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Moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City

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Tables have turned in the last couple of years. Recently, Jersey City has become more than just a city on the wrong side of the Hudson River, as it was known until now. With every year, more and more people are taking the leap of faith and moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City. If you are one of those people, then this is the right place for you. You are about to find out everything there is to know about this relocation, and what makes it unique.

A view of New York in the night.
On the other side of the Hudson River lies Jersey City.

Moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City means that your cost of living will go down

Not every US state is equally expensive. When compared, New Jersey is a lot cheaper than NY. Moreover, we cannot pinpoint one thing, or a set of things, and say that those items are cheaper in Jersey City than in Brooklyn. Simply put, everything costs less in this city, which is guaranteed to make your cost of living go down. From monthly utility bills to groceries, everything will cost less in the state of New Jersey. Wouldn`t it be nice to have more money left at the end of the month, and not be scraping by to make ends meet? If this sounds like a good scenario, hire cheap movers Brooklyn, and start saving your hard-earned dollars ASAP.

Also, the sales tax in Jersey City is merely 3.5%, which is nothing compared to the 8.5% tax in Brooklyn. It helps to know all the facts and percentages before you relocate from Brooklyn to Jersey City.

You are more likely to buy a property after moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City

Aren`t you tired of living in a cramped up apartment in Brooklyn, with more than one roommate? Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence, as saving money for a place in New York is next to impossible. Luckily, the situation in New Jersey is much different, as you are about to see.

If you are looking for luxurious condos, the prices begin at 530,000 dollars for a one-bedroom apartment. Of course, more bedrooms equal more money. And, when it comes to the rent prices in Jersey City, the situation is good, too. Modern, one-bedroom apartments in good buildings start at 1,950 dollars and up. Considering the fact that monthly incomes in New Jersey are high, you should have no problem affording all of life`s necessities. If we were you, we would get free moving quotes from a couple of relocation professionals, compare them, choose the best one and, finally, relocate to this amazing state.

Forget the days of negotiating your rent in Brooklyn, and move to New Jersey!

Rolled up dollar bills.
Moving from Brooklyn to New Jersey entails a drop in prices.

You will experience less stress

Even though U. Santini Moving & Storage is a company based in Brooklyn, we have to admit that life in NYC can get very hectic. It is next to impossible to keep low-stress levels in NYC because life here gets so fast-paced. On the other hand, moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City will be like a breath of fresh air. Life here is much simpler, but in a good way, and people are more respectful of each other. Living in New Jersey will open up many new horizons for you since you will have more free time to do the things which interest you. Wouldn`t you like to be able to finally start that yoga class you have wanted to for so long?

You will love the people in Jersey City

If you are sick and tired of not establishing close relations with your neighbors in Brooklyn, you won`t have to worry about it after moving to Jersey City. Here, everyone knows each other, and they act accordingly. Moreover, there are many community events, which will reinforce that feeling of a tight-knit community in you. As if this weren`t enough, Jersey City also has a diverse population. Diverse cities and countries are always special, as they bring something new to the table.

If you love food, relocating to Jersey City is the right choice for you

There is not a person in this world who does not enjoy a good meal with a glass of finest wine. If this sounds like your perfect Friday evening (or any evening for that matter), head over to Jersey City. The entire state is a heaven for foodies, with many high-end restaurants located inside its borders. Moreover, many famous NYC chefs have decided to start their own restaurant precisely here in Jersey City, and there must be a good reason for that. Even though you don`t believe it, but life after Brooklyn does exist and can be excellent.

Hint: After relocating to Jersey City from Brooklyn, make sure to try out some exquisite coffee shops, such as Mod Cup and Dames Coffee Expresso Bar. You won`t regret it!

Different food on the table, which you will enjoy after moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City.
In Jersey City, you will never run out of food options for your night out.

Negative sides of living in Jersey City

To any decision, there are always positive, as well as negative sides. The same goes for the decision of moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City. Therefore, when making this move, expect the following things:

  • If you keep your job in NYC, you will have to have a long commute after moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City.
  • The shops and entertainment venues will not be open all night long like they were in Brooklyn.
  • New Jersey has a bad reputation with New Yorkers, which means that you won`t get as many visits.

In our opinion, the benefits by far outweigh the downsides, and relocating to Jersey City is a good decision. Perhaps you should see for yourself.

The conclusion

Even though residential moving is never easy, we think that you should make an effort and move to Jersey City. Moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City will bring about many changes in your life, and you need to be ready to tackle them. U. Santini wishes you good luck, and we hope you will be happy in your life.

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