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Moving to Park Slope on a budget


If you’re moving to Brooklyn, NYC, and have chosen Park Slope as your future neighborhood, you have already done a tremendous job. This is a bustling area, perfect for residents of all ages. There are good schools nearby for those with families. And, if you’re in the younger crowd, there are plenty of opportunities for a great night out. Before hiring U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn companies to help you, get all the facts. Moving to Park Slope on a budget is something we wanted to give you more information about. While you won’t have to implement every one of our suggestions, take heed of these tips. After all, we’ve gathered them after years in the relocation business.

Before booking your move to Park Slope with a professional company, consider the costs of DIY, too

When the time for relocation comes, this is usually the main question that people ask. Which is more affordable moving DIY or hiring professionals for the job? Well, since you’re relocating to Park Slope, you won’t have trouble finding reliable movers. After all, there are plenty of professional moving companies in Brooklyn to choose from. So, how does one decide what to do? Well, think about what would be the best moving tactic for you.

New York street
How much money are you looking to save when moving to Brooklyn?

Know that moving to Brooklyn isn’t just dreaming eagerly about the future. Since you’re going to be living in New York, you should know that the prices are a bit high here. Sometimes, people will complete a DIY move, only to realize that they haven’t achieved the goal of moving to Park Slope on a budget. In fact, they’d spent more money and time. Then again, if you’re a freshman in college, you won’t have too many belongings to transport. Then, you can actually make moving to Park Slope at a low cost a reality.

The types of relocation you should consider when moving to Park Slope on a budget

So, we’ve mentioned different moves for different relocations, right? Here is how you could both have a low cost and a stress-free move to suit your needs:

  • Moving to Park Slope completely DIY – hire a truck and do the work. This means that you will have to clock in a few hours to relocate to NYC. A few friends or neighbors to help with loading and unloading the truck are also welcome. We would recommend this type of relocation for those who have the time for it or those who don’t have too many belongings to transport. But today, few people have free time for something like that. While moving to Park Slope on a budget it is very difficult to carry heavy furniture on your own.
  • Your relocation to Brooklyn is done half-half – hire professional movers, yet save some money. If you’re choosing this method of relocation to Park Slope on a budget, it means finding good local movers Brooklyn. Next, you’ll need to acquire packing supplies and prepare your relocation DIY. Time-wise, it will take less than the DIY relocation. However, keep in mind that you will need to do all of the packings yourself. We would recommend this method for people with families or those who’ve left plenty of time to prepare for their relocation. There are many ways to cut the costs here, as well.
Woman moving to Park Slope on a budget
If you’re moving to Park Slope on a budget, this is the best method for your relocation.
  • The Brooklyn movers do everything related to relocation for you – no stress. If you’re looking for a low-cost move to Park Slope, this probably won’t be the first choice. However, if you’re in a hurry to relocate, it will be the perfect pick. Don’t dismiss the fact that your movers doing the packing as well as the relocation will be too expensive. Only after checking the different moving quotes Brooklyn offered during an estimate will you be able to decide. Plenty of professional companies will provide you with a good deal in order to do everything concerning your relocation.

After you’ve chosen your relocation method, a few tips on cutting the costs of your Park Slope move

Choosing the correct type of move will surely cut some of the costs. However, there are still other ways in which you could save money. Mainly, we’re going to be talking, as you’ve guessed, about the rules of packing. So, here are a few tips and tricks which we’ve gathered over the years to help our customers lower the costs of their move to Park Slope.

#If you’re going to be moving to Park Slope on a budget, don’t pay for relocation boxes

There is one thing which you should look for in a moving box – durability. Good moving boxes make the process of moving much easier. Sure, you can find them for a fair price with your movers. However, if you’re looking to cut the costs of your Park Slope move, free moving crates are the way to go. There are plenty of places where you will be able to find moving boxes Brooklyn. Start at the local grocery shop and then further head out to the liquor store down the street. Usually, the workers there will be eager to give you their parcels at no cost at all.

#Next, for moving to Park Slope on a budget, we advise an appropriate purge

When you’re moving house, weight is money. So, if you’re going to be moving to Park Slope on a budget, you should sort out your priorities. As you’re packing each room, decide what you won’t need. These things should be donated. Or, if you’re really looking to save some money on the relocation, sell online. Don’t, however, overdo the purge. If you’re not sure if you will need some items, later on, seal them in a box with a future date. If you haven’t opened it in a few months, they likely aren’t needed.

Couple packing
What are your everyday necessities? Consider this when packing for your relocation…

#A piece of advice regarding saving money on wrapping supplies when moving to Park Slope

Bubble wrap can be a bit expensive from time to time, but, consider the costs carefully before choosing to forgo it. Sometimes, you can use your clothes and linens as padding. However, this will leave your belongings vulnerable to damage during the relocation. So, ask yourself if the cost of bubble wrap is worth the damage to some of your belongings? If not, consider not saving some money on this end if you’re moving to Park Slope on a budget. Find the right materials at a discount and secure your belongings. This will save you money in the long run.

#Get quotes from many different movers

Before you even start moving to Park Slope on a budget do a bit of research. Search the market and study all the offers. Only then choose what is best for you. Contact at least four moving companies. Someone from the company will talk to you, either live or online. Make sure you explain in detail everything about moving. Tell them what you plan to move and what you don’t. Before contacting long distance moving companies New York  it is very important to know that the price of moving is usually measured by weight. Try to reduce the weight of your belongings as much as you can.

woman packing
Moving can be fun and less expensive than you thought

#Move at the right time

The usual season for moving is from May to August. It is normal to expect that then the price of moving will be the highest. Try to avoid moving during this period if at all possible. The ideal time to move if you want to save is from October to April. Do all the chores in advance and prepare for the move when it is cheapest. Also, hire a moving company during the working days. Because weekend appointments can be more expensive.

#Organize a DIY moving party

It’s always better to hire professionals like commercial movers Park Slope, but that doesn’t mean calling your friends to lend an extra hand is a bad idea.  Invite as many friends and family members as you can and have a party. Get as many boxes and materials as possible for everyone. This is a really fun way to pack everything. Not only will this make moving to Park Slope on a budget faster and cheaper, but you will say goodbye to your old house in a very fun way. Don’t forget the friends who helped you with the move. Return the favor later.


Moving can be a very demanding and stressful job, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Plan ahead and organize yourself properly. Making a to-do list will help you with that. It will make moving to Park Slope on a budget much easier and more fun. Go through this article a couple of times and make sure you don’t waste money during your move. Have fun!

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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