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Moving to NYC with children


Moving to NYC with children can be exciting, but is also one process full of stress, both for you and your kids. New York City is an extremely busy and big city, where life is quite fast. Is this the best place for raising your child? The answer is up to you. Maybe you have to move there because of your job. Maybe you just want to live in the center of everything. If you already have decided to move to NYC, U.Santini Moving & Storage will give you some useful advice. Let’s take a closer look at how you should prepare for your upcoming family move.

Why preparing for the family move is important

Almost all the families face the process of moving at some point. This procedure can cause a lot of disorders for parents, but the experience can be even more traumatic for kids. They may not be a part of the decision to move and might not understand it. Kids can need some time and special attention during the transition. Try these tips to make the process less stressful for your family. Our advice will down the drama, so you can have a smooth move with your kids. Furthermore, we will cover the importance of hiring trusted movers New York when relocating with kids.

Preparing for Moving to NYC with children.
Preparations are crucial when moving to NYC with children.

Making a decision of moving to NYC with children

The kids tend to thrive on routine and familiarity. Relocating to a big city like New York can get them emotionally upset, particularly if they are moving from a smaller town or from another state. Children are typically not thrilled by such a phenomenon. In fact, they hardly ever enjoy this kind of change. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ease the process and avoid stress during the move. So as you consider moving to NYC with children, put on the scales the benefits of that change against the comfort that established neighborhood, school, and social life give your kids. If your family has recently dealt with a major life change, like divorce or death, it is better to postpone the move. If possible, give your kids time to accommodate.

There can be many factors and reasons that have made you decide about the move. You maybe aren’t excited and happy about it, try to be positive anyway. During times of transition, a parent’s attitudes can affect kids a big amount. Your attitude about moving and your willingness to let your children share in the experience will influence their feelings. Once you make the decision, make sure you have enough time to do proper research and hire reliable movers when moving to New York.

Include kids in the planning of the move

When moving to NYC with children, involve kids in the planning as much possible as you can. This will make them feel like participants in the process. Both the house-hunting process and the search for the new schools in New York. Also, it can make them feel more familiar with the move and less like it is being forced on them. If relocating to the other part of the city, take your children to visit their future house and get to meet their new neighborhood in NYC. Handling the time leading to the move has a big impact on how easily your kids will adapt.

Packing with kids.
Involve your kids in the moving process to make the transition from one home to another easier.

In addition to this, you can involve your kids in the moving process by allowing them to participate in the packing process. Kids can have a ton of fun with cardboard boxes. Outside of playing with them, your kids can also help by labeling the boxes. Make sure they have the right labeling materials so they can be creative and help you label the packed boxes for their content. Furthermore, you can let your kids pack their essentials bags for the moving day and let them pack their own toys.

Have a family meeting

Don’t mind the circumstances and be aware that the most fundamental way to get your kids ready for a move is to talk about it. Try to give them as much information about the move as soon as possible. Answer their questions sincerely, and be prepared for both positive and negative feedback. Probably the relocation will make your family life even better, but the kids can’t always get this fact. They may be focused just on the terrifying perspectives of the change. For toddlers and preschoolers, begin by calmly breaking the news about a month in advance. This will be enough time to procedure the information, but not too much. This will give your children an opportunity to think about all the changes on time.

Ask them for their opinion

Involve your children in the selection process of the new home, especially if they are older. The moment you tighten the choices to two or three houses, you should get feedback from your child. If possible, take them to see the homes. If you are moving to another city, show them photos of each home, describe the neighborhoods, and take a virtual tour onlineAsk them about their opinion on each house. Assure them that you will carefully listen to them and consider their opinion when making the final decision. Once you choose the house, don’t stop telling them all the details about the house. Have a little celebration once you know the house is yours.

When moving with kids, there are big chances that you will have to deal with more stress than when moving by yourself. That is why we are giving you the list of things you might forget when moving to NYC with children.

Allow your kids to ask questions and make suggestions

Let your kid participate in picking out the house or suggesting a color for his room. They need to feel like they are one of the main parts of moving. Allow your child to ask questions, and express likes and dislikes about moving. This will help them adjust and will make the move to Los Angeles a lot easier. We know that it’s not always peaches and cream with kids. But, they must know they can come to you. Especially if they are not adapting well, by you letting them be part of the process. There will be mixed emotions without a doubt, whether your kid is a teenager or a child.

Family packing for the move.
Make sure your children are involved in the moving process and they can ask questions and make their own suggestions for the new home and their new room.

Moving with children is not an easy process, especially with teens. They have to make new friends, fit in a new school, adapt to a new NYC neighborhood, etc. Even if your children are excited about the move, don’t underestimate how difficult some of the losses may be. Especially if the relocation means separating from someone they love and depend on, like a carer or a grandparent.

Relocate with the help of professional movers by your side

The moving process is far from easy process to complete. As you can see, there are a ton of things to consider when moving. Proper preparations are needed if you are looking to execute a stress-free and successful relocation. This is especially important when moving to NYC with children. Always make sure you have a good plan for the move. This plan should also have all of the key elements related to your upcoming relocation such as:

  • The budget for your move.
  • The costs of your move.
  • The size of your inventory,
  • The date of your move.
  • The movers you plan on hiring.

Speaking of movers, it is also important to give yourself at least a few months before the actual moving date to look for and hire the right movers for you. The movers you hire will play an important role in your relocation process. Therefore, it is always a good idea to do a ton of research and only hire reliable and trusted NYC movers to help you relocate. Reliable movers can help you with a ton of different, quality moving services including storage NYC. With the right movers by your side, you will get to focus on your family and friends. Meanwhile, your movers will tackle the key relocation tasks and allow you to save time and energy. In conclusion, when you move to NYC with kids, you need to have a good plan, a few months in advance to prepare, and reliable movers by your side to help you relocate. With the right movers helping you, your family relocation will be efficient, and fast, and you will get to enjoy your new home with your children in no time and stress-free!

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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