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Moving from Brooklyn to Hawaii 101

Moving from Brooklyn to Hawaii is definitely not a small feat. It is, quite literary, the biggest possible relocation that can occur without it being international. Moving from the coast of the Atlantic to the State of Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific ocean is a pretty monumental undertaking, and would’ve been impossible for an average person just a century ago. However, now it is only a matter of sitting in a plane for a long time and organizing the relocation of your stuff… “Just” being the underlined word here.

Moving such a great distance, while logistically relatively straightforward, is now very intensive planning-wise, meaning you should start early. We made this short guide to go over the basics of everything you will need for your relocation from the borough of Brooklyn to the state of Hawaii!

Moving from Brooklyn to Hawaii – why do it?

It is definitely a great and brave step, to be moving from Brooklyn to Hawaii. We are sure that, when you floated this idea to some of your friends and colleagues, you got a somewhat uniform reaction. Why would you do that? That answer is very understandable. Residential and business movers NYC alike rarely get a call for a move to the Pacific islands from the borough of New York City. However, that is not to say that there is no perfectly good reason to move to Hawaii. On the contrary, there are plenty of reasons why you would opt into doing something like that. But, many will not understand because they assume Hawaii is a place of tourist attractions and mai tai, and nothing else. This is the wrong way to think about Hawaii.

Moving from Brooklyn to Hawaii - a women enjoying the beach
Why move to Hawaii? Well, why not?!

Hawaii is a proud state of the US, with a long history, ancient peoples, and traditions, opportunities for friendships, carriers, and a good life in general. Sure, there are a lot of tourists, but that does not make Hawaii into some kind of an amusement park. It is a proud land with great beauty and should be respected as such. Once it is taken into that context, it is very easy to understand why someone would seek life in such a place.

Three good reasons for moving to Hawaii from NYC are:

  • Change of ambianceMoving from Brooklyn to Hawaii means moving from a concrete jungle into an island paradise. Can’t say many relocations have such drastic consequences.
  • Good education – Private schools are excellent in Hawaii and you and your family will have a chance to prosper.
  • Natural beauty – Finally, the natural beauties of Hawaii are breathtaking. Living in such land will surely help your mood all year round.

All you need to know about Hawaii

The Aloha State, Paradise of the Pacific, The Islands of Aloha, and The 808 State are all some of the nicknames for the State of Hawaii. It is truly a unique state. Not only is it the only island state, and the only state in the tropical climate area, but it is also technically not part of the North American Continent, resting very far away from the West Coast.

You might think that Hawaii is only 7 islands, but it actually encompasses 137 volcanic islands of the Hawaiian archipelago that stretches for mind bugling 1500 miles. However, the “big island” is also named the “Hawaii island”


Hawaii mountain range
Let’s talk about Hawaii islands

You will not find many people living here, with only 1.4 million residents. However, that is not to say that that is not the optimal number of people for the most recent state to join the union (late as 1959). Islands are, of course, famous for diverse natural beauty and warm tropical climate, attracting tourists of all kinds, and astronomers, biologists, and volcanologists among the scientific crowd.

Hire good movers to do it

You will truly need the best among the long-distance moving companies in New York if you plan to make a trip this far out to the great Pacific ocean. In order to find such good movers for moving from Brooklyn to Hawaii, you will need to start as early as possible. You should immediately establish what companies in your area are licensed and have good reviews. Establish communications and inquire about their logistical capability to complete such a feat. Once that is done, make sure you stay in contact and have constructive communication about the details of the move with your movers.

Planning an interstate move

Having good interstate moving companies NYC is not all it takes, however. You will also have to do a lot of work by yourself. You should start planning as early as possible. Focus on the most immediate, such as hiring movers and dealing with the paperwork, and then proceed to things you can do near the moving date, such as changing address or informing your gym you are moving. Just make sure you write things down and stick to it.

Hiring a storage

Finally, if you are moving that far away, all the way to Hawaii, you will need good moving and storage in NYC and Honolulu. In other words, when you are shipping stuff, sometimes they need storage units as a necessity.

Storage units
You will need a place to store all the things you don’t have space for!

This comes in an addition to their general convenience and usefulness. They are a good way to store possessions that you still want to use but don’t have any space for. The process of storing can be short term too, for when shipping demands it.


Aloha, as you surely already know, means both hello and goodbye in the native language of the Hawaiin people, which still comprise a great number of inhabitants. So, will this aloha be a hello to you? Will you be moving from Brooklyn to Hawaii? If you have decided that you will, it is time to start packing! Follow our guide! Know where you are going, know who will be carrying out the task of relocating you, and be sure that you sufficiently pack!



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