make drastic impromptu choices, like traveling or moving to Brooklyn, for example. Since stress-free relocation usually takes time, in a perfect world you’d have the chance to plan it in advance. Luckily, this last-minute Brooklyn moving guide is here to save the day if time is not on your side. On top of that, dependable U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn can help you with that moving stress and hassle! 

Remember that your Brooklyn movers can speed up the relocation process

If you ask reliable international moving companies NYC how to move last-minute, they will recommend you a full moving package. But what does getting a full moving service mean anyway? It’s just that movers in Brooklyn offer everything from actually transporting your items to helping you pack your belongings. So, they are a perfect choice if you’re attempting a last-minute move to Brooklyn. 

Movers packing items for your last-minute Brooklyn moving
With the help of professional movers, your relocation to Brooklyn with be better and more efficient.

If you choose this option, your moving experience will start with movers arriving at your address and packing your belongings. Then, they will load them into the moving van and drive to your new home in Brooklyn. Nowadays, you can even find a moving company in the Big Apple who will offer unpacking services. With the right movers, your last-minute moving assignment in Brooklyn will be simple. 

The first step to moving to Brooklyn in a jiffy is making a solid plan

Every good move, no matter where you are moving to, begins with drafting a credible plan. Of course, this wouldn’t be a helpful last-minute Brooklyn moving guide if we didn’t start with that. Keeping that in mind, make sure to write down everything you need to do before the moving day comes. 

A person writing down in a notebook
No matter how much items do you have, in case of last-minute Brooklyn moving you should make an inventory list.

Because you don’t have much time, take note of the most urgent tasks and list them all together. You can include tasks relevant to your situation, like notifying your children’s school about your upcoming move. One of the most important things on your moving to-do list should be finding trustworthy, yet affordable local Brooklyn movers. The sooner you figure out the logistics of your move, the sooner you can start working on everything else! 

Having a moving binder can help you get ready to relocate to Brooklyn

Even if you’re short on time you should set some aside to create a small moving binder. This is a book which should include everything from moving quotes, details about your new apartment, to any important documentation you will need. Of course, we suggest adding a list of all the items you’ll be taking with you here. If you are in too much of a rush, at least save some pictures on your phone for insurance purposes. 

Prepare for a sudden relocation by decluttering your apartment

Before you call long distance moving companies New York, it would be a good idea to declutter your home. First of all, make a list of items you will donate or throw out. If you haven’t used an item in a long time, why would you even take it to your new place? However, even if something isn’t particularly valuable, sometimes it can be difficult to let go of it.

In this case, using a “Wait-and-See box” can provide numerous advantages. Place anything you’re considering getting rid of but aren’t sure about in a box to review later. Perhaps by the time you’re ready to leave your apartment you still won’t be sure about keeping some objects. Then, it’s probably a sign you don’t need them anyway. 

When it comes to last-minute Brooklyn relocation, there will be more to think about than how to pack

When you’re facing a prospect of moving to another city, packing is probably the first thing that comes to mind. That’s especially true if a move will be a last-minute one. However, before you begin decluttering your home or packing boxes, you must complete some administrative tasks. For example, if you have school-age children, you should notify the school of their last day of classes. Then, do some research and enroll your children in schools in your new neighborhood. 

A woman doing some research on the computer
Even when you’re busy, take some time to research your new neighborhood.

You must also remember to cancel your mail subscription and utilities at your current residence and register them at a new one. Otherwise, you may find yourself without electricity or running water on the day of your move-in. If you’re moving far from your current residence, you’ll also need to find a new doctor and dentist. Finally, don’t forget your furry friends either – pet owners should gather their pet’s vet records before the move.

Remember to pack a moving essentials bag

Moving is messy, so set aside a small duffel bag and fill it with the essentials you can’t afford to lose. This includes any medications and important documents, chargers, daily toiletries, and possibly a change of clothes. While this is something you should do even if you aren’t in a hurry, it is especially important during a last-minute move, when things are likely to become more chaotic and exhausting. After you assemble your essentials bag, you can begin the big project – packing.

Even if you’re doing a last-minute Brooklyn move, start as early as possible

Moving seems like a fairly easy thing to do if you haven’t done it before. Still, between transferring utilities and packing, it’s a project which can take weeks, even months. But, since you are reading this last-minute moving guide, we suppose that we will have to give you a short breakdown. As a start, you will need to pack all of your belongings safely into boxes. This will take some time, so you can even get packing and unpacking services NYC to speed up the process.  

A man sealing a box with some tape
If you need help with packing, professional movers will be by your side!

Remember to go back when you’re done and make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything in the rush. Usually, these are items such as phone chargers, jewelry, or small gadgets. They frequently fall under the radar, despite being quite important. So, as a way to prevent this, we suggest adding some time to your schedule to double-check everything.

If you’re about to make a last-minute relocation, hurry to get packing supplies as soon as possible

Since you’ll need to pack in a rush, you’ll Moving supplies aren’t rocket science, as we like to say. If you haven’t got any specialized items, you won’t need anything other than the basics. And, if you do have a pool table or a piano, we always advise looking for piano relocation specialists in Brooklyn. So, here are the basic supplies you will need in order to finish your last-minute Brooklyn move:

  • The appropriate moving binder – remember that it doesn’t have to be printed. The perfect plan for last-minute Brooklyn moving can be on your phone, too.
  • Moving boxes Brooklyn of different sizes –  for packing your belongings. Make sure that they are sturdy, especially if the boxes you are getting are hand-me-downs.
  • Tape, wrapping paper, and packing peanuts – for keeping your belongings safe during the transport. You can even cushion the boxes with crumpled paper and old clothes.
  • Sharpies and labels – it will be much easier to unpack later if you label all your boxes on time. We also suggest using different colors for each room.

Packing items room by room is usually the fastest way to prepare for a last-minute Brooklyn moving

When moving apartments, a lot of homeowners make this mistake of packing by type of item, rather than by room. Unfortunately, this approach will slow you down while both packing and unpacking. So, if you are out of time to pack slowly and carefully, it would be best to have a room-by-room packing system. Also, remember to pack as efficiently as possible. You should use all the space in the moving box before taping it shut. As long as you’re able to lift the box, the parcel is good to go into the moving van.

Couple packing for their last-minute Brooklyn moving
Make your last-minute Brooklyn moving less stressful by packing one room at the time

And, if you’re really in a pinch due to time, here are a few more tricks for quick relocation. When packing your clothes, leave them on hangers. Bunch them together, open a trash bag and slide it from the bottom of the clothing up, tying it at the hangers. This will make the wardrobe an easy thing to pack. Also, anything else which is soft and doesn’t have a box can fit into a trash bag. Remember that with a last-minute Brooklyn relocation project you aren’t aiming for beauty, but efficiency.

Storage options can be your friend in moving to Brooklyn last-minute

The size of houses has grown significantly over the last few decades. Still, there is a possibility that your new place won’t be big enough to fit all your possessions. Luckily, you don’t need to sell or throw out furniture just because you don’t have enough space! In case you’re moving from a house to an apartment, consider using affordable NYC storage options. 

Make sure to properly label the boxes containing your items

Skilled commercial movers Park Slope will know how to properly load objects onto the moving truck to avoid damaging them. Furthermore, according to the moving contract, movers are responsible for ensuring that your boxes arrive at their destination in one piece. However, just to be on the safe side, you should label your boxes beforehand. 

A woman holding labeled box during a last-minute Brooklyn moving
Your trustworthy local movers will know how to handle even the most sensitive items, but you must label the boxes first

If the boxes also contain sensitive or valuable items, like collectibles for example, label the box with the phrase “fragile”. Labeling each side of the box will signal the movers to treat the boxes with extra caution. On top of that, it will also make unpacking for you easier later on. 

Finally, you don’t have to do this last-minute Brooklyn move all alone

Professional movers will be of great help if you want to ensure your relocation will be quick and efficient. However, it’s not only them you can count on if you have to move away suddenly. Surely, there are some neighbors, friends, and family who will be willing to give you a helping hand. With more people helping you, packing will be a breeze, and you can focus on other important things.  

The last rule of our last-minute Brooklyn moving guide is to not forget to give your helpers something in return! For example, you could offer them something you won’t be taking with you to the new home, like books. Of course, anything you plan on gifting should be in good condition. If anything, it would be nice to provide them with enough food and drinks for their help.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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