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Life after Brooklyn – what to expect?

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Brooklynites cannot imagine life after Brooklyn. They are so used to everything this unique New York borough has to offer that they do not ever want to leave it. And, we understand that feeling. From hiring Brooklyn long distance moving professionals all the way to starting to get used to a new surrounding, moving from Brooklyn is a long process. Therefore, we have decided to compose a list of all the things you can expect after leaving Brooklyn. We hope it will make your life after moving a little easier.

Brooklyn landscape at night is something you will not get a chance to see everyday in your life after Brooklyn.
How can you imagine life after Brooklyn when everything here seems so perfect?

Pro – Your life after Brooklyn will bring around some fresh air

Yes, in your life post-Brooklyn you will finally get a breath of fresh air. The air in Brooklyn, just like in all the other New York boroughs, is more often than not very polluted. And, in time, people get used to this. Some are even born in it and do not even realize how refreshing the air can be outside of New York.

However, after moving from Brooklyn, you will experience life with full lungs. Of course, the level of pollution will vary depending on your moving destination, but rest assured it will most likely be an improvement in comparison to Brooklyn. We consider this to be one advantage in the life after Brooklyn list!

Con – You will have to get used to driving in your life post-Brooklyn

There are hardly any cities in the world that have a better public transportation system than New York. Therefore, we regret to inform you that you will greatly miss the trains coming and going at any given hour. Instead, you will either have to get a car or deal with the fact that you will spend a lot of money on Uber and cabs. Whichever option you choose, it is useful to know that you cannot rely on public transport to get you places. Make a solid plan because you will need to commute every day to places such as work and schools.

A subway sign on the street.
Say goodbye to public transportation and say hello to taxis.

Pro – Say goodbye to extreme weather after moving from Brooklyn

The weather in Brooklyn in the majority of cases consists of two extremes – scorching hot and freezingly cold. It is safe to say we have a feeling you are not a big fan of these two. Neither are we. After moving from Brooklyn you will see that it does not have to be either extremely hot or extremely cold. There are shades. Of course, the climate depends on which part of the country, or world you move to. However, the chances are there will either be an equal division among the seasons, or there will be one that is predominant. But, at least you will not have to play the hot and cold game anymore.

Con – In a life after Brooklyn you will find out the rent is not cheap

Oh, yes. The housing prices are a huge disadvantage in your life after Brooklyn. You will find out that you have lived in a decent apartment for an affordable price. Depending on where you move in the future, the situation will change. You are about to realize that the rest of America is not as cheap as you have thought. Of course, if you are moving to a city such as San Francisco, for example, get ready to have a lot of trouble when creating a family budget. You will cry bitter tears for those days when you thought your Brooklyn rent was steep.

A pink piggy bank with some coins around it.
Dig into your piggy bank because your rent is about to go up!

Pro – Apart from rent, prices for mundane things are usually lower

New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and the difference is not that huge among its boroughs. Coffee, concert and cinema tickets – nothing comes cheap in NYC. However, in your life after Brooklyn, you will see that it is possible to get a pint of beer or a cup of coffee for under five dollars. Imagine that! So, sure, you will spend more money on rent, but you will also save some on mundane things. They kind of balance each other out. The only bad thing is that you will have to bid farewell to some of the best movie theaters in Brooklyn, which are truly something special.

Con – You will find that the streets are much less crowded

Whether this is a pro or a con depends on the person. Some people like crowded streets and some like to be by themselves. However, for Brooklynites, this is usually a big con. Brooklyn natives are used to bumping into people every other minute on average. After all, humans are social beings. Who else likes to walk alone in the middle of the night while returning from a night out?

An empty street in the night.
Life after Brooklyn won`t be so crowded.

What else to expect in a life after Brooklyn?

  • Compared to Brooklyn, nature will be spectacular.
  • Say goodbye to the tastiest delis and bakeries around.
  • You won`t find it so impossible to ditch your roommates and live on your own.
  • There is a chance your life after Brooklyn won`t be forever. If you are not strong enough, the Brooklyn lure might be too strong to resist!

With so many pros and cons to a life after Brooklyn, it is difficult to say which one has more items to it. It all depends on you and your personality. We too can clearly see why it is so difficult for many people to leave Brooklyn. From trustworthy moving companies in Brooklyn to diverse cultures and restaurants, this borough has the whole package. Just look at the best jazz clubs in Brooklyn – no others match up to them. However, know that life does not stop after you move from Brooklyn. After all, you can always move back home if you see you absolutely can not live without your precious neighborhood.

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