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Moving to a smaller place – 2020 edition

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Relocation can be quite a challenge for many people. Moving to a smaller place is definitely considered as the next level challenge, as it comes with additional problems and dilemmas. People tend to move to a smaller place due to the lower rent. Still, it is not that easy finding an affordable studio apartment in NYC. For this kind of move, preparation should start a few months ahead of the moving date. There will be a lot of planning and deciding involved. If you are moving alone, the preparation period might last less, but if you are moving with a family, ask everyone to participate. Otherwise, you will end up with too many things to do and very little time to do them.

Basics of moving to a smaller place

Although packing is a long and stressful process, it will be the least of your worries this time. What will be the most difficult is deciding what things to bring and what things to get rid of. People tend to cling to too many items that they have no use of, like vacation souvenirs and such. To have at least one worry less, make sure you hire among the best moving companies, such as U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn.

Rocking chair in the attic
Go through attic and basement first, you will be surprised with what you’ll find there

Moving to a smaller home means being ruthless and making sacrifices. Here are the steps you need to take in order to get this move done on time:

  • go room by room
  • make 3 piles in each room: keep, donate, toss
  • take precise measures of storage space in your new home
  • find other storage solutions in the neighborhood
  • pack boxes by priority

Combing through rooms one by one

It might be best to start with places where you certainly have a lot of things you should get rid of. Those would be basements, attics, garages. You will probably be surprised yourself when you encounter some items you haven’t seen for ages. Be realistic and firm in making decisions on what goes and what stays. We are sure there will be a lot of things you will be able to donate or sell. Garage sale would be the best solution for all items you decide to leave behind. If there are some specific things you know would make some of your friends or family members happy, give it to them. Everything else should be sold or donated on a garage sale or just left by nearby containers for other people to rummage through.

Keep, donate, and toss piles – essential when moving to a smaller place

This three-pile system is applicable for all sorts of moving and decluttering. Names of the piles speak for themselves, but let’s elaborate on each for a minute. On the toss pile, you should put all the things that are in such a state that you cannot give them to someone and you do not plan using them anymore. From old and stained clothes to broken or damaged appliances and pieces of electronic equipment. Donate pile should consist of all the things you do not wear or like anymore, but even from those you do like but haven’t actually used for a while. If there are some home pieces that are just too big to fit in your new place, give them to a friend. Keep file is, of course, all that you actually plan to pack when moving to your new, smaller home.

Piles of clothes made when moving to a smaller place
Your three-pile system will be your best friend during packing

Measure all the storage space available

If you have a really hard time parting from the majority of your things, then you need to think beyond. Go to your new place and check for all the places where you can store things. In-wall closets, under the bed spaces, benches, additional shelves, these are just some places to store things or clothes in. If you want to know how much space you are exactly dealing with, measure all the potential storage spaces in your new place. Also, make sure you are aware of how to prevent mold in your storage space. Moving to a small place means sacrifice, but sometimes you might override this and still keep the things without tossing or donating them.

Looking for the outdoors storage solution when moving to a smaller place

Even with the all storage space in the new house or apartment, sometimes you just can’t have everything fit. In some instances, moving to a smaller place will only be momentarily solution before you move to some other place. These are the situations where you should stick with all the valuable things, even if they are too big for your home at the time. Look for the storage warehouses in your new neighborhood. Or even better, when you get moving quotes Brooklyn movers will provide to you, ask them for storage service. The majority of moving companies can get this sorted for you.

Markers and some stickers
Make sure to label the boxes based on their priority

Prioritizing the boxes

Once you are down to keep piles only, start packing. You should always have one so-called essential box. This is for all the things you might need during the transition period, in case you are driving to your new place. If you are flying on a plane, then the essential box should be for all the emergency things you might need once you move in. Since you are not going to need all of your stuff at once, label the boxes based on priority. Boxes marked with number 1, for example, should be unpacked first, with number 2 next and so on. As soon as you arrive at your new home, you will need to use the kitchen so all the kitchen stuff should be packed together, and unpacked first. Then, you can move onto a bedroom, living room, and the rest of the house.


We honestly hope that the advice we have given in the above article will be of use to you on your next move to a smaller place. As you can see, if you organize well you might not even need to part from so many things you are sentimental about. Just stick to the steps we described and you should be more than fine.

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