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Moving from Brooklyn to Canada – tips and tricks

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Leaving New York is hard enough already. The universe of five boroughs is a truly special place with its own lifestyle. In this microcosm, Brooklyn is quintessentially New York. But sometimes the time is right, or you simply have to go. Time of your NYC adventure comes to a close and you leave the city. And it is hard. However, moving from Brooklyn to Canada is even harder still!

While New York City has its own culture separate from the nation to some extent, Canada is a completely different country! There are so many things to learn, to adapt to and yet more documents to sign and get in order. Climate is different, people are different, the culture is very much different… even the dollars are different! 

So how do you do it? How does somebody who has been completely and happily assimilated into the Brooklyn culture leaves New York and goes to the Great White North?

With some difficulty, but not as much as you would expect. Canada is a wonderful place to live and we have some pieces of advice for such a traveler!

Immigration requirements

Before you load your possessions into that company moving truck Brooklyn and get going to Canada, you have to make sure your immigration papers are in order. This is the most technical part of our little guide, but it is an important thing to go over before moving forward.

Immigration requirements
How do you become a citizen of Canada?

Now you being a US citizen definitely makes things easier. Canada is part of many treaties with the United States of America that will be of considerable help to you.

So what are the ways to immigrate to Canada? 

There is an express entry if you are entering as a skilled worker. Should you have a spouse or any other family in Canada who is already a citizen they can also sponsor your entry. Caregivers of children and the elderly get visas as well. Investors, those who create business and self employers have their own visas too.

There are some more immigration entries possible to Canada, and be sure to see which one is the best for you!

Choose the city!

Now when you decided to move to Canada, the question is… where? Your cheap movers NYC can transport you anywhere you want, but the problem is Canada really earns the Great White North name. It is a great country, the second largest in the world, after the Russian Federation. And, while most of the country is scarcely populated, this still leaves you with a lot of options to move to!

So presuming you will not be moving to a rural area (that is of course perfectly fine) we will move forward with our recommendations for the best cities to consider your home in Canada

  • Ottawa, the capital of the country, boasts the population of almost one million and has huge levels of income per capita. Its vibrant tech industry earned it the name of the “silicon valley of the north”. Sporting high living standards and income levels, there is no reason why moving from Brooklyn to Canada wouldn’t be a move directly to Ottawa!
  • Montreal is the second in size of the economy and sports around 2 million people inside it. Located in Quebec, its residence is largely Francophones. 80% speak French!
  • Toronto is our final recommendations, even though there are many other good cities like Vancouver and Hamilton. Other research we will leave at you in order to get back to the topic. However, we must mention this great city. With its three million inhabitants it is the most populous city in Canada, with the almost non-existent unemployment rate, IT industry and great cultural diversity (a large portion of the city are immigrants)

There are many other cities to choose, but we should get back to the topic. How will this long-distance move work?

How will move from Brooklyn to Canada work?

Moving from NYC to anywhere is Canad is obviously a little bit of a longer road, wouldn’t you agree? Almost all companies are guaranteed to consider this a long-distance reallocation. So once you secure quality cheap storage NYC for the stuff you are not bringing along,  what will you do with the movers? How to make sense of the move?

How will moving from Brooklyn to Canada work?
How to calculate costs?

Well, first of, be sure to hire good, honest movers. This means that they are giving their estimates on the ground, that they sign contracts (and definitely not the blank ones), that they are clear about their rates and services they are providing and that they are in open communication with you. All of this amounts to a good service you can trust. 

When you know they will stand by their deal you can calculate the costs. Just make sure to know that the cost of the long-distance moves generally comes down to the size and weight of the items, not the time invested (like with the local moves)

How to leave Brooklyn behind…

Finally, comes a more subjective question. After figuring out immigration papers, a new place to live, NYC moving costs and so on… what does it feel to leave Brooklyn. How to cope with it?

How to leave Brooklyn behind...
Winters in Brooklyn were milder than those of Canada.

Well, there is thought that New York City has some values and a general feeling that you will find nowhere else on earth. The city never sleeps and productivity is a deity of above the skyline. In Canada, you will find a slower life, even in urban centers, and colder winters, but the same level of diversity and opportunity. Canada is more forgiving, and yet offers so much!

In conclusion

To be moving from Brooklyn to Canada takes courage. It’s a new life, filled with brand new challenges and environments. But you are a New Yorker. You come from the greatest city on earth. Resilience is the name of the game. Wherever you move, wherever the winds of fate take you, your time in New York won’t matter less. You carry New York spirit with you. You will be just fine!

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