NYC Moves During the Winter

New York winters can bring freezing temperatures along with ice and snow. These conditions make moving more difficult than normal. It is important to take special precautions if you are moving in the winter, whether you are moving yourself or you have hired professional movers in NYC.

Safety is the most important aspect of moving in the winter. Cold weather can cause frostbite and wet conditions can cause slips and falls. There are a few things you can do to make a winter move safer. First, make sure your utilities are turned on in both your new residence and your old residence. Having heat allows you to have a place to go inside and warm up if you get too cold while moving. It is also a good idea to have warm drinks on hand for you and your movers & packers – they will greatly appreciate it.

Remember not to pack your snow shovel. Even if you hire Brooklyn movers, it is your responsibility to keep a path from your residence to the moving truck free of hazards, including ice and snow. Keep a shovel and either sand or salt on hand to melt any patches of ice. Similarly, keep cardboard on hand to lay down on any slippery floors inside. If you are renting a moving truck make sure you feel comfortable driving in icy conditions, drive slowly, and leave plenty of space between yourself and other vehicles.

Besides having more safety risks, moving in the winter can also cause other inconveniences. Wet shoes can track mud and water into a home you have already cleaned. In order to prevent having to clean everything again make sure to lay down cardboard or newspaper to soak up water. Also, delicate items such as dishes can be made more fragile by cold temperatures. You should allow boxes to reach room temperature before you begin to unpack them in order to avoid breaking items.

Moving companies in Brooklyn are used to dealing with cold weather so it may be worth it to look into hiring professional movers during the winter. If you decide to move yourself you should take your time, put safety first, and remember to stay warm.


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