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How the times goes by, more people are moving to Brooklyn. Once, this part of New York City was very infamous and everyone wanted to live in Manhattan. But now, life there is really noisy and crowded. And Brooklyn is starting to be more and more popular. One of the neighborhoods that are closest to Manhattan is Lefferts Garden. So, you can move to Brooklyn and reach Manhattan in no time. We are gonna help you to hire movers Lefferts Gardens and start your new peaceful life today!

Lefferts Gardens location

Lefferts Gardens is located right next to Prospect Park, and you can run or maybe take a walk in the park. Also, Lefferts Garden is near the Brooklyn Botanical garden and Brooklyn Museum. It is very diverse, and you will get to know Caribbean food and enjoy little cafe’s. This is still an undiscovered part of Brooklyn. It has its own subway station and you can reach Manhattan in no time. It is quiet and safe, people are friendly.

Real estate market is growing since there are a lot of new buildings. Prices are going also up, so you should hurry and move here. There are a lot of movers Lefferts Gardens and you will need to choose carefully. Also, a lot of people are choosing to live here and commute to work since it is much cheaper.

Brooklyn view
Brooklyn view

How to choose movers Lefferts Gardens?

If you decide to move, you need to choose rather carefully who is going to move your things. It might seem easy, you are thinking “I am moving boxes Brooklyn“, but in reality, it is not that easy. It is not just a simple box moving, you need a moving company that can help you with everything. You need to check will they be able to bring your things to the 5th floor even if there is no elevator. Things like that can help you to choose the right moving company.

Preparing for the move

You are probably just relocating from across the town, but it is still relocating. You will have to pack up all your stuff, and there is a good chance that you might need a storage unit. Also, you can ask the moving company can they pack your things for you. It might cost you a little extra, but if you are busy it will save you a lot of time and nerves. You should visit Lefferts Gardens by day and by night and get to know the neighborhood. You can try to use the subway and see how much time do you actually need to work.

Boxes for movers Lefferts Gardens .
Moving boxes

Request boxes from a moving company and secure all of your things. You need to protect them, and if it is easier you can disassemble them for the move. Do not pack boxes that are too heavy, since it will make things just more complicated. Prepare enough packing supplies- tapes, scissors and bubble wrap. You can find those in any hardware store. Labeling your boxes properly will make your life a lot easier, especially when you start unpacking. You can label them by numbers, colors and similar.

Hiring a moving company

It is much easier to hire movers Lefferts Gardens since you can get some useful information from them. They know the neighborhood and all the little gossip, and they can tell you where is the best coffee. When hiring a moving company, don’t just look at the price. The price, in this case, doesn’t mean much, you need to check reviews and visit their office. A good and a professional moving company will be able to provide you with a tailored made offer for you. You can negotiate the price and use the services that you need. Sharing your whole experience can help other people that are thinking about moving.

Moving to Lefferts Gardens

Once you have decided to move, and choose a good moving company from Lefferts Gardens your adventure begins. Moving to Brooklyn actually will be easy if you labeled everything correctly. You can just advise moving crew where to put the boxes. The unpacking process can start, and it will take time. So a good idea would be to pack a box, that will contain all of the things you might need in the first couple of days. Linens, some dishes, clothes, towels and similar things that you need on a daily basis.

First step

Once you have settled in, you should get to know your neighborhood. You can try to meet your neighbors, maybe even throw a housewarming party. It depends are you living in a building or in a house. But one thing that you should know – a lot of investors are coming to Lefferts Gardens. And the building that caused a lot of controversies is the Parkline, right next to the Prospect Park. It is a very sensitive question here since there was a lot of people that were trying to stop that building going up.

Housewarming party in fornt of the building with baloons
Housewarming party

So, when you meet your neighbors, try to avoid this subject in the first conversation. If you are living in the Parkline, one thing is sure it really does have a breathtaking view. There are still a lot of old houses and buildings so if you are into architecture you can enjoy walks around the block. And there is actually annual prospect Lefferts Gardens house and garden tour.

What to do in Lefferts Gardens

There are a lot of interesting things to do in Lefferts Gardens. and one you have said goodbye to movers Lefferts Gardens you can say hello to all the exciting things here.  You can visit LeFrak Center at Lakeside that offers roller skating, biking, boating and a splash pad. You can spend your whole day here and enjoy all the activities. But one thing you need to visit is I.M Pastry Studio. There, you need to try the strawberry shortcake, it is magical and absolutely delightful. And to relax from all the moving fuss, visit The Owl Parlor. They have a unique atmosphere that will help you relax with the soothing sound of jazz music.

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