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The Benefits of Living in Williamsburg


If you are considering moving to Brooklyn, Williamsburg is a great choice. What’s more, Williamsburg is the neighborhood that people most often choose when they decide to settle in Brooklyn, NY. Warehouse-filled was once an industrial area, nowadays, Williamsburg has come a long way since. It now has a thriving arts and music scene, stellar restaurants, and overall interesting shopping options. Moving, be it interstate or local, can be a real pain. But if you choose the right movers in Brooklyn, it can be much easier. What makes Brooklyn’s neighborhoods different from each other? Start with the people who live all over this borough and go on to the uniqueness of each part of Brooklyn. Today, we cover the benefits of living in Williamsburg.

Essential Guidelines for Newcomers

Although you will find that everyone has an opinion on the benefits of living in Williamsburg, when it comes to true cultural heritage, that’s not the case. Those who live there prefer not to overthink it. Instead, you’ll find a refreshingly carefree community. The general motto is “do your own thing” – and enjoy yourself while you do that. And as long-time Brooklyn residents, U.Santini professional movers couldn’t agree more. Families, young professionals, artists, recent graduates, all, and more call Williamsburg home. Many of them moved to Kings County from every corner of the United States. If you plan on living in Williamsburg, below are a few things that you should understand before, during, and after your move.

Learn what moving to Williamsburg can do for you and your development in Brooklyn.
Living in Williamsburg is a move in the right direction for all young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Williamsburg Does Not Accommodate Stereotypes

There are many benefits of living in Williamsburg, and diversity is one of them. And Brooklyn celebrates its diversity, probably more than most places in the US. And so do all the parts of it, but Williamsburg in particular. Brooklyn used to have a bad reputation as one of the more dangerous boroughs of New York. Today, you will find that things have significantly changed. Nowadays, Williamsburg, in particular, is home to incredible diversity and is ideal for both families and young entrepreneurs and innovators. Those new to Williamsburg will find it vibrant and peaceful while at the same time exciting and family-oriented. But more than anything, you will find that it does not have room for stereotypes and bigots. If this is alluring to you, you should consider hiring local Brooklyn movers to relocate.

  • Population Density: Williamsburg has a population density of 38,280 people per square mile, which is significantly higher than New York City’s average of 27,889
  • Ethnic Diversity: The racial composition includes 67% White, 29% Hispanic, 8% Black, and 7% Asian residents. This mix showcases the neighborhood’s vibrant multicultural environment
  • Language Diversity: Over 50% of Williamsburg residents speak a language other than English at home, which is more than 1.5 times the rate in New York City as a whole

Williamsburg is Family-Friendly

One of the benefits of living in Williamsburg is that here, there are great parks and miles of sidewalks, window shopping, and holiday festivals in the winter. It’s fun to simply walk around the area to experience that overall sense of community. And as such, renting a home in Williamsburg is a great solution for young families. However, you should bear in mind that the neighborhood itself is quite lively with its music and art scenes. So, if you are looking for a quieter and more secluded living arrangement, perhaps you should re-think your decision to move to Williamsburg. Still, Williamsburg is a fairly large neighborhood. There are plenty of areas where you can find peace. Especially farther east towards East Williamsburg or north towards Greenpoint.

  • Parks and Green Spaces: Williamsburg boasts several parks ideal for family outings. Marsha P. Johnson Park and Bushwick Inlet Park provide ample green space and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, perfect for leisurely walks and picnics.
  • Educational and Recreational Activities: The Brooklyn Public Library hosts regular family-friendly events, including storytime sessions, arts and crafts, and educational workshops. These activities help nurture children’s creativity and love for learning.
  • Sports Facilities: Prospect Park, while not in Williamsburg, is easily accessible and offers extensive sports facilities such as baseball fields, tennis courts, and basketball courts. Brooklyn Boulders Climbing Gym also provides an exciting and safe environment for kids to engage in climbing activities.
  • Cultural Events: Williamsburg hosts various seasonal festivals and holiday events that cater to families. The Celebrate Brooklyn! festival and the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are notable examples, featuring performances, cultural activities, and interactive games for kids.
  • Family-Friendly Restaurants and Markets: The neighborhood is home to family-friendly dining options and markets like Smorgasburg, which offers a wide range of food choices in an outdoor setting. Restaurants such as Radegast Hall & Biergarten provide a lively atmosphere with options suitable for both adults and children.
No matter what you are interested in or in need of, moving to Williamsburg is a smart choice.
Each Brooklyn Neighborhood Has Its Charm, and Williamsburg is No Exception

Williamsburg is a Utopia for Young Professionals and Thriving Entrepreneurs

Williamsburg has become a salvation for up-and-coming professionals, artists, writers, and young entrepreneurs. Many Brooklyn neighborhoods are driven by the energy and talent of young professionals. One of the benefits of living in Williamsburg is that here, you will find start-ups and young companies on any corner, which is great for your career development. Since they are often looking to fill jobs with fresh-thinking professionals. In addition, expenses are much lower in Brooklyn than in Manhattan, making it ideal for those beginning their careers. If you plan to relocate to Brooklyn alone,  you can do it. But we highly suggest seeking the help of an expert moving company. You are not going to want to (or be physically able to) move your furniture alone down and up who knows how many stairs.

  • Vibrant Professional Community: Williamsburg is a hub for young professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs. The neighborhood is known for its diverse crowd mingling over craft beers and artisanal pizza. Many startups and young companies operate here, providing ample career development opportunities for fresh-thinking professionals.
  • Transportation: The Bedford Avenue L train station in Williamsburg offers excellent connectivity, making commuting to Manhattan and other parts of the city convenient for residents.
  • Cultural and Social Scene: The neighborhood is famous for its nightlife, with numerous bars, clubs, and music venues. Notable spots include the Brooklyn Brewery and Radegast Hall & Biergarten, which offer a lively atmosphere perfect for networking and socializing.
  • Co-Working Spaces and Startups: Williamsburg hosts many co-working spaces and is home to a vibrant startup ecosystem. This environment fosters collaboration and innovation among young professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Recreational Activities: Williamsburg offers a variety of recreational options, including parks like Bushwick Inlet Park and Marsha P. Johnson Park. These spaces are perfect for relaxation and outdoor activities.
  • Community Vibe: The area maintains a strong sense of community, which is appealing to young professionals looking for a supportive and dynamic environment. The neighborhood’s mix of trendy and traditional elements creates a unique living experience.
meeting about the benefits of living in Williamsburg
Looks like young professionals especially appreciate the benefits of living in Williamsburg

Williamsburg Can Accommodate Various Budgets

One of the benefits of living in Williamsburg is that it is a lot less expensive than Manhattan. From entertainment to rent, living in Brooklyn is, well, more livable. Although a four-bedroom brownstone in Williamsburg is not defined as cheap, it is less expensive than a four-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side. Besides that, it is much easier to find cheap Brooklyn movers than in Manhattan. You can certainly save a lot of money if you move to Williamsburg.

For young families, finding a brownstone in Williamsburg may be even more financially practical. Likewise, if young professionals want to find studio apartments within their budget, a studio in Greenpoint is an excellent alternative. Williamsburg also enjoys a somewhat hyper-local economy, which helps to cut costs for everyday living expenses. To ensure patronage and consistent business, many mom-and-pop stores compete with reasonable prices.

  • Housing Costs: While Williamsburg isn’t the cheapest neighborhood, it’s still less expensive than Manhattan. The average monthly rent in Williamsburg is around $2,163, which is more affordable compared to many Manhattan neighborhoods where rents can exceed $4,000.
  • Cost of Living: Overall, the cost of living in Williamsburg is 95% higher than the New York average and 128% higher than the national average. However, it is still more budget-friendly compared to many parts of Manhattan​ (AreaVibes)​.
  • Utilities and Essentials: Monthly utilities in Brooklyn, including energy and telecommunications, average around $244.56. Everyday essentials like groceries and healthcare are also relatively affordable. For example, a gallon of milk costs about $4.86, and a visit to the optometrist averages $89.34.
  • Local Economy and Services: The neighborhood’s hyper-local economy, with many mom-and-pop stores, helps keep everyday living expenses reasonable. This competitive environment means residents can enjoy affordable goods and services.
Moving to Williamsburg? Your budget will fit right in.
You don’t need to stress over budget

You Don’t Have to Own a Car When Living in Williamsburg

It is by no means necessary to own a car in Brooklyn, but you can if you choose to. Although many residents do own vehicles because parking on the street can be expensive. Many residents use the subway system, and Williamsburg is incredibly walkable, especially within your specific neighborhood. This is one of the benefits of living in Williamsburg. In addition, people are turning to economical and efficient car-sharing businesses, such as Zipcar. If you plan on getting rid of your car when you move, then it is important to find a Williamsburg relocation company that provides adequate storage in Brooklyn. Some Brooklyn moving companies also offer full-service moving assistance, which is great if you are moving alone.

  • Public Transportation: Williamsburg is well-served by the subway system, making it easy to get around without a car. The Bedford Avenue L train station provides quick access to Manhattan and other parts of Brooklyn. This connectivity reduces the need for personal vehicles.
  • Walkability: Williamsburg is known for being highly walkable. Most daily necessities, such as grocery stores, cafes, and shops, are within walking distance. This walkability is a significant benefit for residents who prefer not to drive.
  • Bike-Friendly: The neighborhood is also bike-friendly, with numerous bike lanes and paths. This makes cycling a viable and popular mode of transportation for many residents.
  • Car-Sharing Services: For those who occasionally need a car, services like Zipcar offer convenient and economical alternatives. These services allow residents to access vehicles when needed without the hassle and expense of ownership.
  • Parking Costs: Owning a car can be expensive due to high parking costs. Street parking is limited and can be costly, making car ownership less attractive for many residents.
  • Storage Solutions: If you decide to get rid of your car, some Brooklyn residential movers offer storage solutions. These companies can provide storage for your belongings and offer full-service moving assistance, which is beneficial if you’re moving alone.
Brooklyn traffic
You are better off without a car in Williamsburg

Williamsburg Offers Well-Needed Open Spaces

Unlike many areas in New York City, the Williamsburg neighborhood has plenty of parks where you can get some fresh air. From playing soccer to jogging or biking – McCarren Park in Williamsburg offers space—a luxury that is hard to place a price tag on. There’s an abundant number of parks, which is also one of the benefits of living in Williamsburg. As a perk, many free concerts and movies are hosted there in the summer. And this is something unthinkable for Manhattan. That is why many nature lovers like to move to Williamsburg. They will be happy to spend their free time outside enjoying a lot of fun activities. While an exciting and busy part of the city of New York is a step away from them.

  • McCarren Park: This park is one of the largest in Williamsburg, offering plenty of space for various outdoor activities such as soccer, jogging, and biking. It provides a rare luxury of open space in the dense urban environment of New York City.
  • Abundance of Parks: Williamsburg is home to several parks, providing residents with ample opportunities to enjoy fresh air and outdoor activities. Besides McCarren Park, other notable parks include Bushwick Inlet Park and Marsha P. Johnson State Park, both of which offer beautiful views and recreational facilities.
  • Summer Activities: During the summer, these parks host numerous free concerts and movie screenings, enhancing the community experience. These events attract many residents and visitors, making Williamsburg a vibrant place to live during the warmer months.
  • Nature Lover’s Paradise: The availability of green spaces and outdoor activities makes Williamsburg particularly attractive to nature lovers. The neighborhood’s parks provide a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing residents to enjoy nature without leaving the city.
  • Proximity to Urban Amenities: While offering plenty of open spaces, Williamsburg is still just a step away from the exciting and busy parts of New York City. This proximity allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds: the serenity of nature and the vibrancy of urban life.
happy people sitting together outside and smiling while enjoying the benefits of living in Williamsburg
The sense of community in Williamsburg is quite pronounced.

There is Something for Everyone in Williamsburg

Brooklyn is very distinct and diverse. And residents typically live in neighborhoods that suit their personality, home life, interests, and budgets. For young entrepreneurs, Williamsburg has long surpassed Manhattan’s East Village as the ideal place for reasonably priced apartments and a wealth of entertainment options. Lately, people have been calling commercial movers in Williamsburg to relocate their companies to Williamsburg.

The Waterfront is One of the Reasons why People Love Williamsburg

When we talk about the benefits of living in Williamsburg, we must also mention this great place on the Waterfront. This is one of the most interesting parts of New York City and a place where many events take place. Here, you will always find some happenings such as Smorgasburg Market, Brooklyn Outdoor Flea Market, and many others. If you want to live near this place, we advise you to start moving as soon as possible.

Food and Drink are Very Important in Williamsburg

What all the residents of Williamsburg would tell you is that food and drink are very important in this area. It is important to know which are good restaurants where you can have a snack or a lunch. But also in which pubs, bars, and cafes you should definitely go. In Williamsburg, there are many restaurants offering different world cuisines, such as Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, American traditional, and many others. It is up to you to try and choose the type you prefer.

On the other hand, you need to know which cafe to stop at for coffee. Because the residents of Williamsburg are starting the day with coffee in their hands. Ask the coffee barista to make your favorite coffee and enjoy the great taste. And if you are a beer lover, you will be happy to hear that beer is quite a favorite here. Residents regularly visit the beer gardens and enjoy craft beer. You will have the opportunity to try beers of various flavors.

  • Diverse Culinary Scene: Williamsburg boasts a wide array of restaurants featuring cuisines from around the world. You can find Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, and traditional American eateries, among others. This variety allows residents to explore different flavors and culinary traditions without leaving the neighborhood.
  • Popular Cafes: Coffee culture is strong in Williamsburg. Residents often start their day with a coffee from local cafes. Spots like Blue Bottle Coffee and Devoción are popular for their expertly brewed coffee and cozy atmospheres.
  • Beer Gardens and Craft Breweries: For beer lovers, Williamsburg is a paradise. The neighborhood is home to several beer gardens and craft breweries, such as Brooklyn Brewery and Radegast Hall & Biergarten. These venues offer a wide selection of craft beers, allowing residents to enjoy different flavors and styles​.
  • Bars and Pubs: The nightlife in Williamsburg is vibrant, with numerous bars and pubs where residents can relax and socialize. Places like The Ides at Wythe Hotel and The Whiskey Brooklyn are well-known for their great drinks and lively atmospheres.
The barista pours a beer showing that nightlife is one of the benefits of living in Williamsburg
Enjoying various flavors of craft beer is one of the benefits of living in Williamsburg

There are Many Benefits of Living in Williamsburg

Are you looking to raise a family, begin a career, or follow your artistic aspirations? Williamsburg is a nurturing, vibrant, and exciting place to live and help you get there. Williamsburg is now a successful community of about 198,000 people. Still, life in Williamsburg can be challenging—like anywhere. However, a little research will show you all the benefits of living in Williamsburg. Soon enough, you will be an NYC resident with your own Williamsburg accent.

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