Why and How to Make a Moving Inventory

An inventory is the first thing you should complete before you move. Many people decide to skip making an inventory, either because they are moving themselves, or they are paying for full service moving, which includes the conducting of an inventory as part of the package. Although an inventory may seem tedious there are many reasons why you will want to conduct one yourself.

Reasons to conduct an inventory include getting a more exact quote from a moving company in Brooklyn, protecting yourself in case of loss or damage, making better decisions regarding packing, storage, and unpacking. A detailed inventory will help a professional mover determine what size truck you might need, how many boxes and which types, and how many movers will be required to move your home. Although many home and apartment moving companies will do a walk-through assessment of your home, having an inventory available makes an initial quote easier. Creating an inventory yourself, as opposed to relying on a moving company, ensures that all of your belongings have been counted at their correct value and condition, in case anything goes wrong during the move. Furthermore, once you have created an inventory list it is much easier to simply mark which items will go into storage or to your new home without moving from room to room to make these decisions.

With the aid of technology, modern inventories are conducted many different ways. The most popular ways involve digital spreadsheets, pre-written inventory lists that allow you to simply fill in details specific to your belongings, and video inventories. Digital inventories are useful because they are easy to update, and you can shift items around according to category, value, or room. Some people prefer paper inventories because they are easy to give to moving and packing companies. A lot of people use video inventories because they are easy to conduct and they show the exact condition of all of your items, as well as the placement within your home. Whichever method you choose, you should find a way to note individual items, the worth of the item, the condition of the item, the current location of the item, and the future location of the item.

Creating an inventory may not be the funnest part of moving, but it will easily be the most useful piece of preparation you can do. A detailed inventory protects you from loss, helps you get organized, and facilitates easier conversations with storage and movers. In short, there is no excuse to not conduct an inventory.


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