Minimalist design ideas for your NYC apartment

Minimalist design ideas for your NYC apartment

So you are moving to New York. That spectacular and vast city. However, not many New Yorkers have the opportunity to enjoy that vastness in their own homes. As you probably already know, common NYC apartments are not known for their massive proportions. Residential movers Brooklyn say that most people who are moving out of the Big Apple are doing so because they just cannot cope with residing in tight living quarters. Luckily for you, smart people developed many minimalist design ideas for your NYC apartment that can help you to exploit the available space more than you ever thought possible. Even for people living on a budget.

Minimalist design ideas for your NYC studio apartment

Studio apartments are quite common in NYC. Even though they can be very efficient in saving space, they can be quite tricky to fully exploit. Luckily, there are many good minimalistic ideas for your NYC studio apartment that you can use to make your place appear visually bigger, but also to add some useful storage space.

A TV stand
Small furniture is one of the basic minimalist design ideas for your NYC apartment

Buy smaller furniture before you move in

If you are moving into an empty studio apartment, buy smaller furniture. Forget about your large couch, giant wardrobe, or dining set. Movers NYC has seen a lot of newcomers carrying their old habits into their new NYC studios without much pre-thinking. Not only that they soon realize that they need new furniture, but they also have to bother with getting rid of the old.

Divide the room with rugs

Studio apartments do not have walls that separate rooms. However, you can use your different color rugs to divide the room. This will help your apartment look more visually appealing.

Know how to hang curtains

Even though you cannot do much to create more space, you can create an illusion that your place is bigger than it really is. Hang the curtains from ceiling to the bottom instead of hanging them just above the windows.

Ideas for arranging your railroad apartment

These apartments are tricky to arrange. Mostly because of their narrow shape. However, if you know some tricks, you can make them look very distinctive.

Keep the clutter at a minimum is the simplest minimalist design idea for your NYC apartment

In fact, avoid cluttering your apartment at all. These apartments do not stand any clutter as you can see everything wherever you are. This, of course, applies to all types of small apartments.

Remove the doors

Of course, you do not want to remove the bathroom door. However, if you keep the number of doors at minimum, you will brighten your place significantly.

Paint your place in one tone

Paint your railroad apartment one color or at least try to keep the color pallet consistent as much as possible.

A studio apartment
Keep your color pallet as consistent as possible

Minimalist design ideas for your NYC shared apartment

Maybe you are looking for minimalist design ideas for your NYC apartment that you will share with a roommate. Of course, living with a roommate in NYC is not easy. However, there are ways to make the situation more bearable.

Make sure that you know your own space

The biggest issues can develop when roommates do know what their space is. Define what is your personal space and decorate it how you like it.

Dividing walls minimalist design ideas for your NYC apartment

If you will be sharing a studio apartment, the biggest problem you will have is how to divide the space that you have. Luckily, there are many good minimalist design ideas for your NYC apartment that can help you to separate the room that you have. Of course, the first thing that will come to your mind is a 4-part screen. However, you can also use a curtain, slider doors and or even a large bookshelf.


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