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Moving to Brooklyn with a newborn – tips and tricks


Moving is a big project and usually a stressful one. You must organize everything, pack, and hire a moving company. It is all much harder when you have a newborn in your arms. Especially if one of the parents must work all the time and you have almost no time on your hands. Therefore, you need special coordination to pull this off. Today we bring you a simple guide with tips and tricks you should remember when moving to Brooklyn with a newborn.

Tips for moving to Brooklyn with a newborn

Even though your newborn is sleeping most of the time, you can’t lower your guard for a second. This situation is making all the moving stages more complex. Moreover, you might have a crawling infant that will curiously inspect all the boxes around the house. In this case, you’ll need to create a pre-packing environment.

Seek babysitting assistance when moving to Brooklyn with a newborn
Be sure to check the availability of your friends and family members. Any help is welcome.

Keep your baby safe with these steps:

  • Routine – Try to keep certain routines active during the packing period and while you are settling in the new home. Your baby will develop a secure feeling and get used to the feeding/sleeping routine. This will open a time-widow to get some rest, or to pack and unpack.
  • Babysitter – To find a sitter would be a good option in these hard times. Maybe you need to run to the grocery store or the bank. Your friend, family member, or a hired babysitter will fill in while you do your chores. Furthermore, you can cover the whole packing and organizing process while your baby is asleep or guarded by a babysitter.
  • Baby’s room – You should keep your baby in the designated area that is free of all the moving ruckus and chaos. A perfect place is the baby’s room and the crib. But if you need to shuffle your things around, choose a room with the best sound isolation. Adapt it to host your beloved one while you pack everything.
  • Take a break – If your working schedule will allow it, you can go away for a weekend and get your baby away from all the commotion. Meanwhile, enlisting moving professionals to handle your relocation. Check out the NYC moving costs and browse through the services they offer.

Preparation for the move

The relocation process does not entail only the packing process. There are other things you must cover when moving to Brooklyn with a newborn. You must keep up the pace with all the doctors’ appointments. Your baby shouldn’t miss the extremely important visit to the pediatrician, to cover the vaccination process and get examined. Also, while you are there, obtain the referrals from your previous doctor so you’ll find the new one easier. Get all the medical records and prescriptions in order and ready for transfer to your new doctor. Most important is that your baby is healthy and ready to take the trip. Moreover, check out daycares in your new neighborhood. Contact and visit on time in order to secure a spot for your child.

Moving company
Take your time and find yourself a reliable family-friendly moving company.

Where to find a family-friendly moving company

There is no relocation without a proper moving company. Your task is to find a reliable one. Start by checking the top local choices and compare prices and services. Narrow down your search and settle down with one that suits you the best. Although, keep an eye out for the one that is specialized in moving with kids. There are many family-friendly moving companies that will take special care for the little ones. We will recommend checking U. Santini Moving & Storage as one among the best movers NYC. They are a family-friendly team of locals that will accommodate any moving request. With almost a century in the business, there is no safer place to go. Remember this when you start searching for movers.

Plan the trip ahead when moving to Brooklyn with a newborn

You should plan the entire length of the trip. Traveling with a baby will require you to make a quick stop if necessary. Therefore, if you have a longer distance to cover, make a map with your route and make sure that you have several possible stops on your way. In case you need to change diapers, feed and tend to your precious baby in any way. Keep in mind that you should have a stroller and the bag with essentials ready at all times. Also, note down the hospitals, public bathrooms, diners, and motels you have on the way. You never know what you might need along the way.

The best way to have the complete flexibility and control of the voyage is to use personal vehicles. This way you and your partner can fully commit and keep an eye on your kids. Be sure to utilize the moving services Brooklyn. Simply load your moving vehicle and meet your movers on the destination. Let the professionals take care of the hard part, while you turn your attention toward your newborn.

Pack all the baby essentials

Think about the essentials you and your baby might need before the move, during the voyage, and upon arrival. Some items are crucial to have them on hand, and others can be packed in bags and moving boxes. Some of the items you should have near you are diapers, wipes, creams, bottles, baby food, milk or formula, bibs, extra pairs of clothing, etc. Also, you should have medication and a homemade first aid-kit if necessary.

Make sure to have a first-aid kit available at all times.

Other items like toys, seasonal clothing, plushies, books, etc. you should pack in moving boxes and load into the truck. You will survive without it a few couples of days before you unpack and settle in. Pack it with other belongings you have but label the boxes with baby items so you can find them quickly when needed. And think about the rest of the home and how you’ll pack it. Maybe in this situation, you can use movers and packers Brooklyn services. Check out what the local moving company has to offer. You’ll be amazed when you compare the price and the service you’ll get.

It is time to relocate

Once the moving day is upon you, you’ll have to load, transport, and unload your belongings at your new home. In that mess, it will be hard to decide what to unpack first. We would advise starting with the nursery. Help the little one settle in your new home by providing a place where you can feed, change diapers, stretch, and play with your newborn. Not to mention that making the same layout as the baby already got used to will be beneficial. Your baby will have a notion that nothing is changed, and it will feel like home. Keep this room isolated from all the commotion and unpack slow but steady.

Baby-proof the home 

The next step when moving to Brooklyn with a newborn is to babyproof your new home. You can do this once you relocate, but the idea is to do it a few days before the move. You must secure all the staircases, doors, and dangerous areas around the house. It is all new to you and imagine how the baby feels about it. It is an adventure around each corner and no doubt your child will crawl its way into every nook and cranny. Try to avoid this by restricting some of the areas, or at least making it more secured.

Basic protection will be to lock away all the doors and cabinets containing, liqueur, medicines, hazardous materials, and objects. Keep an eye on any kind of choking hazards, utility cords, outlets, and hanging objects around the house. Make the heavy furniture and shelves steady and hard to move. Go over the layout a couple of times and secure everything to be 100% sure your kid can safely play around. Safety comes first!

Hopefully, now you are more prepared for moving to Brooklyn with a newborn. Upon completing this incredible feat, the only thing left to do is the meet and greet! Visit your pediatrician, daycare, and meet your new NYC neighbors. The sooner you find friends for your kid, the easier it will be for everyone to adapt. Good luck and have a wonderful relocation!

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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