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Moving timeline – the simplest guide to your move


Keeping up with the moving timeline is the biggest challenge when relocating home. One must organize everything, pack in due time, and find the best movers Brooklyn to assist. And covering all those tasks and on time is extremely hard. You will need a flawless moving plan and a bit of help. And that is exactly what we will do today. Together, we will work on your moving logistics and ensure you are ready for your moving day. Let us begin.

Start with the moving date and a budget

To create a perfect moving timeline you must begin with a moving date. As soon as you know when you’ll move, you must create a moving checklist. Note down all the moving tasks you’ll face on this journey and the order in which you’ll complete them. Of course, check your working schedule and utilize all the free time you have. So, start inspecting your home as soon as you can and note down all your furniture and household items. Ensure you cover all rooms inside and your garage, basement, attic, and backyard as well. This way you’ll know the complexity of your moving project and you can calculate your costs better.

A pink calendar for 2021
Set a moving date, inspect your home, and start calculating your budget.

When you know all the tasks and the basic info, start searching for long distance movers New York. They will need your input to better assemble a moving plan. If you tell them enough about your moving situation, they will know which moving services you need and they will make it work. Your relocation will be affordable, safe, and time-efficient. As long as we find a reliable moving team. So, let’s do it!

Keep up with the moving timeline

Now when you have your plan in hand, it is time to search for a moving company. Of course, you’ll include the search parameters onto your checklist for easier guidance. And in case you need any special moving services, you should include those as well. For example, if you need to move a piano, you’ll need a piano moving team. Or if you are moving a business, you’ll search for office movers New York. And so on, you got the idea. Now, the most important thing is that your movers are legit and with a license to work. Start your search online and compare prices and moving services.

Once you find a match, give them a call and confirm they have the knowledge, experience, and the right tools for the job. Don’t be shy to ask any questions and remove all doubts. One thing you do not need now is to stumble upon a scamming moving company. And we will avoid this with thorough research and inspection. This is your next step.

Inspect your movers

As we said, the next step is to confirm the legitimacy of your moving team. Even if they confirmed they are licensed, there are still some things you should check out before hiring them. Consider the following:

  • Licenses and permits – The most important is that your movers are licensed and have permission to work within the moving industry. Check if they are licensed only locally or cross-state as well.
  • Tools and equipment – Your mover must have all the moving equipment and be ready for any situation.
  • Sizeable moving truck – They should have a sizeable moving truck to support your moving project. You should be forced to use two vehicles unless you have an enormous amount of furniture and moving boxes.
  • Enough manpower – Your movers must have enough knowledgeable and experienced manpower for the job.
A guy packing glass in a box
Find a reliable moving team with all the knowledge and equipment required for a safe relocation.

You can always take it a step further and ask your movers to pay them a visit. If they have a website with the logo of the company, contact info, and a physical address, that shouldn’t be a problem. They are legit, right? But you can also check if they are registered online and remove all doubts. Visit Better Business Bureau, Yellow Pages, or US Movers Association and you’ll find your movers there.

Utilize free onsite estimates

So far, your moving timeline is looking good. Now what you need is to schedule onsite estimates and wrap it all up. Call your movers and let them come over and inspect the whole deal. They will weigh your cargo, check the environment, and ensure they have a safe place to park the moving vehicle. Once they evaluate the situation, they will present you with the moving cost. Then you can decide on saving or investing. Communicate with your movers and figure out if you need any additional moving services. Assemble your moving contract afterward and strike the deal that will work for both sides. Set your moving date and prepare for packing.

Moving timeline and the famously time-consuming packing process

Yes, keeping up with the schedule is hard, but packing is even harder. More so if you haven’t purchased your moving supplies yet. So, let’s obtain all you need. Firstly, run to the nearest home depot or a hardware store. Or you can order everything online or purchase moving boxes Brooklyn from your moving company. Choose whatever is most convenient but make sure you obtain everything. You’ll need cardboard moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and labels. Also, you can invest a bit more in higher-quality packing supplies like Styrofoam, packing peanuts, corner pads, and plastic bins. And plastic bins are especially good because they are reusable and they will last for years.

Include packing process in your moving timeline
Work on the packing timeline. It takes some time to note and pack everything adequately.

Hence, choose the best combination and obtain enough to support all your needs. Then, simply pack gradually room by room until you are done. Do not burn yourself out and pack in a day. Spread your packing process over a week and you won’t feel that even happened. And if you have a friend to accompany you on this journey even better.

We are almost there – Double-check everything and let’s get moving!

Now, the last bit. But equally important one and if you do not pay attention, it can create a lot of problems. It is the legal part of the whole story. You must check all your IDs, medical records, credit cards, passport, and moving documents. Ensure everything is valid and updated to be used on your new address. Notify all parties involved and update the change of address and reroute your mail adequately as well. Also, call your cellphone and internet provider to transfer all your services in due time. Start doing this at least a month in advance because some services take a longer time to transfer.

And now you know how to create a moving plan and follow your moving timeline like a pro. As long as you create your list right from the start and find a good moving company, everything else should fall in place. Hopefully, we provided enough info for you to assemble a good moving plan. Good luck and stay safe.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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