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Moving to Rhode Island from Brooklyn

Rhode Island is one of the most frequently underrated states around. To an extent, natives of this state don’t really care. However, I take it upon myself to raise the awareness of this glorious place. Yes, Rhode Island is amazing, and moving to Rhode Island could be one of the best decisions you ever made.But, before you decide about moving to Rhode Island, there are a few things you need to know about the place. And once you do, then you can make a decision as to whether you should move or not.

Moving to Rhode Island may as well be one of the coolest things you ever did.
Rhode Island is an amazing place to live in.

On the other hand, if you are already set on moving to Rhode Island – at least you’ll know what is coming! Either way, you’re in for a treat, I promise!

Size isn’t Everything…

Rhode Island is tiny. It is spread across a small surface that includes 1214 square miles, total! This is tiny! There are, however, some huge cities despite the small acreage that is Rhode Island. A city that you are hopefully moving to, or that you at least have to visit, is the city of Providence. This gorgeous place is covered with all sorts of nightlife events, considering that it is a metro area with almost 2 million people.

Introducing – Awful Awful

Ha, this is as fun as it sounds. One of the trademarks of Rhode Island, and something you will have to experience. In the city of Newport, you should be placing Newport Creamery into your GPS. You will not regret this! This place will be home to Awful Awful, an iced drink that will be awfully delicious and awfully addictive. You’ll never have enough of it. It’s a trademark of the state, this unique blend of flavoring, milk and secret ingredients.

Moving to Rhode Island Requires some Serious Snow Gear

In comparison to Brooklyn, Rhode Island is the South Pole, in the winter. The summers are, in the lack of better words, perfect. And I mean perfect. However, winters are as bad as they come. You will definitely need some extensive gear to survive. Seriously, there might be times where your car will be buried in snow for a week or more. And this can happen in a matter of minutes when the snow storm strikes.

Moving to Rhode Island will have you frequently see your car covered in snow during the winter time.
Finding your car covered in snow? Welcome to Rhode Island winters.

Since you’re new, take this as a fair warning. You really don’t wish to be the person that has no appropriate apparel when the first cold night strikes. Regarding this you need to remember: The winter is coming (no pun intended).

You Will Always Know Your Area Code

This one will be short and sweet. Rhode Island area code is 401, period. It’s 401 for the entire state and you will never have to second guess it. If only more states followed this glorious example…

People Deem Certain Licence Plates as Treasure

This is a fun fact. If you ever see a license plate that is black with low numbers, you’re looking at pure gold! People value them so highly that in some cases they are passed down in wills. They are a rare sight to behold.

Usually, such plates symbolize wealth and prestige, and they are definitely a status symbol. More often than rare is such a plate worth more than the car it is attached to!

Moving to Rhode Island – The Move

A little digression from the fun stuff. Moving is no joke. And a move from Brooklyn to Rhode Island will require certain preparations. First, you need to plan your move ahead of time. Don’t do last minute moving. Make sure that the move is not scheduled on a Monday or a Friday. These days are infamous for heavy traffic, and you don’t wish your truck to be stuck in traffic for the entire afternoon.

One of the best shots of the State House in Rhode Island.
Rhode Island has plenty of sights to be seen.

Second, you need to find appropriate local movers Brooklyn. Finding the right professionals to take care of the job is essential! Try to snatch a few different quotes from a few different companies, and pick the best one for yourself. Furthermore, aside from moving services, you might need packing services. And ultimately, if it is going to be a heavy move or one that will be delayed by the weather, make sure you are prepared with moving and storage Brooklyn movers.

Never Call Johnnycakes Pancakes

If you wish to move to Rhode Island and become a local, you must never mix the two. Johnnycakes are not pancakes! Johnnycakes are made from cornmeal gruel, and this is a crucial difference. They might look the same, but they most definitely don’t taste the same.

You Will Learn that Rhode Island is one of the most Underrated States you can Find

Rhode Island is tiny, there will be no arguing with that. But the mere size of it doesn’t deny the fact that it has a gargantuan personality. The coastline here is unmatched. Furthermore, the seafood you can find here is unparalleled, you will never taste anything like it. Additionally, Rhode Island natives are an absolute breath of fresh air on the East Coast.  They are all quite unique and refreshing. People in this state rarely complain about stuff. In other words, moving to Rhode Island is a smart decision, and it won’t even be a full week before you absolutely fall in love with the place. In other words, after that, there is no going back.



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