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Moving to Brooklyn Heights this spring

Moving to New York is quite an experience, according to people who have moved there over the years. This being said in a very positive connotation, of course. Living in the city that never sleeps must be an adventure. If you are a native New Yorker, on the other hand, you know what we are talking about. Each borough has its own story to tell. Manhattan is considered to be the most upscale one, but there is one neighborhood in Brooklyn which has almost preceded it. No doubt, we are talking about Brooklyn Heights. This neighborhood is mostly known for the old brownstones and tree-lined sidewalks, in terms of the looks. If moving to Brooklyn Heights get some of the best movers Brooklyn can offer, for a stress-free moving experience. You will love the peaceful atmosphere that is going on there if moving with a family.

If relocating to Brooklyn Heights you should know its historical value

Many of the brownstones and brick residences date back to before the Civil War. Brooklyn Heights was home to famous writers such as Truman Capote, Norman Mailer, Walt Whitman, and many more. General George Washington retreated here during the Battle of Long Island during the Revolutionary War. Each area of this neighborhood tells a story, so if you decide to move to Brooklyn Heights, do not forget to visit the Brooklyn Historical Society. By walking the streets of this Brooklyn neighborhood you will see many stores that date to the 19th century even. The whole area has a sentimental feel and you cannot go without having a sensation of dignity and respect for history.

Lithographic piece of George Washington
Brooklyn Heights used to be a residence of George Washington during the Revolutionary War

The cost of relocating to Brooklyn Heights

For a long time, Brooklyn was a place to go and live in if you are looking for cheaper rent. It could not compete with Manhattan in any way. Going to Brooklyn seemed like going to another city. It had a heart and mind of its own. Over the last decade or two, Brooklyn is the center of all the hip and new things. Rents are going up, and this is now one of the places to be if you want to be in the epicenter of things. Of all the neighborhoods, Brooklyn Heights is the most expensive. Rents go somewhere from $2500 to $4000 per month. If you can afford it, you should not think twice about moving to Brooklyn Heights. Whether you are moving to Brooklyn alone or with a family, you will love it here. You will fall in love with the peace and quiet that rules here.

Preparation for the move

Finding an apartment to live in is the number one thing to do. Even with high rents, it can be difficult to find a place you actually like. You should start the search early enough, in order to have a great variety of choices. If you plan on moving to Brooklyn Heights in spring, start the quest for the apartment even sooner. Spring is one of the most popular seasons for relocation, so get in line for the apartment search. Chances are that your new Brooklyn Heights apartment will be smaller than the one you are moving out of. If you want to keep the majority of things you own, you should check with the moving company about the nearest storage options. Especially if you are a proud owner of some art or antique pieces. In that case, you should explore the benefits of renting a climate-controlled storage space.

Storage units required when moving to Brooklyn Heights
Rent a climate-controlled storage space if you own antique and art

Settling down and exploring the neighborhood

Once moved to your new apartment, you should start exploring the new neighborhood. If you are not originally from NYC and have moved from out of town, everything will be new for you. It will take you months to see only the top places in the city. On the other hand, if you are from New York, but never lived in Brooklyn before, it is time to know your city once more. Start with small steps of just walking around the block and your part of the borough. That way you will be able to enjoy properly all the small stuff such as local stores, markets, restaurants, parks and so on. Find a favorite bakery, coffee shop, ice-cream place, bookstore. Grow your roots in Brooklyn Heights before going beyond and knowing the rest of the Brooklyn and New York. In other words, go local before you go global.

Things to see and do after moving to Brooklyn Heights

After exploring the neighborhood locally it is time for the big attractions. Brooklyn Heights is surrounded by other fine Brooklyn neighborhoods but is also a subway station away from Manhattan. The first destination should be the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. From there you will experience one of the most amazing views of the city. Enjoy the view of the Manhattan right across to East River. On your left, you will see the Statue of Liberty and on your right the Brooklyn Bridge. Below the Promenade is the Brooklyn Bridge Park which features all types of paths, playgrounds, and courts. There is everything for everyone, no matter the age. From walking and biking trails to football and basketball fields, skate rinks, and a beach. Spending a weekend here with friends or family will be such a delight.

A view of Brooklyn Bridge
You can witness one of the greatest views on the Brooklyn Bridge

Moving to Brooklyn Heights summed up

Each relocation has its ups and downs, so will this one. What is important for you to know are the following things:

  • renting here can be quite expensive, but totally worth it
  • the neighborhood has a feel of being in another city, far away from the noise and hassle
  • architecture is beautiful and has historical value
  • quiet and peaceful area, great for families with kids
  • Brooklyn Heights has the most incredible view from its Promenade and options for a lot of activities

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