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NYC Moving Costs


When moving a house, you usually start by looking at destinations and dreaming big. This is great! However, there are also people who think in a different way. The first question of any person moving to New York, for whatever reason, is: what are the NYC moving costs? And, we want to keep you informed about this topic and help you through the relocation process. You may decide to move to New York for your education, career, or better opportunities for your family. The reasons are many, but the question is always the same. After all, you will reach the dilemma of the budget sooner or later, right? Hence, as experienced movers, U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn brings you everything you need to know about the costs of moving to NYC and more! Keep reading and get answers to all of your questions.

First of all, where does our knowledge come from?

U.Santini is a family business, like numerous moving companies. We have been working as movers in Brooklyn for several decades, passing knowledge from generation to generation. As Brooklyn local movers we can give you information about the cost of moving in NYC you should be aware of when relocating less than 10 miles away. On the other hand, we have also been one of the best long-distance relocation companies in Brooklyn.

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Find out what are NYC moving costs

We have helped numerous homeowners relocate and have given quotes to even more people. So, this makes us uniquely qualified to tell you about the different methods of estimates and how various parameters can influence the final quote. In the end, even when you’re moving an office, as business movers NYC, we will still be able to give you more than enough information about the NYC moving costs. You won’t have to look any further, because here is everything you need to know.

Then, we want to take a look at all the things which influence NYC moving costs

Booking a relocation is an easy thing. Simply call for an in-house estimate for an accurate quote. However, if you think that an estimate is too low or too high, you may want to examine a breakdown. This is where knowing about different parameters which influence moving costs in NYC comes into play. So, before you call movers New York, there are some things you should always keep in mind. You need to know how moving companies calculate their estimates. Also, you may want to include additional services.

NYC during night
Avoid relocating during the busiest months and days

Most NY moving companies calculate their estimates based on the weight and volume

Why is the first Brooklyn moving tip any moving blog gives you to purge before a relocation? Well, it’s because of this common practice. In most cases, movers will base the price of the relocation on how much stuff you are relocating. Usually, they will take in the number and sizes of your boxes and then go from there. If you’re booking Brooklyn packing and unpacking services, too, they may simply measure your belongings.

Of course, if you have any odd-sized items, they may raise the price here. Consider if you will need special moving services Brooklyn for them. For example, fine arts movers or a company specialized in piano relocation in NYC. That way, if you say what you need before relocation, it can help you decide what to do. First of all, you won’t be surprised by the price later. Secondly, if you combine two or more services, you may get a certain discount. So, assess your moving needs well, and call the right movers.

Think about storage

Our tip is to purge, purge and then purge some more. Even if you’ve started the preparations for your move late, decluttering is essential. It will help you bring your moving costs down by removing unnecessary items. Another suggestion we have is to consider if you will need storage companies NYC. If you’ve got any sentimental belongings you aren’t sure you will need in your new apartment, it’s better to store them than to miss them later. In addition to that, it is always advisable to keep your antiques in storage. Or even seasonal clothes that will only take up space in your new home. Having fewer items can lower moving costs considerably. So, calculate the price of a depository unit into your moving costs in NYC. This may just prove to be a better deal than when buying them separately.

Tops of buildings in NYC
The distance influences the moving cost

The next parameter to influence the price of your NYC relocation will be the distance

As always, moving long-distance in Brooklyn is more expensive. The NYC moving costs can vary depending on the mileage. The American Moving and Storage Association has calculated the average interstate relocation for a household to be at about $4,300. However, even with this information, distance isn’t a factor that you can influence. When moving costs are concerned, this is a completely fixed variable that depends only on the moving company. So, the best thing you can do in this case is to know the price and start planning your budget. Don’t forget to add some additional unplanned costs. There shouldn’t be plenty of them. Nevertheless, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The quote for your Brooklyn move will also be influenced by additional services

If you’re short on time, your movers can help you make your relocation a breeze with these services. Though, while additional moving services are great in a pinch, they will also raise your moving costs. So, which are the services we’re talking about? Your Brooklyn movers will offer:

  • Packing and unpacking services to help you relocate without stress.
  • Packing supplies that may raise your moving costs, but for a good reason.
  • Special moving services – fine arts moving, piano relocation, pool table moving, etc.
  • Storage with a moving company.

Our tip is to book what you need, and nothing more. These services won’t fall under the original quote with most movers. However, be sure to ask if you’re being charged for any of them. While some of them may be unnecessary if you’ve got enough time, there are others that can save you additional costs later on. For example, moving a piano DIY isn’t an easy job. Instead of risking damage, we would always suggest hiring reliable piano movers in Brooklyn for it. On the other hand, as we have already said, some movers can give you a discount if you hire two or more services. Of course, there is no need to get storage if you won’t use it. But, if you are running out of time, packing services are necessary.

And then, the access you provide your movers will influence NYC moving costs

Moving costs are always influenced by the available access. If your movers can’t park close to your residence and need to walk with your boxes to load the van, it will cost more. Any stairs will also influence moving costs. If you’ve got a small doorway or a narrow hallway, it’s another jump in the price of your relocation. Also, an elevator usually influences the costs of relocation. So, let’s consider your location for a moment, shall we? You live in New York, most likely in an apartment building. Hence, it’s time to measure your furniture and see what will or won’t fit down the stairs or in an elevator. This way, you will be prepared for the NYC moving estimate you’ll get. 

Also, if there is an elevator in your building, pay attention to it. Does it always work? If it tends to break down often, make sure you contact someone. Explain to the keeper that the elevator must work that day. Apart from that, warn your movers that there might be some delays in case this situation happens.

Pay attention to every detail

Our tip is to influence the access as much as you can to lower moving costs in NYC. If you can arrange for the van to come as close as your building on moving day, do so. It will be a great way to lower your NY moving estimate. It’s also a good idea to see if you have any items which won’t pass through doorways. For example, plenty of movers will charge you if they need to bring down a wall or a doorway. In most cases, this is because of a piano or a large piece of furniture. Measure beforehand, and, if necessary, take up a bit of demolition work yourself.

A couple packing their belongings
Pay attention to every detail

The same goes for your new home. See if all the things from your old apartment can fit into the new one. If the movers don’t manage to push that bulky sofa through your door, it will cause delays. And if there are any delays, you are the one who pays for them. So, think about every detail when it comes to moving costs in NYC because every act of carelessness can cost you more than you expected.

But, this isn’t the only way to calculate a moving quote in NYC

Sure enough, there are relocation companies that won’t use weight as a way to calculate your quote. The alternative options are charging an hourly rate or calculating the moving costs per person or truck. These prices usually vary depending on the type of move you will be conducting. If you’re relocating a studio locally in Brooklyn, it won’t be too expensive. Perhaps your moving costs in NYC will amount to about $150-$250. And, if you’re moving this same studio across the country, you may be charged about $1500 or more.

However, let us remind you that these are loose estimates based on different situations. In our company, we like to say that each move is different. So, the most important thing is to contact the moving company. When they know the type of your relocation, things you are moving to, places and distance, they can tell you the price made especially for you. Most companies do free assessments. So, take that opportunity. With a price in mind, however, you can calculate your relocation budget and be ready for the New York moving costs.

A woman packing a box
DIY relocation isn’t always cheaper

Is it true that moving costs in NYC are lower when you’re doing a DIY job?

A common belief among homeowners is that they will save money on a DIY job. Will they? That always depends on the move. Often, by the time you’ve rented the truck, bought the supplies, and started paying for fuel you’ve gone over what you would’ve paid for good movers. So, how should you decide what to do? Well, we will give you a few reasons why hiring a moving company in Brooklyn is a better idea:

  • A good moving company in Brooklyn will help you get an affordable quote for your relocation
  • Packing and unpacking services from your movers can help you ease the stress of relocation
  • Insurance which your movers provide is a certain thing
  • A good moving company will watch out for your belongings and make sure that you don’t need to claim a refund
  • With affordable movers in the Big Apple, NYC moving costs will be lower than those of a DIY job

Is there a way to lower your moving costs in NYC?

Yes! We’ve already mentioned a couple of tips which you can pay attention to lower the moving costs. If you follow these steps, you will know the costs, how to plan, and what to do to start lowering the relocation costs. Though, there are still a few more ways that you can use in order to cleverly ease the strain on your budget. Here’s what your local Brooklyn movers suggest…

A hand holding coins
There are some ways to lower moving costs in NYC

Be clever about the way you schedule your relocation

If you’re moving in the summer, you will likely be hit with the high costs of moving in NYC. Why? This is the peak season for moving. It usually starts in April and will ends with the first rain. Most homeowners decide to move house when it’s sunny outside and it’s easy to carry the moving boxes to the van. Naturally, the prices of relocation will go up. If you’re looking to avoid these unnecessary high moving costs, consider moving in the winter.

Another tip which we have for you regarding booking your move is to pick the day of the week with great care. Plenty of moves are conducted on Friday and the weekend. This allows for movers to inflate the prices of their services at these times. If you’re looking to lower the Brooklyn moving costs, this is a good first step.

Finally, remember to be flexible and book in advance. Just like with plane tickets, moves will be more expensive the closer they are. Hence, instead of booking a relocation a week away, think a few months in advance. It will help you lower the moving costs. And, let’s not even mention the fact that you will be able to prepare for the move accordingly?

Find affordable Brooklyn movers to get a good estimate for your relocation

New York City is a place where numerous scams happen. But, more than often, a cheap moving quote isn’t fraudulent. Of course, if a price is extremely lower than when it comes to other companies, it may suggest that something is not right. However, if the prices are cheap but similar, then probably nothing is wrong. You can always check if the company has insurance and if they are reliable by reading comments and through customer service.

With NYC being one of the most popular destinations for ex-pats all across the world, there are numerous cheap NY moving companies competing for moving jobs. Hence, you will likely be able to find one which will give you an affordable estimate for your relocation. Remember, as we already said-take free assessments as your advantage.

A couple looking for moving companies on the Internet
Find affordable moving companies and check the estimates

Our tip is to haggle. Movers are sometimes open to discussing the quote with you. If you’re booking packing services or storage with them, always barter for a better price. Finally, remember to check out your movers. While having an affordable quote is possible, there is such a thing as ‘too good to be true. If you think that a quote may be too low, you should carefully check out the moving company giving it.

Finally, bring only what you need and nothing more

The infamous Jungle Book’s Bare Necessities should be playing as a theme song with every moving preparation in our opinion. Not only is it a timeless classic with an upbeat tune, but it also reminds you how to prepare for your relocation. New York City moving costs, as we’ve mentioned, usually depend greatly on what you’re relocating. If you know the rules of packing for a move, you won’t be looking at an expensive quote. So, before you dive headfirst into minimalism, here’s what we give you as a parting piece of advice on NYC moving costs: don’t start with one. Having a number of quotes presented to you will help you easily pick the best option for your relocation. And, in the end, if you can’t decide, pick quality over price.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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