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In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we make sure to adhere to the guidelines set forth by authorities and health officials. During this coronavirus crisis, our clients will be informed of any possible changes in our work by the members of U. Santini Moving and Storage. Hopefully, this unfortunate situation will soon be over, but in the meantime, you are welcome to contact our moving experts for consultations and all additional information. Thank you, U. Santini Moving and Storage


What destination would you pitck if you were leaving New York?

Moving from New York – step by step

Moving from New York? It seems that there are many people thinking like you. The people who haven’t found their fortune in NYC. And that’s perfectly normal. Not everybody likes the same things. I mean, no money in the world could change the fact that you’re unhappy. And if unhappy in NYC, the most natural decision is to leave it. So, after you made your decision, that you’re moving from New York, now you need to prepare for it. If you do it right, you’ll probably avoid all or at least the most common moving troubles. It’s always better to prevent than to cure something. When talking about the relocation, the issues can be that big that you could lose significant amounts of money just during your relocation. Therefore, put an effort into preventing troubles and in finding the affordable solutions for relocation from NY.

It is very helpful to make a detailed plan for your move
Make a detailed plan for your move, it shall help a lot

Plan your move one step at the time

Making a plan is a key to success for any job. Given that the relocation is one of the most demanding tasks, the need for a good plan is evident. Do you know what needs to be done? If not, don’t despair, we’re here to give you a hand. Of course, we don’t know what specific needs you might have, but we do know what are the essential requirements for every relocation, and that is what we can advise you for:

  • Hire a New York moving company With the help of professionals, it will be much easier to avoid the problems along the way. Having the experts on your side helps a lot!
  • Create the schedule of everything to be done- Think about what are your obligations before you pack your boxes. What needs to be done prior to your moving day. And make a clear schedule with the things to do before moving from New York.
  • Prepare your spouse and your children for the move- Talk with your beloved and help them avoid the moving depression.
  • Find a new job- Earning money is a must, no matter where you intend to move from NY. So make sure you arrange it before your movers arrive.
  • Do the research and find decent schools for your children- Arrange this so they can continue going to school immediately after you relocate from NYC.
  • Find the suitable housing- Have the new home secured prior to your moving day. Especially if you have a family.
  • Prepare a sufficient moving budget Make sure you have an idea of how costly your move will be, and how much money you need!

Finding a decent and affordable NYC moving company

Is it possible? Sure it is. Regardless of what part of NYC you’re leaving, you’ll find moving professionals offering quality services that won’t cost you a fortune. We suggest you check first the reliability and the quality, and only after that to pay attention to the price. By doing so, you’re making sure that the company you pick will be affordable, and not cheap, scammy or low-quality one. After the company passes the reliability and quality check, compare the prices. So check what are their quotes for your move from NYC, and then you’ll see what’s the most affordable mover for you to hire. Moving from New York can be either expensive or not so costly. It depends on your effort what will be your costs of hiring the professional movers in NYC.

Save your money, but always hire top quality NYC movers
Hire quality NYC movers on your budget

A schedule of your tasks- the perfect way of making sure everything will be done before moving from New York!

If you precisely estimate how much time you need for every little thing you need to do prior to your moving from New York, you can be sure that you will forget nothing. Another thing is important here. Add a little time to every obligation you have. No matter if you’re sure that it won’t take too much time. We suggest this because that way you can leave enough time for everything, even if something unexpected happens and prolongs it. Also, if you have some extra time after you finished some task, we suggest you immediately go and do the next thing on your list. It won’t hurt if you finished everything two days before the deadline, but it sure would be a huge problem if you lacked two hours to do something important.

To avoid the worst scenario of having insufficient time to do everything, and hence have to come back to New York, or stay for a bit longer in New York, we suggest you contact the top NYC moving services, and work on your moving plan together. They have an idea of how much time each obligation takes, and what are the unexpected things you can practically expect to take place while preparing for your move from New York City.

Talk to your family and prevent the moving stress

If the decision to move out of NYC was not that gladly welcomed by your family, you must prepare them for the move. Talk to them every once in a while. Present them with the benefits of leaving the modern jungle. Speak of the qualities of your new residence, and what do they get by moving there. Make sure that they are properly prepared for the shock they’ll surely experience after leaving NY. This is of essential importance for your children. Their friends, school, sports clubs etc. are left behind when they leave New York. This is particularly difficult for the youngest, so be full of understanding and show they can count on you.

Moving from New York - Do your best to prevent the stress
Make sure you prevent the stress when moving from New York

Be very supportive, and you might become the best friend of your children. This is something they will never forget, and this will help them get over the nostalgy they will most certainly experience for a while. Also, ask each of your family members what school they would like to attend, where they would like to work, what sports would they be happy to practice, and put an effort in finding a suitable solution for everybody. This will win their trust, and this will make you a hero in their eyes!

Finding a new job before you move from New York is a must

For you and for every member of your family that had a job in NYC. You’ll have a lot of expenses right after moving from New York, so you’ll need the income to cover all those expenses. The savings that you might have will help, and it’s great if you have some money aside, but it won’t last forever. Therefore, after you decide where you’re gonna move, and you arrange the moving company, get to finding a new job. If you’re not able to get a job online, but they require an interview in person, at least arrange several interviews to go to right after you unpack.

What schools would your kids like to attend?

Of course, on the other hand, what schools would you like your children to attend? If there are no such schools in a place where you’re moving to, are there any near that place? If not, how quality are the schools there? Would they be a good alternative to your first choice? Would your children be comfortable attending them? These questions are essential to ask yourself and your children even before you make a final decision about your next destination. Because, if you can’t find the suitable school, how about looking for another destination that would fit your family’s needs better?

Arrange a new home before the moving day comes

A prearranged housing saves you money and stress

The next housing is an important matter for many things. Given that we’re discussing your relocation from NY, it’s important to have a new home arranged so you’d have a place to move in after the relocation is over. If you didn’t prearrange it, or it’s unprepared for moving in, you could be forced to rent an apartment or stay in a hotel for a while. It will prolonge the relocation, and it would be very tiring and exhausting. Besides, you would also delay getting to know new neighbors, adjusting to the city etc. These are the essential things to do to avoid the depression that comes right after you move. Our experience and the experience of our clients is that nothing good comes from prolonging the relocation. Simply, don’t do it, find a decent home before you move, and start your new life immediately after you move!

Have a housing secured before relocating from New York
Secure the housing before you relocate from New York

Prevent troubles by arranging the housing before moving from New York

There’s another important thing connected to finding a new home. If you start searching for it before the move, you’ll see how big home you can find, how satisfying are the homes fitting your budget and are they adjusted to some special needs you might have. I.E. You might have lived in a big house in the suburb of New York, and now you might be forced to move into a smaller home.

Therefore, some of your items naturally won’t fit in a smaller home. And, sure, you can hire a storage in Brooklyn, or somewhere else in NYC, and leave your items there until you figure out what you could do, but the storage will cost you money too. And if you find a suitable housing in your new residence on time, you might find a solution for those extra items you’re not moving before the moving day, and save the money and the problems caused by the lack of space in your new home.

Do you have enough time for this adventure?

Did you calculate everything we mentioned above? So, what are the expenses you’ll have when you calculate all of it? Add to the final score an additional 10-20% for the unplanned expenses that might appear along the way, or right after you relocate. How big is your budget comparing to that amount? Can you save enough money for your moving day? If not, then stop everything, reschedule the relocation, and start earning more money and increase your savings. Never move to another place until you have 2-3 months covered with your savings. You might lose your job, the children could need to change their school, the home you move to might need some reparations, include the expenses of the transportation, and the cost of living, and you’ll know how much money you might need.

Moving from New York on a budget- yes, it’s possible

As we said, you must have the sufficient funds for an average relocation from New York to your next destination. But why wouldn’t you dig a bit and find an affordable NYC moving company fitting your needs and fitting your budget without a need to increase your moving budget? Search the movers, check their reliability, and check the quality of their moving services. If you’re satisfied with everything offered, compare the prices for the services they offer. This is especially important if you’re moving far away and you need to hire long distance New York movers.  The final choice should be the most affordable company. But also the company offering everything you need for your move.


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