Moving to Brooklyn during the fall – tips and tricks

Autumn is like any other period when we talk about the moving industry. The only difference is that it can be a lot cheaper. With a proper setup, you won’t feel the bad weather and you’ll save a bit of money at the same time. If you are moving to Brooklyn during the fall, this guide is perfect for you.

You are moving to Brooklyn? Pick a date and schedule on time.

It can be hard to pick the exact date you want, but if you have time you should try to pick a date. Autumn is an off-peak season, and the weather is bad for a couple of upcoming months. But the bad weather and rainy days can hit you over the summer as well. Therefore, try to organize your move in the middle of the month and pick a weekend if possible. People move less at the end of the year so you’ll be able to choose your date and negotiate a better price. Once you get up to 30% off of your deal, you’ll realize that moving to Brooklyn during the fall is not that bad at all.

Check your calendar and pick the best date when moving to Brooklyn
Check your calendar and try to pick the best date for your move.

A better price is waiting for you

As we mentioned, due to the lack of work over the colder months, moving companies offer greater deals and discounts. You should take advantage of the situation and try to negotiate with your movers. Although, keep in mind that high esteemed movers are booked months in advance. If you want a premium service, contact your movers at least 30 days before your moving date. We will recommend checking your local movers NYC. You will get a premium service and a considerable discount with your fellow neighbors. Hiring professional movers was never easier.

Declutter your space before moving to Brooklyn

Moving is a great time to declutter your space. The more items you have, the more complex your move is. Therefore, downsize as much as you can. Not only that you will have fewer moving boxes to move around, but you will lower the costs as well. Although, the packing process is tiresome and complicated by its nature. If you want to be sure that everything is done right, consider hiring movers and packers Brooklyn. For an affordable price, an experienced team will pack and unpack upon demand.

Security of your cargo

Moving during the bad weather makes everything more complicated. To be sure that your cargo is packed and secured properly, communicate everything with your movers. Ask them if they have enough manpower, proper tools for the job, and an adequate moving vehicle. Also, check if they sell moving insurance services. It is a great way to keep your everyday items protected from unfortunate events. Although, keep in mind that you have less than 30 days to make claims against movers in case something goes wrong.

Banana peel
Moving insurance will cover the potential moving mishaps. Better safe than sorry.

Your security is what matters the most

In the end, your security is what matters the most. You can utilize the moving services Brooklyn to be sure that everything is taken care of adequately. But if you are doing it yourself you should think of the following:

  • Gather suppliesGather some of the protective gear for you and your movers. Basics are raining coats, gloves, and hats.
  • Nutrition – Make sure that you are well fed and hydrated. Hot beverages will do the trick.
  • Mind the surroundings – If the walkaway between your house and the moving truck is soggy and wet, cover it with cardboard. In case of snow, use a shovel to clear the way.
  • Mental health – It is important to catch a good night sleep and to eat healthily before the move. It will benefit your mental health and you’ll perform much better.

These were the basics of how to organize when moving to Brooklyn during the fall. Hopefully, you’ll have a clear sky and a shiny moving day. We wish you a safe and pleasant relocation.


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