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How to move your pets safely?


Moving is stressful not only for you and your family but your pets as well. Just as you must become hyper-vigilant with small children when taking them into a new situation or area, the same is true of your animals, but with a twist. you can easily explain to your children the reasons behind the move but you can’t do the same with your animals. In addition to this, animals don’t like to change their territory that easily. Your dog at a cat will not be happy to change their surroundings and it will probably take more time for time to get used to their new house. For this reason, when you are moving and storage Brooklyn, here ere are 10 basic tips to keep in mind when you are planning to move your pets safely.

Get the necessary equipment for moving your pets

Provide your pet with a carrier or cage they can be kept in during the many phases of the move. As you might know, providing them with a place away from movers NYC will prevent fearful or aggressive behavior from causing problems. Keeping your pet in a secured kennel will also prevent them from being able to run out a door. In addition to this, do not wait until the day of the move to get them used to be in a kennel if they have never been in one before. Take the cage out a week or more in advance and gradually have them spend more time in it. This is also good advice when it comes to riding in the car if you are planning on driving long distances to your new residence.

a cat in the carrier
You should get a suitable carrier for your pets

Update your pet’s ID tag when you want to move your pets safely

Be sure to keep a collar with an updated ID tag on your dog or cat, even if you intend to keep them in a kennel the entire time. Furthermore, it is also strongly recommended that you microchip your pets. Collars are a quick way for someone to contact you if you become separated from your companion, but collars can also slip off. Since local movers Brooklyn will come to your house to pick up things, the entire situation might be too stressful for your pets. They can easily escape in the middle of the moving day. This is the important reason why you should keep them in a kennel or at least somewhere safe. This could include the following.

  • Ask a friend to look after your pet
  • Take your pet to a hotel or to your family’s house
  • Have one room in your house ready only for them

Check veterinary offices in your new area

Be familiar with where veterinary facilities are, especially emergency facilities should something arise that requires your pet to have immediate medical attention. This can be especially difficult if you are planning a move that takes you out of state. In addition to this, you should also visit your old vet so they can check the general state of your pet. They can also prescribe some medications in case your pet becomes extremely agitated. As mentioned, moving is very stressful for your pets. Not only does their entire environment change, but you will also be preoccupied with your moving tasks. For this reason, do not forget about your pet during the move. Make sure to keep up with the same schedule so your pet will not feel stressed.

person talking to a pet
You should visit your pet’s vet before the move

Schedule a veterinary appointment before you move

U. Santini Moving recommends that you let your regular veterinarian know where you will be moving to, especially if it is to another state, and request copies of your pet’s medical records. By letting your veterinarian know where you will be moving to, they are able to provide you with medical advice if there are specific health concerns to the region you are going to. This may mean your pet will need additional vaccines or begin treatment for fleas, ticks, or heartworms if not already started on this regime. If your moving plans include a flight with your pet, you will need to get a health certificate. A health certificate will require the pet to be free from contagious disease and up to date on vaccines. A flea treatment is also a good idea if you currently do not give them flea drops.

Pack and move your pets safely

Pack a travel bag for your animals, just as you would for yourself or your family members. Include in their bag food, water, bowls, extra leash, litter, medications, toys, and treats. If there is a special towel, blanket, or bed that he/she uses it is a good idea to have it easily accessible. This helps with the transition and eases traveling anxiety. In addition to this, for pets with multiple possessions: a great moving tip is to keep all their things in one central location/box. When you arrive at your final destination it is then a simple matter to unpack their belongings and getting them situated. You should also try to put their items in the approximately same spot as in your old house. So, if their bowls were next to the kitchen, put them in your new kitchen as well.

person playing with dogs
Do not forget to pack all your pets’ items

Make arrangements for the care and transportation of your animals

It is important to make arrangements in advance for the care and transportation of your animals. This is especially necessary if you plan to move first and they will follow later. Moving out of state may require you to outline a plan of where you will stop every night. Booking hotels can be tricky because not all are pet friendly. In addition to this, traveling during the summer season can present its own difficulties because hotels can quickly fill up and have no rooms to offer. You should also where you can let your dog out to go to the bathroom. Always keep your dog on a leash during these times, regardless of how well trained they may be. Your animals will often need more rest stops than you, keep this in mind.

More tips when it comes to traveling with your pets

There are more aspects you should think about when moving with your pets. It would include the following.

  • Transporting during especially warm or cold weather will also need you to take extra consideration.
  • Reptiles may need heat packs to keep them warm during cold months.
  • Hot days will need a functional A/C and never leaving the animals alone in the vehicle.

It is not the same to move your cat or a reptile. For this reason, make sure to arrange everything according to your pet’s needs.

move your pets safely in your car
Move your pets safely by making all the necessary arrangements

Coming to your new house

If you want to move your pets safely, you have to think about the post-moving period. Once you have gotten to your destination, make setting up your pet’s area one of your priorities. Pay more attention to their moods and needs for the first couple of days. Your pets will need some time to adjust to their new surroundings. For this reason, play and cuddle your pets more regularly until they feel safe again.

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