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Moving to Chicago from NYC


Is moving to Chicago from NYC something you want to do this year? Then, this ultimate all-encompassing guide is just what you need! Preparation for the move takes time and planning in order for it to become a memorable journey. Although moving seems complicated, it can be a lot simpler by following the tips we at U.Santini Moving & Storage prepared for you. We also believe that moving is more than a time-consuming endeavor therefore we invite you to check what we have in our offer! It won’t take long for our movers to get down to business and take care of your goods. You deserve a blissful and relaxed moving experience, so rest assured our movers will deliver no less than that.

There Are Many Reasons Why People Switch New York for Chicago

New York is definitely a multicultural hub with so many opportunities. However, as of last year, Chicago is a prominent moving destination for most New Yorkers opts for.

To help you decide whether or not Chicago is the city for you, we decided to give you an insight of what were the reasons why so many people moved from New York to Chicago:

  • More affordable life – Everything is less expensive in Chicago than in NYC – the housing, food, fun, etc. Whether you prefer buying or renting a home, it’s way more affordable than in the Big Apple. The best news is that your salary won’t be that much lower. In fact, given that Chicago improves the jobs scene each year, you could even get a better-paid job!
  • Strong and diverse job market – No matter if you seek a better salary or start a new business, Chicago is a place to be. Chicago is currently one of the most important business and entrepreneur-friendly cities in the US! Many successful startups originated in Chicago, which further speaks about the array of business possibilities you can have by moving there. The only thing to watch out for is a high competition rate, which means that some jobs are more popular than others. While it can take time to land a dream job in Chicago, it’s truly worth the effort.
  • Relaxed lifestyle – The time you’ll spend commuting to work will be shorter on average (35 minutes in Chicago, 40 in NY). However, there are fewer people commuting to work and traffic crowds aren’t as common as in NYC. Life is more relaxed in Chicago. Hence, if this is something you’d like, moving to Chicago from NYC  is something you should definitely do.
  • More Suitable Climate – Chicago’s climate offers a distinct experience compared to NYC, with each season bringing its own charm. While winters can be harsher and colder, the city’s summer warmth and vibrant autumns make up for it.
walking the streets after moving to Chicago from NYC
You will notice many differences after moving to Chicago from NYC

Discovering the Cost of Living Differences when Moving to Chicago from NYC

Embarking on a journey from the bustling streets of New York to the vibrant heart of Chicago marks a significant lifestyle shift. This adventure brings the opportunity to explore how the cost of living diverges between these two iconic cities. Whether you’re doing it actually or simply dreaming about moving from New York, understanding these differences is key. We’ll delve into various expenses, from housing to healthcare, providing a comprehensive insight into what you can expect financially in your new Chicagoan life.

Housing Costs

Housing is a significant expense in any city, and the disparity between Chicago and New York City is considerable. In Chicago, you can find a one-bedroom apartment for an average rent of $1,800 per month, a figure that is much more manageable compared to NYC’s steep $3,500 per month for a similar living space. This nearly 50% reduction in housing costs is a primary factor in the overall cost of living, directly impacting your financial planning and monthly expenditures. For those moving from New York, this drop in housing costs offers a substantial budgetary relief, making Chicago an attractive destination for both financial and lifestyle reasons.


Utility costs in Chicago continue the trend of affordability. A typical 915 sq ft apartment in Chicago incurs around $150 per month for basic utilities such as electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage. In contrast, New York City, with its reputation for higher living costs, demands about $200 per month for the same services. This $50 monthly saving in utilities, while smaller in comparison to housing, still plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall affordability of living in Chicago. This consistently lower utility cost adds to the financial benefits of relocating from the more expensive New York City.


When it comes to grocery expenses, Chicago again offers a more economical option. The average monthly grocery bill for a single person in Chicago is around $300, which is $100 less than the average $400 spent in New York City. This 25% reduction in grocery costs can significantly impact your monthly budget, especially for those who are conscientious about their food expenses. The lower grocery prices in Chicago can lead to increased savings, allowing for more flexibility in other areas of spending or saving. This cost difference is yet another attractive aspect for those considering the move from New York to Chicago.

grocery shopping after moving to Chicago from NYC
Food costs are lower in Chicago


Transportation expenses also show a favorable comparison for Chicago. The city offers a monthly public transportation pass for $105, providing access to an extensive network of buses and trains. This is cheaper than New York City’s MetroCard, which costs $127 for a monthly pass. While the difference may seem small, it accumulates over time, making daily commutes more affordable in Chicago. This cost efficiency in public transportation is an added advantage for residents, especially for those who rely on public transit for their daily commutes, but also those planning to rent a Brooklyn moving truck for relocation, and contributes to the overall lower cost of living when moving from New York to Chicago.

Dining Out

Dining out will be a more wallet-friendly experience after moving to Chicago from NYC. The average cost for a meal at a mid-range restaurant in Chicago is around $20, compared to $25 in New York City. This 20% lower cost for dining out not only makes the experience more accessible but also encourages exploring Chicago’s diverse culinary scene. This affordability in dining out can enhance the lifestyle for those moving from New York, allowing them to enjoy more frequent meals out without significantly impacting their budget.


Chicago’s entertainment options are similarly more affordable. A standard movie ticket in Chicago costs approximately $12, a saving when compared to New York City’s average of $15. This difference, while modest, facilitates more frequent enjoyment of leisure activities like movie-going, concerts, and other cultural events. The lower cost of entertainment in Chicago is another factor that adds to the city’s overall appeal, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a vibrant cultural life without the high costs associated with New York City.


Healthcare costs in Chicago are lower, with the monthly health insurance premium for an individual averaging at $350, compared to $400 in New York City. This $50 monthly saving is significant, especially considering the long-term financial impact of healthcare expenses. Lower healthcare costs in Chicago can contribute to overall savings, reducing the financial burden for individuals and families. This is an important consideration for those moving from New York, as healthcare is a crucial aspect of living costs.

visiting doctor after moving to Chicago from NYC
NYC has a better healthcare system, but your costs will be lower in Chicago

Income Taxes (Approximate)

Income taxes in Chicago are more favorable when compared to New York City. The state income tax rate in Chicago is 4.95%, which is lower than New York City’s rate of 6.85%. This difference in taxation rates can lead to noticeable annual savings, enhancing the financial benefits of living in Chicago. For those moving from New York, this lower tax rate can make a significant difference in their take-home pay, contributing to overall affordability and financial well-being in Chicago.

A Comparative Look at Job and Business Markets

Transitioning from the fast-paced life in New York City to the dynamic charm of Chicago isn’t just a change of scenery. It’s an opportunity to dive into different job and business markets, each with its unique strengths and challenges. Whether you’re packing your life into a Brooklyn residential movers‘ truck or just contemplating a change, understanding these market differences is crucial. Let’s explore how the two cities compare in various sectors, from job growth to income levels, and see what Chicago and NYC have to offer to those on the move.

Job Market

The job market in New York City and Chicago reveals contrasting dynamics. NYC’s job growth has been robust, with a substantial increase of over 210,000 private-sector jobs, indicative of the city’s economic resilience and diversity. Chicago, though experiencing notable growth with nearly 100,000 jobs added, trails behind in comparison. The average salary in NYC is approximately 12% higher than in Chicago, aligning with the city’s reputation for high-paying jobs, especially in finance and tech. However, this higher pay is somewhat balanced by NYC’s elevated living costs. Unemployment rates present another stark contrast, with NYC at 11.2%, reflecting its larger and more competitive job market, while Chicago’s rate is lower at 9.0%, suggesting a different employment landscape.

Major Industries

When it comes to major industries, New York City and Chicago each have their unique strengths. NYC’s global finance reputation, centered around Wall Street, positions it as a leader in the financial sector. Additionally, the city’s burgeoning technology and media sectors contribute significantly to its diverse economy. Chicago, known for its robust trading activities, especially at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, also boasts strong manufacturing, transportation, and logistics sectors. These industries are foundational to Chicago’s economy, driving job creation and business opportunities in the region.

working after moving to Chicago from NYC
Transportation and logistics are major industries in Chicago

Income Levels

Income levels in New York City and Chicago demonstrate the economic distinctions between these two cities. In Chicago, the income distribution shows a larger proportion of the population in higher income brackets compared to NYC. For example, 14.7% of Chicago’s population earns between $100K and $150K, slightly less than NYC’s 15.0%. Notably, NYC has a more significant portion of high earners, with 13.5% making over $200K, compared to 10.9% in Chicago. These differences in income levels reflect the varied economic opportunities and sectors dominant in each city.

Business Environment

If you want to start looking for a job before relocating, you should know that the business environments of NYC and Chicago are both dynamic but differ in scale and sector focus. NYC’s vast population and status as a global city create a diverse and expansive market for businesses across various industries. Its influence in finance, technology, and media attracts a wide range of domestic and international companies. Chicago, while smaller in comparison, offers a robust regional market with key strengths in manufacturing, logistics, and trading. The business climate in each city is shaped by its economic history and the dominant industries, providing distinct opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

Workforce Distribution

The workforce distribution in New York City and Chicago reflects the economic and cultural priorities of each city. Chicago has a higher percentage of workers in management, business, and finance, at 19.5% compared to NYC’s 17.2%. This is indicative of Chicago’s strong business and financial services sector. Conversely, New York City has a larger proportion of its workforce in arts, design, media, sports, and entertainment, accounting for 4.9%, which aligns with the city’s status as a global cultural hub. These differences in workforce distribution highlight the unique character and economic strengths of each city.

Lifestyle Insights for a Smooth Transition

Considering a move from the bustling streets of New York City to the diverse and dynamic Chicago? As you look for moving quotes in Brooklyn and plan your transition, it’s essential to understand how life in these two iconic cities compares. Both New York and Chicago offer rich cultural experiences, but their lifestyles, cost of living, and general ambiance differ significantly. Let’s dive into some key aspects of life in these two metropolises, giving you a clearer picture of what to expect in your new home.

enjoying Millennium Park after moving to Chicago from NYC
You will surely love Chicago’s lifestyle

Cuisine and Lifestyle

New York City’s culinary scene is a kaleidoscope of global flavors, offering everything from high-end Michelin-starred restaurants to authentic street food. Its diverse population brings a rich array of international cuisines, making it a food lover’s paradise. In contrast, Chicago’s culinary landscape, while perhaps less internationally diverse, is deeply rooted in its own iconic dishes. The city’s food scene is characterized by hearty Midwestern flavors, including its famous deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs. Lifestyle-wise, New York’s fast-paced, around-the-clock energy is a stark contrast to Chicago’s more relaxed and balanced approach. Chicago’s laid-back vibe allows for a better work-life balance, making it an attractive option for those seeking a slower pace without sacrificing urban living.

Crime Rates

While New York City has lower overall crime rates than Chicago, it’s important to note that crime rates can vary significantly across different neighborhoods in both cities. New York’s lower rates of violent and property crime contribute to its reputation as one of the safest large cities in the world. However, specific areas may still experience higher crime rates. Chicago, known for its struggles with violent crime, also has neighborhoods that are relatively safe and peaceful. Therefore, when moving to either city, researching and understanding the safety of different neighborhoods is crucial for making an informed decision about where to live.

Cultural and Recreational Opportunities

New York City and Chicago both offer rich cultural and recreational experiences, but they do so in their unique ways. New York is a global arts capital, home to iconic institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, and Broadway theaters. Its cultural diversity is reflected in its wide range of artistic and recreational offerings. Chicago, though smaller, is no less vibrant in its cultural scene. The city is known for its contributions to theater, music, particularly jazz and blues, and visual arts, with institutions like the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Both cities also have a fervent sports culture, with teams in all major sports leagues and a passionate fan base.

Quality of Life

Chicago’s higher quality of life score is influenced by various factors, including a lower cost of living relative to average income, which is a significant benefit for residents. The city’s crime rates, climate, healthcare quality, and housing prices contribute to this score. New York’s quality of life, while still high, is affected by its higher cost of living, which can be a challenge for many residents. Both cities offer unique advantages and challenges, but Chicago’s balance of affordability and urban amenities makes it an attractive option for those seeking a high quality of life.

a man on the street after moving to Chicago from NYC
Chicago has a higher quality of life score than NYC

Neighborhoods and Community

Chicago’s neighborhoods each have their distinct personality and charm, from the historic architecture of the Gold Coast to the vibrant arts scene in Pilsen. These neighborhoods offer a sense of community and local culture, contributing to the city’s overall appeal. New York’s boroughs and neighborhoods, from the trendy streets of Brooklyn to the bustling avenues of Manhattan, offer a diverse range of living experiences. Each area has its unique vibe, cultural offerings, and community, making New York a city of endless exploration and discovery.

Public Transportation

New York City’s MTA system is a defining feature of the city, offering 24-hour subway service and an extensive bus network that connects all five boroughs. The system’s size and coverage make it an indispensable part of city life, allowing residents to navigate the city efficiently. Chicago’s L System, while highly effective, is somewhat more limited in scope and doesn’t offer the same level of round-the-clock service as New York’s subway. However, it still provides vital transportation for the city’s residents and contributes to Chicago’s overall accessibility. After moving to Chicago from NYC, you will find that both systems are integral to their respective cities’ functioning and play a crucial role in daily life.

Commute Times and Accessibility

Chicago’s overall infrastructure offers more convenience for commuters, with generally shorter commute times than New York. The city’s less dense population and wider roads make car travel more feasible. Public transportation, including the L System, is efficient, though not as extensive as New York’s MTA. In contrast, New York City’s public transportation system is vast and complex, accommodating its high population density. The MTA’s extensive subway and bus networks are essential for the city’s day-to-day life, but they can result in longer commute times, especially for those living in outer boroughs or neighboring states.

Weather Considerations When Moving to Chicago from NYC: A Seasonal Guide

Embarking on a move from New York City to Chicago isn’t just a change of address; it’s a shift in weather patterns that can significantly affect your daily life. As you sort through your belongings, considering what to pack and what to leave behind, it’s crucial to be mindful of Chicago’s distinct seasonal weather. From the biting winds of winter to the sultry heat of summer, Chicago’s climate can be quite a departure from what you’re accustomed to in NYC. Understanding these seasonal differences is key to ensuring a smooth transition, helping you prepare for a new life in the Windy City, whether you’re loading a moving truck or simply planning your wardrobe.

Winter Weather: New York vs. Chicago

Winters in New York City are moderately cold, with occasional snowfall. The city’s humid subtropical climate means temperatures rarely plummet to extreme lows, and the Atlantic Ocean helps moderate the winter chill. However, moving to Chicago from NYC introduces you to a more severe winter climate. Known for its frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall, Chicago’s winters can be challenging for those unaccustomed to the cold. The city experiences a humid continental climate, with temperatures often dropping well below freezing and the winds off Lake Michigan adding an extra bite to the already cold air.

Spring Weather: A Tale of Two Cities

Spring in both New York City and Chicago brings a welcome change after the cold winter months. In New York, spring is typically mild, with increasing temperatures and occasional rain showers. The city’s parks and streets come alive as flowers bloom and outdoor activities resume. Chicago’s spring, on the other hand, can be unpredictable. The transition from winter to warmer weather can be gradual, with cold temperatures lingering and sudden warm spells. This season in Chicago is marked by a mix of rain, occasional snow, and gradually warming temperatures, signaling the city’s awakening from its long winter slumber.

park in Chicago
Enjoy a nicer climate after relocating to Chicago from NYC

Summer Climate: NYC Heat vs. Chicago Warmth

Summers in New York City are known for their warmth and humidity. The city’s humid subtropical climate brings hot, humid days with temperatures frequently in the high 80s. Outdoor activities abound, from strolls in Central Park to beach visits. In contrast, Chicago’s summers, while also hot and humid, can reach higher temperatures, often climbing into the upper 90s. The city’s location near Lake Michigan doesn’t provide much relief from the heat, making summers in Chicago a time to seek shade and enjoy the city’s many air-conditioned indoor spaces or lakefront beaches.

Autumn in the Big Apple and the Windy City

Autumn in New York City is a picturesque season, with crisp air and colorful foliage. The city’s humid subtropical climate ensures a gradual transition from the heat of summer to the cooler days of fall. Outdoor activities continue as the city enjoys moderate temperatures and beautiful autumnal scenery. In Chicago, autumn is similarly beautiful but comes with a quicker onset of cooler weather. The city’s humid continental climate leads to a more pronounced change in temperatures, with crisp, cool days and a noticeable chill in the air. This season is perfect for exploring Chicago’s parks and outdoor spaces, enjoying the fall colors, and preparing for the winter ahead.

Learn More About Chicago as You Are Preparing for the Move

The above-mentioned benefits of moving to Chicago are just one of the many others. That’s why it’s worth researching more about your future neighborhood, local places to wine and dine, and anything that interests you. Keep in mind that moving can get overwhelming at times, and that’s why it comes in handy to remind yourself why you’re moving in the first place. That way, you’ll stay motivated and enthusiastic about your move! Furthermore, it’s a good idea to go on a weekend trip to Chicago and familiarize yourself with the environment. On the other hand, you have a plethora of online resources available at your fingertips. Just make a cup of your favorite drink and check what else the city of Chicago has to offer.

happy black woman moving to Chicago from NYC
Moving to Chicago from NYC brings many opportunities.

What You Should Know When Moving Interstate

Moving to another state is more complicated than a long distance NY move in your own state and way more complicated than a local Brooklyn move. Of course, it’s quite doable, but only with proper preparation. Before you move, you should be aware of how difficult the process of moving to Chicago from NYC is. Acting in accordance, you can turn the stressful venture of moving to Illinois into an adventure.

Here are some things we suggest you should do:

  • Hire long distance movers in NYC to help you relocate with ease– Moving professionals have everything an interstate relocation from Brooklyn takes. The experience, the know-how, and the equipment.
  • Make a moving plan by consulting your NYC movers A moving plan is what makes you sure you won’t forget to do something important prior to your move. And an NYC-Chicago move is quite a long-distance one.
  • Start with everything as early as possible- So many unplanned situations might appear. Have everything done on time so you won’t regret not having time to do something essential due to some banal reason.
  • Prepare enough money for this demanding venture- The cost of your NYC relocation to Chicago will be a big one. Prepare a sufficient moving budget for it so you don’t have to worry later! If you haven’t had experience with budget planning for the move, simply ask professional movers for advice.

Have a Detailed Plan for Moving to Chicago from NYC

With a clear strategy and clear plan, very few things can go wrong. If you consult experts when making the interstate moving plan, then you’re reducing the risk to a minimum. What you must do is make a plan with a schedule for each activity you should take before relocating to Chicago from NYC. Keeping in mind how many obligations you have and how much time each of them takes, you’ll get a clear picture of how important it is to do everything with maximum focus.

Have a Budget Arranged on Time When Moving to Chicago from NYC

You’ll need quite a lot of money to move this far away. To get the price for your move, contact your movers for a moving quote. And do that on time so that you can save enough money. When moving to Chicago from Brooklyn moving costs will be high. Always keep in mind that on such a long trip, the chance of something unplanned appearing is big enough to ignore them. This is why we recommend you have some money prepared in advance for these occasions. If nothing happens, then you are left with some money saved! But if something unexpected does happen, you’ll have that covered!

a person inside a cardboard box
Moving can be stress-free if you start planning on time.

Book at least a few free moving estimates to know how much your move is going to cost you. All top-rated NYC movers don’t charge for estimation, so avoid any company that does. A free moving quote is crucial when it comes to planning a moving budget. That way, you can have information about different service rates and choose what options work best for you financially.

Storage Rental Is Important When Moving from NYC to Chicago

Another extremely important segment when moving to Chicago from NYC will be a storage unit. Your upcoming relocation from NYC to Chicago can’t run smoothly unless you have a safe space to store all your goods. Contrary to popular opinion, quality storage isn’t necessarily high in price. In fact, you can find decent cheap storage in New York quite easily! However, there are a few things you must do before you pick the storage:

  • Declutter your household – There are probably items that serve no purpose and just take up extra space. When you have less stuff to store, you don’t need too big storage space. Therefore, take time to sort all your belongings and decide what to sell, donate, or throw away.
  • Ask for storage estimates – In addition to moving estimates, you can also request storage estimates that give you an idea about approximate expenses.
  • Request an in-person visit – Simply let the Brooklyn storage know that you’re interested in seeing their storage facility. Ensure the units are completely safe and pest-free.
  • Check if the storage is accessible 24/7 – Make sure complete access to your designated storage belongs only to you. Also, check with the company if you can access your belongings whenever you want. Some companies have a strict timeframe in which you can enter the storage.
a guys inside the storage unit
Inform about the quality of moving, packing, and storage services.

Research Before Hiring Interstate NYC Movers

Before you hire the movers for your interstate relocation, we suggest you pay attention to a few details. Check if they are licensed to do the interstate relocation. Read the reviews and see whether or not there are some big complaints. Find out if there are some accusations of moving fraud. Call your interstate NYC movers and see how they will respond to the call. Do they say the company name, or answer just with ‘the movers’? Pay attention to these details because there are so many moving scams out there. Think about your safety and make sure you hire reliable movers for your upcoming move.

There Are Different Movers to Choose From

Some of the best moving companies in NYC provide different kinds of relocation services. That being said, you should focus on specific services that fit your moving needs. Long-distance movers are the ones to go the extra mile when packing and moving. They apply special packing methods so your household items remain safe and sound the entire time. On the other hand, office movers in Brooklyn take a different approach. They know how to properly get your office furniture and equipment ready for a long-distance move and make sure nothing happens to them in the process. Business relocations require extra effort, which is why choosing office movers is a cost-effective solution.

black guy checking boxes before moving to Chicago from NYC
A skilled moving crew is much needed when moving to Chicago from NYC.

One thing to pay attention to when hiring movers in New York is customer experience. Thanks to various reviews online, you can have a better insight into the service quality and assistance any particular company provides. Simply refer to many reviews and decide if a company that seems promising is actually worth the coin. 

Start Preparing for the Move Early On

Is your moving date next year, or in several months? Have everything done now, and then enjoy the rest of the time spending it with the people you love! Otherwise, thinking you have enough time to do everything, problems might appear just a few days before the relocation and make it impossible to have everything solved before you move. Therefore, avoid the risk of having something unfinished before moving to such a distant place as Chicago. When moving to Chicago from NYC, it all comes down to a solid organization and a capable moving crew. Once you have these two important factors solved, you’ll have the hassle-free move you want.

Are You Ready for the Move?

Moving to Chicago from NYC offers a unique opportunity to experience a different way of life. While both cities are bustling metropolises with rich cultural tapestries, Chicago presents a more affordable cost of living, a distinct seasonal climate, and a laid-back lifestyle. The transition brings new adventures in cuisine, arts, and community living. As you embark on this journey, remember to embrace the changes, explore the diverse neighborhoods, and immerse yourself in the Windy City’s vibrant culture. This move isn’t just a relocation; it’s a chance to discover new aspects of urban life and redefine your personal and professional goals.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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