Pricing Notes

You will hear many terms when it comes to pricing and it can sometimes get quite confusing.

  1. Flat Rate Pricing. While we understand the desire (on both sides) to cap the cost of your move with a price that’s “locked-in” or “firm”, we find that sometimes in the real world, it does not always work out that way. At the end of the move, when you get your bill, you discover that your “flat rate” suddenly includes EXTRA charges you didn’t expect. This can happen for two reasons. The first is legitimate and has occurred because at the time the estimate was originally created, either you or the moving company did not include ALL of the items to be moved. Hence, the “flat” rate has to be adjusted to cover those items that were left out. The second reason is unacceptable and should be disputed. It means that your mover gave you a “low-ball flat rate” price to get the job.
  2. What’s a Binding Contract? Is it really binding? (It would appear the answer to this one is yes.
  3. What is a ”Table of Measurement” (the number of cubic feet in the truck that your possessions occupy) or “A Guaranteed Price? Are these fixed or can they change? (It would appear that if the inventory matches the list, the price can be guaranteed, that is, unless exceptions (like weather, etc.) are written into the contract.

At U. Santini we have spent more than 80 years and 3 generations building a reputation of….Great Service….Reliability…….And, most of all…..TRUST.

We charge you a fair price for the actual time it takes on local moves and the actual items and weight that we move for long distance work.

What could be more fair and honest than that?

What’s more, U.Santini will never charge you to visit your home or office to view your items and provide a non-binding estimate or quote. Call or email us wll in advance of your move to request a visit The document we will give you should not be rearded as either a bid or a contract, but simply our best estimate of the cost of your move. Please understand that In some instances, your actual cost may be less than the estimate. And, In others it may be more. (The rule of thumb is plus or minus 10%.) Your final cost will, of course, be calculated based on the needs of your move and what is actually done. Please note that Federal law requires U. Santini Moving & Storage to collect the charges shown in its tariffs, regardless of what is written in the non-binding estimate.

However, in the final analysis, if a binding estimate or flat rate is what is
required to do your job, we recognize that you are the customer and will be pleased to comply with your wishes.






Or give us a call, we’d love to help you with your moving, packing, or storage needs!