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Most beautiful streets in NYC

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If you watched at least one of the popular TV shows, you probably noticed that they have a beautiful background. Many of them are recorded in New York City. All those beautiful backgrounds are actually beautiful streets in NYC. Many tourists just come to NYC so they can take a walk and feel the city. Despite the crowd and noise, you can actually enjoy the view and feel the different vibe in every street. If you are thinking about moving to NYC, you might decide to live in one of the streets that we are going to present to you.

List of the most beautiful streets in NYC

Yes, we can tell you it is hard to pick just a few beautiful streets in NYC to present you. Each of them has its own unique charm and has a different history. They are located all over town, from Brooklyn to Manhattan. If you decide to visit them all in one day, we are not sure that you will be able to. Besides that, you will not fully enjoy them. Take your time, visit one by one and if you are thinking about moving to New York try to pay attention to the small details. Stores, coffee shops, restaurants and similar that are located on that street. 

Streets of NYC aerial view
Streets of NYC

Minetta Street, Greenwich Village

On the first glance, this seems like any other small street in New York City. But the Minetta Street has a very odd shape. Also, this is a quite and one of the most beautiful streets in NYC. It has a lot of historical buildings, cafes, and trees. It has a very rich history and a lot of stories that date back to the 17th century. Minetta Street became famous since here was filmed a couple of films and Bob Dylan wrote a song in a cafe.

Washington Street

You have probably seen this street so many times on different pictures on social media. From this street, you can see the perfect view of Manhattan Bridge, while in the back you see the Empire State Building. here you can make a perfect perspective shot. In one picture you can see two big architectural titans. It can be a little crowded but it is well worth it. You can take a perfect picture of the sunset here.

view from one of the most beautiful streets in NYC Washington street
The perfect view of two titans

Prospect Park West

You probably know this street, since you could see it in a very famous movie “Wolf from the Wall Street”. On one side of this gorgeous street in NYC you can see high trees and on the other, you can see big expensive buildings. This street is located in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It has a lot of new buildings and it has a great connection with Manhattan. So, if you were thinking about moving to NYC this could be your dream neighborhood. Especially if you are a foreigner.

Cranberry Street

If you are wondering around Brooklyn, you will come across three very beautiful streets in NYC. Cranberry, Orange, and Pineapple street. We know, they sound like they are part of some cartoon but no. They are part of Brooklyn, and they were named by Lady Middagh. She thought that their names were too pretentious since they were named by aristocratic families. So, she decided to change their names. This street has the cutest name in the whole of NYC. And the street itself is pretty charming. It is a narrow street filled with colorful brownstones cast.

Fifth Avenue

And, of course, the world’s most famous street – Fifth Avenue. It is one of the most photographic avenues in the New York City. It has charming townhouses and mansions. Of course, here you will find The Empire State Building.  At night, if you are there do not forget to look up since the building is changing colors for important holidays and events. There are a lot of museums, libraries, and stores when you walk down the Fifth Avenue. This street maybe doesn’t look perfect, but it has a unique vibe. And that is why we can call it one of the most beautiful streets in NYC.

view of fifth avenue one of the beautiful streets NYC
Take a walk down the Fifth Avenue

When is the best time to visit NYC?

If you are thinking about visiting NYC and you are not sure when to visit it – well you can visit it anytime. If you decide to visit it in the autumn, you will be able to enjoy yellow leaves and unique views. In winter, well you are going to deal with a lot of snow. But, the view of The Empire State Building when the snow is falling, it is memorable. But, be careful if you are visiting in the summer you will have to deal with high temperatures and really tasty ice cream. So, whenever you decide to visit it – it will be a perfect time.

Are you thinking about moving to NYC?

If all of this made you think about moving to NYC, well we can tell you that can be one of the best decisions you ever made. NYC has a lot to offer, from stores to restaurants, museums, and galleries. You can find the cozy little apartment very easy, but be sure that you choose the right street and neighborhood. If you are moving from outside of the US you should definitely think about hiring international moving companies NYC. They can assist you with the whole process and give you some useful tips. Living in NYC can be overwhelming in the beginning.

Finding the right apartment in NYC

You should pay attention to the little details in your future neighboorhood. Cranberry street can be a great choice since it very colorful and quiet. You should avoid moving to big avenues since apartments there can be pretty expensive. It is better to choose a smaller apartment, in a quiet part of town and really enjoy all the benefits that NYC can offer you. This is diverse and a big city and exploring different streets every day can show you a lot of hidden secrets of NYC.

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