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Meeting your new NYC neighbors – tips and tricks


If you have moved to New York recently and you wonder what is the best way to make some new friends, and if neighborly relationships are important to you, then you came to the right place. Once you have moved to the Big Apple with the help of affordable movers Brooklyn, you are probably feeling a bit lost, if this is the first time you are living in this city. It can be scary because New York is a crazy big town, where it seems like it’s pretty hard to make it. But if you do, then you are one of the lucky ones. In these situations, it is important to have good friends and neighbors. Meeting your new NYC neighbors shouldn’t be hard if you follow the steps we are about to mention. Stay tuned.

Meeting your new NYC neighbors is a must

New York may be scary but meeting your new NYC neighbors is definitely not. This is something you should do as soon as possible. Having some good neighbors is important, for lots of reasons. What if you need to borrow some sugar, eggs and similar? Or God forbid, what if someone needs to call an ambulance and you are all alone in your home. Maybe when you move in with the help of movers NYC, there is that one thing that a neighbor can help with. Like getting your king size bed in your new home. Keeping good neighborhood relations benefits everyone. Who knows you may even find a best friend in your neighbor.

people drinking
Party is the best way to meet new people

A party is always the answer

What can be a better way to meet new people than a party? Having a housewarming party is definitely something you should do when you are new in the neighborhood. Of course, you won’t be organizing the party as soon as you arrive, give it some time. A week or so. It gives you time to mingle a bit around the neighborhood and just then you should organize a get together with your neighbors.

How should a housewarming party look like?

A housewarming party should look like anything you want. What is important is for you to be ready to even have a party. So, give yourself some time to unpack and see what will go where. A party can be themed if you like, or it can be just a simple get together with good food, drinks, and music. Absolutely anything you want. Make sure to have a playlist prepared because music can be the most important part of a party. If you live in the suburbs it will be somewhat easier to throw a party, because of the noise, and if you have a backyard, why not consider a barbecue party.

Do not be pushy when meeting your new NYC neighbors

There are some things that you definitely should not do in an attempt of meeting your new NYC neighbors. One of those things is to be pushy. You mustn’t go door to door in an attempt to get to know them. It can be interpreted as inappropriate and creepy. Especially in New York. People are very careful about everything since this is a big city and some of the boroughs, unfortunately, have somewhat a bad reputation. So, make sure that everything goes as spontaneous as possible.

Parks near you

Great way to meet your neighbors is to go to a nearby park. Of course, this is good to do when you have kids or dog. What is a better start up conversation theme then your kids or pets? Having things in common from day one is a great foundation for new friendships. On the other hand, if you do not have kids or pets, this can be entreprenerd as creepy. So, this goes only in the mentioned situation.

a dog in the park
Pets are great ice-breakers

Meeting your new NYC neighbors can be really simple

Meeting your new NYC neighbors can be really simple. It doesn’t involve housewarming parties or taking your kids or pets to a playground. It is simple as saying hello, how are you today? Sometimes it means a lot to ask them how their day is going, and it can start up a nice conversation. Also, you should be outside a bit more in order to meet anyone. This is really easy if you live in a house with a yard. Do some gardening, and that is it, you will have a chance to introduce yourself to new neighbors. However, living in n apartment can make this a bit harder.

Help someone and ask for help

Once you move in your new home, ask some of your neighbors for a piece of advice or help with something. There will b a lot of things that you will need help with. Of course, once a neighbor helps you, order a pizza and have some beer, in no time you will have a good neighbor relationship. Also, never hesitate to help someone from your neighborhood, this is another great way to introduce yourself as a great neighbor and someone to rely on.

neighbors sitting and talking
Make sure you keep a good neighborly relationship.

Our favorite: housewarming party

What did we mention so far:

  • Have a housewarming party
  • Do not be pushy and annoying
  • Go to a park or a playground near you with your dog or kids
  • Simply say hi, how are you?
  • Give help and ask for help

You can do all of this; however, we have our favorite. It may take some time and money, but organizing a housewarming party is definitely the best way to meet your new neighbors. Go and mingle and in no time, you will achieve a great neighborly relation.

Meeting new neighbors for some people comes really easy, but for others not so much. So, choose something from above and you won’t go wrong. It is also important to know your neighbors because those are the people you will be seeing a lot, therefore having them on your side is really important.

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