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Moving overseas from NYC – short guide

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Moving overseas from NYC doesn’t have to be a difficult and complicated task. It involves a lot of tiresome and bureaucratic activities, but with the right guidance, you can make this relocation seamless. One of the best companies for moving and storage NYC offers can give you a quick overview of what this type of relocation looks like. U.Santini Moving and Storage boasts almost a century-long experience in performing various moving-related services. Moving within the same country or to a neighboring town also entails a lot of effort and preparation. But moving overseas from a city as big as NYC requires you to develop a serious strategy.

Moving overseas from NYC – what to expect?

Moving overseas from NYC means you need to prepare everything. You should expect a lot of paperwork, like a visa and other legal papers for you and your family. Also, you should expect a lot of preparation for the shipping of your goods, possible taxes, storage costs, etc.

So, when you decide to move abroad from NYC you need to create a checklist for your relocation process. Because it requires a lot of preparation, organization, planning, and money. That’s why we bring you a guide for moving overseas from NYC. Maybe it can seem to you that this process is too much stress for you, but with the help from the right professionals, it can be much easier. A checklist containing the activities you need to perform in order to secure a safe and complete relocation will help you streamline the entire relocation process. Use any tool available to make your overseas relocation less stressful.

How to move your belongings overseas from NYC?

Moving your belongings is an expensive and time-consuming process. So you need to know what steps you should expect during this process.

The first step is to sort the items. It means you should decide which items you want to bring with you and which things you want to leave behind, to put in storage units in Brooklyn, or sell or donate. It all depends on how long you will stay at the new place and what things you can transfer over the border. The storage is the best option if you are planning on coming back to NYC in a couple of months. Also, before you hire the shipping company you need to know the exact weight of your stuff.

Decide if you want to ship your belongings by air or by sea. If you want to cut your moving costs, shipping by sea is less expensive, but you should be aware that takes a lot of time. Air shipping is faster but expensive. So, decide which option is better for your budget and time.

So, when you decide what belongings you want to ship overseas the next step is to get appropriate packaging.

a container ship
Decide if you want to ship your belongings by air or by sea

Packing process for overseas moving

The packing process requires moving boxes and packing supplies. So, you need to buy boxes or get them for free. Also, buy packing supplies including a lot of bubble wrap, padding material, packing tape, etc.

You can buy your moving boxes in supply stores or you can get them from your moving company. If you want to cut your moving overseas costs try to get free moving boxes. You need to be familiar with all regulations and find out what is allowed to transport and how to pack your items. You need to know what stuff you can pack in sturdy cardboard boxes, and what in specific containers. Also, check what items are forbidden for export like perishables, flammable material, alcohol, etc. You can ask your moving company to help you with these instructions and guidelines.

So, make sure to follow all terms and regulations when you are packing and shipping your belongings from NYC.

Also, a very important part of the packing process is to pack an essential box. This box is essential for your overseas move and should include all things you will need for the first days and nights in your new home. Your essential box should contain basic toiletries, snacks, documents, and important stuff like a phone charger.

Don’t forget to label each box and container and write your current and new address. Also, remember to put a fragile sign on the boxes that contain breakables. Either way, if you hire one of the best international moving companies NYC has, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your items. Professional moving staff will make sure all your belongings arrive at your new home in one piece.

two cardboard boxes
The packing process for overseas moving requires moving boxes and obtaining packing supplies

Book your flight

When moving belongings overseas it is important to book your flight early. Don’t wait for last-minute offers because it can be very risky. Earlier you can find good prices for plane tickets. Also, before the trip check baggage allowances, especially if you are booking low-cost flight companies. Also, phone the airline company and ask what items you can bring on board and what needs to be in your checked luggage.

a wing of a plane
Book your flight early to find affordable tickets.

Research international moving companies

Before you start planning your overseas move, in the first place is to find a reliable international moving company. You need to search for them online and check their reviews and ratings. This way, you will identify professional and trustworthy international Brooklyn moving companies. So you will avoid moving scams and fraudulent moving companies. You should check the company’s background so you are sure your stuff is in good and safe hands. Don’t forget to ask your international moving company to provide you with moving insurance.

Moving a pet overseas from NYC

Moving with a pet overseas requires special Brooklyn moving services. Every country has its own regulations about importing a pet. So, before you move check the regulations of the country you are moving to, so you will know how to prepare for it. Arrange all the paperwork in advance. Get required permits, health certificates, and other documents from a vet. Do everything you can to secure the safe relocation of your pet. Allow yourself enough time to research all the requirements for pet relocation and don’t leave anything for the last minute.

Moving your business

Moving your business and your office stuff overseas requires professional assistance from the top business movers NYC. Corporate relocation is hard for a business owner, as minimum downtime needs to be secured. That is why it is important to let the professionals plan and coordinate your business relocation. Professional movers will supply and deliver adequate packing material for your office equipment. They will also provide storage, packing, and inventory solutions. Moreover, they provide adequate equipment and support for electronics and IT equipment. Hiring reliable and knowledgeable movers will facilitate your international business relocation to a great extent. If you leave everything to the professionals, you will have more time to deal with your personal stuff while organizing the relocation.

Shipping a vehicle overseas

Shipping a vehicle abroad can be expensive, but you should make sure to have all the paperwork and your vehicle prepared and insured for overseas relocation.

What to do before moving abroad?

Moving overseas from NYC requires a lot of money, so start saving on time. Or if you don’t have a big budget then plan to cover just basics like housing costs, emergencies, taxes, and travel costs.

It is not easy to move abroad so you should prepare:

  • Visa and passport and other paperwork

Make sure to obtain a visa in time for your new destination and make copies of all important documents. Also, prepare other paperwork including pet documentation. Make money transfers, open a new bank account, notify everyone about address change and obtain necessary health clearances for you and your family members. So, before you enter the plane, check if all documents are with you.

a passport ready for moving overseas from NYC
Prepare visa and passport and other paperwork before moving overseas from NYC
  • Get prescriptions for your medication

Before overseas relocation, you should check the general health care system. Also, don’t forget to get prescriptions for the medication you use. And check your health insurance coverage abroad.

  • Arrange your finances in advance

Financial procedures for an overseas move can take a while, so start arranging it on time, before you relocate. You need to pay all the bills, and taxes, and check which credit card you can use.

Moving overseas from NYC requires a lot of paperwork and effort but with good assistance and organization this venture may turn out just fine. Start planning on time and inform yourself of all the procedures regarding moving abroad. Also, make a to-do list to keep track of your moving assignments. But most importantly, find reliable movers, as they will do the hardest and most important part of your overseas relocation. Good organization and a renowned moving company are the main ingredients of a successful international relocation.

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