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Modern storage rental issues 101


Storage is a pretty good solution to many problems that arise from the lack of space we often have these days. With apartments getting ever smaller, and our possessions growing in number, we need more space for them. Space we now rarely find in our apartments. It is for this purpose that the storage units are made. And, they do their job quite well! If you need to store your winter-sports equipment during the summer, for example. You might also want to store things like vinyl records, old photos, unneeded documentation, car parts, old furniture and clothes, and everything else under the sun. Modern storage will provide space for all of it. However, that does not mean that modern rental solutions are without their issues. That is why we have made modern storage rental issues 101, to help you get around the practical issues you might face in your storage.

Why you should consider storage

First and foremost, let us talk about the benefits that storage facilities Brooklyn can offer before we talk about any issues that might arise from using the said storages. Storage facilities are provided by various companies throughout the country in order to provide spare space for pretty much any use. And the usages are very varied. There are people that simply use it for storing old clothes and furniture, while others run a business from a storage unit. Therefore, there is a lot you can do with storage.

storage garages
Storages offer a lot of advantages!

Storages can be provided by various companies of standings that are not always the same. Therefore, you should pick the company you are entrusting with your possessions with care. Yout possession needs to be safe in the storage, not only from robberies, which are actually fairly, rare but rather from some other, more insidious opponents that are ready to destroy your possession while you give them little thought in your everyday life, far from the storage unit. Therefore, be sure to work with reputable companies that have storage units of good construction and with a camera and personal security on-site 24/7.

Types of storages you can find

There are various types of storage U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn provides. Actually, the types are pretty consistent through any provider you will find. There are generally four types of storage that you need to know. By knowing what your needs are, for which we hope you do, you will know what kind of storage you require. First and foremost there are the outside storages, as one depicted in the picture from the beginning of the article. These kinds of storages provide great access by vehicle, so if you have something that is heavy and hard to move, these storages are great and practical.

However, they are more likely not to also be climate-controlled storage, which is also a type of storage that you really want. Climate controlled units are those which prevent heat and moisture from building up in the storage. Those can be extremely damaging to whatever you are storing, and are actually the biggest offenders when it comes to modern storage rental issues, though we will talk about this later on.


carboard stacket
Where will you be storing your stuff?

What are interior storages?

Storage facilities that are more likely to have climate-controlled units are the inside storages or interior storages. These facilities house their units in an enclosed building. This offers great protection at all times, so you can pick up anything from your storage even during a storm. However, it is also a lot harder to access heavy items due to a lack of transportation.

Finally, there are also specialized storage units that serve their purpose only to provide services for things that require special storage. For example, for piano movers Brooklyn. There are also specialized storage units that essentially serve as wine cellars, car garages, etc.!

Some of the modern storage rental issues

So what are some of the most common storage issues that you will find in private and public storage New York alike? Well, as we have already mentioned, the first one to pop into the minds of many, theft, is actually not that common. Almost all storages have security on site. However, there are more insidious enemies that will wreck whatever it is that you are trying to store!

Mold brick wall
Mold can be a big problem, should you find any…

Here is what you need to be careful about:

  • Mold – Mold is a problem that is hard to eradicate and easy to come across. It is most commonly found in storages that lack climate control and is definitely considered among the top modern storage rental issues. Mold is dangerous on many levels. First and foremost, spores that tit produces can actually damage your health. That is why you should never try to eradicate mold on your own. If you find mold, make sure you contact professionals.
  • Moisture – Moisture buildup is actually a key ingredient of mold making, hand in hand with heat. That is exactly why try to avoid it. Not to mention that it can do some damage on its own. Moisture can build up inside boxes and produce a devastating effect on wooden furniture. Not to mention all the nasty things it can do to your electronic devices. Having moisture in your storage is a definite problem that you need to know how to solve. If you are worried about it, a temporary solution would be for you to find waterproof packaging in shops or online, on Craiglist.
  • Pest – Pest can also present a great challenge to possess for your items. Think of what termites can do to antique furniture or what rats will do to food or paper. That is definitely something you want to avoid.

In summary

This is pretty much all you need to know about modern storage rental issues. Just remember not to store wrong things in the wrong storage. For example, storing food in storages that lack climate control. Furthermore, there are things that cannot be stored anywhere, like weapons, ammo, and dangerous chemicals.

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