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Guide to moving to Philadelphia

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Do you think that moving from the busy Brooklyn life to Philly for some peace and quiet should be your next move? We assure you that this isn’t such an uncommon thing these days and that there is an easy way to do it. Since people usually think that relocations are difficult and boring they often tend to avoid making big changes in their life and explore new things. Luckily, with just a little bit of organization and some good tips, everything will work out great! Here is the U.Santini Moving & Storage guide to moving to Philadelphia!

As experienced movers in Brooklyn, we’ve helped a number of homeowners settle down in Philadelphia. But, before you decide to completely commit to relocating, we wanted to give you a hand in setting expectations. After all, when you know what to expect from your relocation, it will make the hard decisions during relocation easier.

couple packing their inventory
Moving to Philadelphia starts with a good plan!

Moving to Philadelphia

Your first step is probably to organize your relocation like a real professional. This means providing all the details to your residential movers Brooklyn. They will help you set the date and choose services that are suitable for you. As a result, you will have plenty of time to finish all the tasks in your household. Since you are moving to another place, you should start with some tasks on time. These tasks may include:

  • Gathering the paperwork: You are going to a different area so make sure you have all documents that you need
  • Checking out the new place: One of your main goals should be arriving at your new place without multiple new tasks waiting for you. Prepare it for your arrival.
  • Inform your work or school: People around you should know about your move to Philadelphia on time. This includes your kids’ school as well.
  • Don’t put too much work on yourself: Although you should focus on many things at once, make sure to have short breaks from time to time.

In case you want to move your office to Philadelphia as well, office movers in Brooklyn can help you out. Keep in mind that your business will have to keep on running even during the relocation so getting some extra help is necessary! Now that you know where exactly to begin, let’s see what is waiting for you in Philadelphia! 

Philadelphia is a historical wonder

So, New York is known for its vibrant culture and numerous museums. And, you may think that you will lose this when moving from BrooklynHowever, this isn’t the case if you’ve picked Philadelphia as your future homeMoving to Philly means embracing the rich history that the city offers. For everyone who thinks that a weekend date or family visit to the museum is perfect, it moving here will feel like paradise. Relocation to Philadelphia means going back all the way to ’62 when the city was founded by William Penn. But not only that.

mover carrying a sofa
If things get too complicated for you, ask movers for help!

The locals are proud to show that their city was key in the Revolutionary War, the site of the first and second Continental Congress, and vital to industrialization. However, if going that far back isn’t your cup of tea, remember that Philly is also a center of immigration from Europe and the home of hip-hop. Relocating to Philadelphia allows you to learn, enjoy, and be amazed by every single event which has shaped it throughout history. After all, the locals have fought hard to preserve them. If it happens that you are a history fan, then all you have to do is arrange a meeting with movers New York. They will provide all the details and you will be ready to go!

Get ready to experience sport after moving to Philadelphia

Philly is one of those cities which have a big thing about team sports going for them. So, when relocating to Philadelphia, be prepared to wear the colors and raise your glasses. The Eagles are a huge thing, no matter the score. But, the Phillies aren’t far behind them, either. If you’re not catching the game with your new neighbors and friends at home, there’s always a comfortable café where you can watch them together. Though, the locals understand that not everyone moving to Philadelphia is into football or baseball. However, then, you must love the Flyers, right?

happy family in the park
There is something for every family member in Philadelphia!

The education system is amazing

With its history, museum, and the general buzz of a large city, Philly doesn’t seem like a college town. But, in essence, it really is. With the University of Pennsylvania, Temple, Drexel, and also Curtis located there, the majority of the population are students. And, altogether, their lifestyle and energy spill onto the locals giving Philadelphia the feel of a huge college town.

However, if you’re thinking of going to Philadelphia in order to start a family, you may want to re-think hiring Brooklyn moving services. The issue of public schooling below the college level has been a can of worms in Philly politics for years. So, it may not be the best future destination for young children. Rather, take a look at the schools which New York offers, as they are, after all, top-notch.

Rent is affordable

Many local movers in Brooklyn, see a lot of homeowners having trouble with the costs of their apartments. New York apartments are small and the rents are high. If you’re fresh out of high school you’ve probably faced this unpleasantry. Well, we’re happy to tell you that a move to Philadelphia from NYC will be a game-changer. Philly has such a large population of students. It’s only natural that the cost of living is more affordable than in New York. So, you will be able to rent or purchase a nice home for an affordable price. As far as we’re aware, the value of a median home in Philadelphia is estimated at $130000. So, you tell us if that sounds affordable to you, or not.

Food lovers, this is a place for you

You’re among the numerous foodies who live in New York? Well, we’re happy to tell you that moving from NYC doesn’t mean leaving behind the high life. As a Brooklyn moving company and NY locals, we know that the pizza here just has that something special. And, if you’re in the mood for Italian, you will never run out of good and new places to try in the Big Apple. But, Philly doesn’t fall behind in this department. In fact, we want to tell you about a few pros which our customers have relayed to us over the years.

First, moving to Philadelphia demands that you try the cheesesteak. This is a gourmet treat that is world renown and for a good reason. The locals all have their favorite spots and you will probably have one, too. The meat is simply heavenly delicious and you can choose the kind of cheese you’ll have it with. Though, we’d like to remind you that this isn’t everyday food. A cheesesteak is a heavy meal for a special occasion, like moving into your new home. It’s the perfect chance to learn the local slang when ordering. For example: ‘one whiz with’ means one cheesesteak, with Cheese Whiz and onions, too.

Packing for Philadelphia

Now let’s get back to the very core of your relocation to Philadelphia! One of the most difficult things about it is probably packing. For this process, you have two options and it all depends on your priorities. You can rely on packing services Brooklyn and leave it to professionals or you can do it on your own. If you want to do it on your own, make sure you have the right packing materials and a good strategy. Start packing one room at a time and label your boxes. You can use markers or labeling tapes and try to label all sides of each box.

different hands on top of each other
After moving to Philadelphia get ready for meeting new people!

With professional packers, your only job is to prepare your items for their arrival. Mention all the details to them, especially if you have some valuable items or heirlooms. These items usually require a much different approach and need to be handled with extra care. Once you arrive, unpacking will be super easy as long as you followed some of the basic steps.

Start with smaller items

Before you start packing try to focus on smaller items first. Get yourself enough moving boxes in different sizes and start with the rooms you use the least. Once furniture movers Brooklyn arrive there will be enough space to continue packing and simply move around. Try to categorize them so that once you arrive the process will be much easier. During this process make sure not to forget or lose something. Just because of that it is highly advised that you start with these items first. Later, you can proceed to clothes, furniture, and the rest of your inventory.

Leave behind everything you don’t need

Yes, relocations can be pretty emotional but that doesn’t mean you have to take everything with you. You must think of your new place and its space as well. Also, you are making a big change, and getting some new stuff can be a good idea too. Getting storage units Brooklyn can be a smart choice if you need some extra space during your relocation. Get rid of those items that you no longer need or are too old. You can choose a charity organization and give it to them or organize a small sale in your yard. The rest you can take to the storage unit and pick it up whenever you are ready. Storage units are amazing solutions for all kinds of events including relocation, renovation, and much more. 

Ask your friends to help you when moving to Philly

Relocations are a great way to say a proper goodbye to people you love. You surely had a great time with them in NYC and you will need some time to get used to the change. This is why including them in the process will help all of you. Just assign them different packing tasks and enjoy the process in a different way! As a result, you will get some extra memories that will last forever! 

people sitting in the park
Make sure to find a perfect neighborhood for your family!

Arriving to Philadelphia

When your relocation is over, you may start enjoying this beautiful city. It will take some time to unpack and settle in but this process will be less stressful than the actual moving. The city of Philadelphia will welcome you in its own way and you should return it the same way. When it comes to getting to know your new community after moving to Philadelphia- you will love it! Communities there hold on tight together and have countless different events you may participate in. If you wonder how to blend in faster, the best answer is just to be yourself. Introduce your family to the closest neighbors who will inform you about all the things you need to know.

Depending on what neighborhood you choose, there may be a lot of places to spend some quality time with people you love. This includes parks, zoos, different attractions, and much more. Before you know it, every member of your family will choose their favorite place. If you get the feeling that this process takes too long, don’t worry and take all the time you need. 

two girls packing before moving to Philadelphia
Include your friends in the packing process!

In conclusion about relocating to Philadelphia

Finally, there is one more thing regarding food that you will enjoy tremendously in Philly if you like to eat healthily. While you may be used to shopping in convenience stores and occasionally going to the farmers’ market in NY, it’s time to leave this behind. Moving to Philadelphia will give you access to a number of nearby markets. Here, people primarily shop for their groceries there. So, in our opinion, it’s the perfect chance to start a healthier lifestyle. Now, you tell us, does moving to Philly sound like everything you’ve ever wanted?

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