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Dear valued clients,
The moving industry is categorized as an essential industry business, therefore we inform you that U. Santini Moving and Storage is open for business during our regular hours. We continue to operate using all safety precautions concerning the COVID-19 situation. Our moving professionals are adapting the operations in order to meet your moving-related needs while practicing CDC and WHO recommendations. We provide our movers with hand sanitizers and gloves and practice social distancing to protect both our clients and crew members. During this state of an emergency, our number one priorities are the health and safety of employees and customers. We make sure to: • Practice all State/Federal/CDC and World Health Organization guidelines in order to prevent contagion in our community.
• Keep the distance of 6 feet from clients due to social distancing recommendations.
• Use hand sanitizers and regularly wash hands whenever the running water is available.
• Disinfect often-touched surfaces frequently (break room areas, restroom surfaces, countertops, door handles).
• Continuously ventilate the spaces we work in.
• Sanitize moving trucks after the job is completed.
• Provide masks (if they are available) and gloves for our employees to handle clients' possessions.
• Guarantee transparent communication with our employees - they will self-quarantine if even the slightest indications of flu-like symptoms appear.
In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we make sure to adhere to the guidelines set forth by authorities and health officials. During this coronavirus crisis, our clients will be informed of any possible changes in our work by the members of U. Santini Moving and Storage. Hopefully, this unfortunate situation will soon be over, but in the meantime, you are welcome to contact our moving experts for consultations and all additional information. Thank you, U. Santini Moving and Storage


Examples of electronics you need to pack when moving electronic devices.

Moving electronic devices 101

In the age of technology, life without electronics is unimaginable. Just look around yourself – odds are, you are surrounded by gadgets! There’s whatever device you’re reading this on, there’s a phone and probably a tablet and a laptop too and maybe even a desktop computer in the room. When the time comes for you to move, all these electronics must also move with you. Some are a no-brainer: your phone in your pocket and its charger in your bag and you’re all set on that one. But moving electronic devices isn’t always quite that easy. Some people even choose to rely entirely on NYC movers to ensure their gadgets are safe and sound during relocation. But if you prefer to do it yourself, you’ll need some tips!

What to expect when moving electronic devices?

If you haven’t moved recently, you may be under the mistaken impression that this process is easy. But it isn’t! And trust us when we say: you can’t do it alone. Even if you don’t want the professional help of affordable movers Brooklyn (which is highly recommended), you’ll need the help of friends and family. They can assist you with the packing and the heavy lifting and the moving of electronics. Because moving electronic devices is harder than it seems. They’re incredibly easy to damage and quite expensive to replace, so they require special care. They also often consist of different parts that you need to disassemble and later reassemble, making the process of moving that much more complicated. So there’ll be quite a bit of work to do when moving your gadgets!

Assorted devices.
Some gadgets are easier to pack than others!

Start with the basics – gather your packing supplies

The first thing you’ll need to do when moving electronic devices is to pack them. This step can be incredibly easy if you still have the original packaging for your devices. Boxes that electronics arrive in are specially designed for them. Every part fits in the box exactly in its place and stays safe and secure throughout transport. So if you still have the original box, just put everything back in it the way it was when you first opened it and you’re good to go!

What to do when you don’t still have the original packaging?

Most of us, however, don’t keep boxes for very long after we unpack them. So odds are that you will have to gather your own packing supplies. You will need:

  • boxes as big as the devices you’re packing or bigger
  • tissue paper or unprinted newspaper for wrapping
  • resealable plastic bags for small parts and accessories
  • bubble pack, packing peanuts, crumpled paper or other cushioning material

Remember to wrap each part of each device individually using either paper or bubble pack for protection and fill any empty space in the box with soft protective materials like paper, more bubble pack, moving blankets or something similar. Do not use plastic wrap! Even the smallest air pocket in plastic wrap can gather moisture and you don’t want that anywhere near your electronics. This is especially important if you’re planning on using storage units Brooklyn to keep your electronics in for a longer period of time seeing as humidity is a common problem in storage.

Take photos before dismantling everything

You have to keep in mind that everything you take apart you’ll have to put back together later. Even if you’re relying on professional packing and unpacking services, your movers will need some guidance on how to reassemble your devices. So turn off your devices and unplug them, but don’t break them down immediately. First, take photos of the whole gadget and especially the cables. That way, you’ll know which part goes where when it’s time to put it all back together again. Then you can start unplugging cables and breaking your devices down to parts if necessary.

Plugged-in cables.
Photos will help you remember which part goes where.

Keep all parts together when moving electronic devices

Most electronic devices consist of several parts. And if you’re a techno-geek, then you probably also have tons of accessories for your gadgets too. Those will all be easier to move if you move them separately rather than just pulling your entire computer with all its parts attached and trying to pack it that way. But this raises a different problem!

When you’re unpacking and putting things back together, you’ll need to be able to easily locate all the parts you need. This is why it is incredibly important to keep all the parts of a single device together. If possible, pack them in a single box. If not, try taping the boxes together. Finally, put them next to each other when loading the truck. For small parts, staple or tape a sealed plastic bag inside or on the side of the box where the device it belongs to is packed.

Person holding airpods.
Don’t forget to pack your accessories!

Use labels to find your way around when unpacking

You should always label boxes when packing for a move. Even if it seems like no big deal while you’re packing us, you’ll thank your past self for doing it when unpacking for sure! This goes for boxes containing electronics too. Label the box with the name of the gadget that it holds and the room where it’s supposed to go. That way you’ll know both what you’re unpacking and where to put it before even opening the box.

Unpacking after moving electronic devices: put things back together step by step

Moving electronic devices also includes unpacking them and finding the place for them in your new home. Assuming you packed properly, this shouldn’t be too hard. Start with the devices you use most often – your computers and tablets, for example. Then move down the line of importance to TVs and stereo systems and everything else you brought. If you packed parts of the same gadget in different boxes, unpack device by device rather than box by box so you don’t end up with three-quarters of a toaster and a single keyboard after two days of work. Finally, use the photos you took of the working setup to put things together. Before you know it, you’ll have all your electronics ready to go again!


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