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The Brooklyn Bridge

Most popular pubs in Brooklyn to visit

Brooklyn is always boasting talked-about restaurants, trendy music venues, and hidden outdoor dining spots.  The très hot borough truly does have a lot to offer. A true Brooklyn experience can’t pass without going to a pub or two…or three. If you are looking to move to Brooklyn and hop in on all the fun, visit our moving services Brooklyn today and get your free quote. In this article, we will try our best to narrow down the best ones. Just know that narrowing down the best bars in Brooklyn is like trying to choose the best Meryl Streep movie. You are absolutely missing out if you don’t head over the bridge for a party. Not only is it cheaper, but pubs are quirkier and tend to try harder in order to impress clientele. We are happy to show you some of the most popular pubs in Brooklyn in the next few paragraphs.

The most popular pubs in Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s neighborhoods are incredibly diverse, and so are the options for drinking. Brooklyn has everything from dive bars, beer bars, tropical bars, wine bars to romantic bars. Many offer live music or food pop-ups that make for a full night out. If you are looking for date ideas in Brooklyn, a bar is a good option for you. You could check out The Brooklyn brewery as well. Although all the bars are great, pubs are something different. A pub is a specific kind of bar. Typically, a pub will have no dance floor, and will primarily serve Beer, Cider, Wine, and Spirits. Something about a pub just evokes conviviality. They are like an extension of your own living room. It’s familiar, comfortable, and cozy.

Pouring beer in a popular Brooklyn pub
Brooklyn pubs have a special feel to them.

We have prepared a list of the most popular pubs in Brooklyn so you can start a search for your favorite Brooklyn pub.

  • The Monro Pub
  • 4th Avenue Pub
  • Park Slope Ale House
  • Midwood Flats
  • The Commissioner 
  • Pippin’s Bay Ridge 

The best Brooklyn pubs

In some of the best pubs, it’s not just the alcohol. In a bar or a restaurant, you wouldn’t engage in conversation with perfect strangers like you do at a pub. And the more popular pubs are usually overcrowded with tourists. If you are a true Brooklyn local, you have your own go-to pub where you feel at home. Some loyal pub locals even have their own spots and they are known to everyone. If you’d like to become one of them, book our professional movers Brooklyn today.

As for the best pubs in town, Brooklyn pubs, one of the best is The Emerson. In this pub, you will be able to get away from the crowds and truly enjoy yourself. It is attentive, but not too hipstery. The ambiance is dark with a nice pub feel. The regulars, the backyard, the booths, and the bar top are incredible. The Emerson is like an old friend that you haven’t seen in a few years but when you do it’s all good.

One of the most popular pubs in Brooklyn
All the most popular pubs in Brooklyn usually have quality service as well.

Another one amongst the best pubs in NYC is Brooklyn Inn. This is a 100-year-old pub with a dark wood bar and iron bars on the windows. Located on a quiet street corner of Boerum Hill, this bar is a historic place that has kept its authenticity and relaxing vibe. There are beautiful intricate wood carvings and big mirrors, a pool table, and cozy little rooms in the back. Here’s another fun fact for you: Barbra Streisand and Ruth Ginsberg may have had a drink here.

The most underrated pubs in Brooklyn

Needless to say, Brooklyn is a borough that has the best pubs in the entire city. It’s hard to bump into a bad one on this side of the bridge. We will now give a word or two for some of them that aren’t the most popular pubs in Brooklyn. But they are definitely worth visiting. One of the pubs that don’t usually get high rankings is The Craic. The staff here is absurdly friendly and enthusiastic about the pub and the whiskey is top-notch. Their whiskey selection is such a refreshing change from the more prevailing attitudes in Brooklyn. You should definitely check this one out if you are a whiskey lover. 

Now if you are a more of a dark academia type of person, you are going to love Union Hall. This pub is divided into two sections. The downstairs is reserved for dance parties and live bands and upstairs they have a cozy area with library decor which features two bocce ball courts and they even have a fireplace. If this sounds like your dream hang-out spot, I’d consider booking Usantini Moving & Storage asap. 

The hidden gems

Apart from the underrated pubs, there are a few pubs and bars in Brooklyn that are a bit hard to get to. But, let me tell you, they are Brooklyn’s best-kept secret. There is even a name for them. A hidden place like this is referred to as a speakeasy, also called a blind pig or blind tiger. Some of them were running during the Prohibition era. Most of them have secret entries. For example, Bootlegger Jack’s. It is located in the basement by the bathroom at Uncle Jack’s Meat House, behind a massive steel vault door. Now, the bathroom of a meat house is not somewhere you’d expect to find a bar, but that’s exactly where you’ll find this speakeasy. And you will also require a password for entrance. Unfortunately, we can’t give out that information, but we’re sure you will have a lot of fun figuring it out.

A library feel pub
Brooklyn has a lot of different cool-style pubs.

Only one experience in some of the most popular pubs in Brooklyn is enough to make you want to move here instantly. Once you discover the best ones, you are bound to have the time of your life. If you are looking to move your own pub to Brooklyn, because, let me tell you, no pub in Brooklyn will ever go out of business, you can head on to our small office movers NYC for help. Enjoy your time in NYC’s best borough, Brooklyn.


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