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• Guarantee transparent communication with our employees - they will self-quarantine if even the slightest indications of flu-like symptoms appear.
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Moving to Chicago from NYC

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Is moving to Chicago from NYC something you want to do this year? Then this ultimate all-encompassing guide is just what you need! Preparation for the move takes time and planning in order for it to become a memorable journey. Although moving seems complicated, it can be a lot simpler by following the tips we at U.Santini Moving & Storage prepared for you. We also believe that moving is more than a time-consuming endeavor, therefore we invite you to check what we have in our offer! It won’t take long for our movers to get down to business and take care of your goods. You deserve a blissful and relaxed moving experience, so rest assured our movers will deliver no less than that.

There are many reasons why people switch New York for Chicago

New York is definitely a multicultural hub with so many opportunities. However, as of last year, Chicago is a prominent moving destination for most New Yorkers opts for.

happy black woman moving to Chicago from NYC
Moving to Chicago from NYC brings many opportunities.

To help you decide whether or not Chicago is the city for you, we decided to give you an insight of what were the reasons why so many people moved from New York to Chicago:

  • More affordable life – Everything is less expensive in Chicago than in NYC – the housing, food, fun, etc. Whether you prefer buying or renting a home, it’s way more affordable than in the Big Apple. The best news is that your salary won’t be that much lower. In fact, given that Chicago improves the jobs scene each year, you could even get a better-paid job!
  • Strong and diverse job market – No matter if you seek a better salary or start a new business, Chicago is a place to be. Chicago is currently one of the most important business and entrepreneur-friendly cities in the US! Many successful startups originated in Chicago, which further speaks about the array of business possibilities you can have by moving there. The only thing to watch out for is a high competition rate, which means that some jobs are more popular than others. While it can take time to land a dream job in Chicago, it’s truly worth the effort.
  • Relaxed lifestyle – The time you’ll spend commuting to work will be shorter on average (35 minutes in Chicago, 40 in NY). However, there are fewer people commuting to work and traffic crowds aren’t as common as in NYC. Life is more relaxed in Chicago. Hence, if this is something you’d like, moving to Chicago from NYC  is something you should definitely do.

Learn more about Chicago as you are preparing for the move

The above-mentioned benefits of moving to Chicago are just one of the many others. That’s why it’s worth researching more about your future neighborhood, local places to wine and dine, and anything that interests you. Have in mind that moving can get overwhelming at times, and that’s why it comes in handy to remind yourself why you’re moving in the first place. That way, you’ll stay motivated and enthusiastic about your move! Furthermore, it’s a good idea to go on a weekend trip to Chicago and familiarize yourself with the environment. On the other hand, you have a plethora of online resources available at your fingertips. Just make a cup of your favorite drink, and check what else the city of Chicago has on offer.

What you should know when moving interstate

Moving to another state is more complicated than a long distance NY move in your own state, and way more complicated than a local Brooklyn move. Of course, it’s quite doable, but only with proper preparation. Before you move, you should be aware of how difficult the process of moving to Chicago from NYC is. Acting in accordance you can turn a stressful venture of moving to Illinois into an adventure.

a person inside a cardboard box
Moving can be stress-free if you start planning on time.

Here are some things we suggest you should do:

  • Hire Brooklyn movers to help you relocate with ease– Moving professionals have everything an interstate relocation from Brooklyn takes. The experience, the know-how, and the equipment.
  • Make a moving plan by consulting your NYC movers A moving plan is what makes you sure you won’t forget to do something important prior to your move. And an NYC-Chicago move is quite a long-distance one.
  • Start with everything as early as possible- So many unplanned situations might appear. Have everything done on time so you wouldn’t regret not having time to do something essential due to some banal reason.
  • Prepare enough money for this demanding venture- The cost of your NYC relocation to Chicago will be a big one. Prepare a sufficient moving budget for it so you don’t have to worry later! If you haven’t had experience with budget planning for the move, simply ask professional movers for advice.

Have a detailed plan for moving to Chicago from NYC

With a clear strategy and clear plan, very few things can go wrong. If you consult experts when making the plan, then you’re reducing the risk to a minimum. What you must do is make a plan with a schedule for each activity you should take before relocating to Chicago from NYC. Having in mind how many obligations you have and how much time each of them takes you’ll get a clear picture of how important it is to do everything with a maximum focus.

Have a budget arranged on time when moving to Chicago from NYC

You’ll need quite a lot of money to move this far away. To get the price for your move, contact your movers for a moving quote. And do that on time, so you could save enough money. Moving to Chicago from NYC is both – a long distance and an interstate move. So it will cost you. Always keep in mind that on such a long trip the chance of something unplanned appearing is big enough to ignore them. This is why we recommend you have some money for these occasions prepared in advance. If nothing happens, then you are left with some money saved! But if something unexpected does happen, you’ll have that covered!

a guys inside the storage unit
Inform about the quality of moving, packing, and storage services.

Book at least a few free moving estimates to know how much your move is going to cost you. All top-rated NYC movers don’t charge for estimation, so avoid any company that does. A free moving quote is crucial when it comes to planning a moving budget. That way, you can have information about different service rates and choose what options work best for you financially.

Storage rental is important when moving from NYC to Chicago

Another extremely important segment of your move will be a storage unit. Your upcoming relocation from NYC to Chicago can’t run smoothly unless you have a safe space to store all your goods. Contrary to popular opinion, quality storage isn’t necessarily high in price. In fact, you can find decent storage at quite affordable rates! However, there are a few things you must do before you pick the storage:

  • Declutter your stuff – There are probably items that serve no purpose and just take up extra space. When you have less stuff to store, you don’t need too big storage space. Therefore, take time to sort all your belongings and decide what to sell, donate, or throw away.
  • Ask for storage estimates – In addition to moving estimates, you can also request storage estimates that give you an idea about approximate expenses.
  • Request an in-person visit – Simply let the moving and storage company know that you’re interested to see their storage facility. Ensure the units are completely safe and pest-free.
  • Check if the storage is accessible 24/7 – Make sure complete access to your designated storage belongs only to you. Also, check with the company if you can access your belongings whenever you want. Some companies have a strict timeframe in which you can enter the storage.

Research before hiring interstate NYC movers

Before you hire the movers for your interstate relocation, we suggest you pay attention to a few details. Check if they are licensed to do the interstate relocation. Read the reviews and see whether or not there are some big complaints. Find out if there are some accusations of moving fraud. Call your interstate NYC movers and see how they will respond to the call. Do they say the company name, or answer just with ‘the movers’? Pay attention to these details because there are so many moving scams out there. Think about your safety and make sure you hire reliable and reputable movers.

There are different movers to choose from

Some of the best moving companies in NYC provide different kinds of relocation services. That being said, you should focus on specific services that fit your moving needs. Long-distance movers are the ones to go the extra mile when packing and moving. They apply special packing methods so your household items remain safe and sound the entire time. On the other hand, office movers in Brooklyn take a different approach. They know how to properly get your office furniture and equipment ready for a long-distance move, and make sure nothing happens to them in the process. Business relocations require extra effort, which is why choosing office movers is a cost-effective solution.

black guy checking boxes before moving to Chicago from NYC
A skilled moving crew is much-needed when moving to Chicago from NYC.

One thing to pay attention to when browsing movers New York has on offer is customer experience. Thanks to various reviews online, you can have a better insight into the service quality and assistance any particular company provides. Simply refer to many reviews and decide if a company that seems promising is actually worth the coin. 

Start preparing for the move early on

Your moving date is next year, or in several months? Have everything done now, and then enjoy the rest of the time spending it with the people you love! Otherwise, thinking you have enough time to do everything, problems might appear just a few days before the relocation and make it impossible to have everything solved before you move. Therefore, avoid the risk of having something unfinished before moving to such a distant place as Chicago. When moving to Chicago from NYC, it all comes down to a solid organization and a capable moving crew. Once you have these two important factors solved, you’ll have the hassle-free move you want.

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