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Moving while injured – how to do it successfully?

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When you are in the process of moving and you get injured while moving, or maybe you already have some injury from before, there are ways to continue with the moving process. It won’t be easy that’s for sure but moving while injured it is definitely possible depending on how serious the injury is of course. What is a really good side of moving is that you don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to do it at all, because there is a Brooklyn moving service that can do this for you. So, worst comes to worst, when injured keep calm and know that there is a perfect solution.

Moving while injured – DIY way

If you have set your mind to it, and even though you are not feeling well, you want to go through this process of moving on your own there are ways.

back pain
Back pain can cause troubles when moving

Injuries that you may obtain while moving are:

  • Sprayed back
  • Sprayed ankle
  • Broken bone
  • Pulled muscle

These injuries are the most common ones, however, there are those small injuries like little cuts and similar, and then there are those bigger injuries for which you would have to go to a hospital. Sometimes these unfortunate events can delay your moving day and there nothing you can do about it. Except to hire some of the best moving companies Brooklyn, and have you move done in no time while you give yourself time to recover.

How to move while injured

So, so far, we learned that when injured simply hire a moving company. However, sometimes you cannot do so for many reasons. The first reason would be that you more often than not cannot find a good moving company so close to your moving day. Also, you have to have time to prepare everything for finding the right moving company. No good company will be available on such short notice. Unless you are in luck and someone didn’t show for their move just that day. Chances for that happening are slim to none. Also, even if you do find a moving company, in such short notice, it will cost you. So, what can you do if you are in pain and you still need to move? Go to the doctor. No matter how urgent your move is, your health is more important. Moving while injured can get really complicated.

Ask for help

There is an old universal saying. It goes something like this: In trouble, you will know who your real friends are. This has proven right to so many people. When something happens to you and you need help only true friends will be there. Moving while injured means that you get to call your friends and ask them for help. If you have sprayed back there is not much of physical job that you can do, and that is where your friends should step up. So, in case of an injury go to a doctor first and then ask your friends for assistance.

broken fingers
If you have injury make sure someone is there to help you with relocation

How to avoid injury in the first place

So, prevention is the best cure. Give your best not to hurt yourself at all. How can you do that? Well, firstly when you are picking up a heavy box from the grounds, do not bend your back, but instead do a simple squat. In this way, your back will be straight all the time and you won’t spray a muscle. This is a great way of picking up any big or heavy stuff like when you are moving a big chandelier for example. If you have pets, or kids, move them somewhere safe so that they don’t hurt themselves and so that you avoid tripping over them while carrying something. You can obtain a serious injury if you are not careful.

Wear proper clothes when moving while injured

What is important to find a moving company while moving is not only to know how to pick up properly a heavy box, or not to trip over your pet. What is also just as important is to make sure you have dressed properly. People usually wear baggy sweatshirts and if it’s warm flip flops, but this is a huge mistake. You can easily trip, or your baggy clothes can make troubles. Not to mention that you can cut yourself or scratch yourself. Either way, no need for that when you can avoid it. Wear something old but not too baggy and not too tight. Also, make sure not to wear anything with open toes, the best-case scenario would be to wear sneakers with no shoelaces.

woman in the comfortable clothes
Wear comfortable and suitable clothes

Do not walk through the pain

If you have injured yourself do not listen to that tip to walk through the pain. That would be a huge mistake and things can go from bad to worse. So, what you can do is to lay down, and try to stretch the place you have injured. This is only if you have injured your muscles. If you cannot even stretch, then there is no other way then to go and immediately see a doctor. If they give you pain killers and you do feel better afterward do not push it. Take your time and do little by little. Everything that you don’t have to pick up, don’t simply push it. Of course, when the pain killer wears off, the pain can be even worse than in the first place. So, pick your battles.

Moving while injured is really hard. If you can avoid it then do it. If you simply must move despite your injury then take enough rest, drink a lot of water, and try not to push yourself over the limits. Asking for help is nothing bad and in this type of situation, it is the best decision to make.

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