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Piano Movers Brooklyn

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From time to time in life, there comes a certain point when you need to relocate your piano. And, we all know how that goes: with plenty of headache and worrying. After all, a piano is a sentimental, expensive and overall valuable object. It’s necessary that it’s relocated with care and expertise. We hope that by the end of this article you’ll realize that the piano movers Brooklyn you’ve been looking for is our company: U.Santini Moving and Storage. The first thing we wanted to tell you about is how to, in fact, find a good and reliable moving company for the job…

When you’re hiring a piano moving company in Brooklyn, you should do your homework first

Finding good piano movers Brooklyn is quite similar to finding a good company for your relocation in general. So, what does that mean for a homeowner? First of all, it means that you’ll have to do some Googling. Also, you will have a list. Or three. Altogether, you’ll definitely have one too many papers when picking the ideal moving company to relocate your piano. So, here are the basics:

  • If you’re looking for the best piano movers Brooklyn, it’s important to consider a few companies. Similarly to searching for a good spot to buy food. You aren’t likely to find it on the first try. Though, with moving a piano, it can be a fatal mistake. With a restaurant or food stall, you’ll have the chance to experiment and try again. Your piano being damaged is a once in a lifetime, expensive mistake. Hence, it’s necessary to do a bit of thorough research of the piano movers in Brooklyn you’re considering. Start with a list of five possible companies and further narrow it down.
  • Searching for a good piano moving company means looking at credentials and experience. Remember that every relocation company needs to have insurance and a license. If they don’t, they shouldn’t be on your list. Further, it’s always good if the piano movers Brooklyn you’re picking have plenty of experience. Most relocations businesses are, after all, a family trade. If you look at our company to be precise, we have over eighty years of experience.
  • Finally, keep an eye out for any fraudulent moving companies which will offer to relocate you piano in NYC. Unfortunately, moving scams are frequent. Knowing how to tell apart if a cheap moving company in Brooklyn is scamming you is essential.
Hire professionals, don't try relocating a piano on your own
Relocating a piano is a difficult task, hire professionals to help you

When looking for piano movers Brooklyn you should be informed about the different services your instrument requires

There are a few types of pianos. Depending on which instrument you’ve got you will need a specific service for removal. Hence, it’s essential that you learn how the movers should relocate your piano. So, we figured that as one of the more competitive Brooklyn piano movers we’d give you a quick breakdown.

If you’ve got a studio upright piano, here’s what you need to know about relocating it

This is one of the most popular types of pianos in New York. Why? Simply, it’s the smallest full-size piano you can get. A wonderful instrument that can be held in both a small and a big apartment. Hence, it is quite the desired item among homeowners. Though, it usually weighs between 300 and 400 pounds. If you’re aiming to calculate the moving costs in Brooklyn yourself, you should know that it will take at least two people to relocate a studio upright piano. It isn’t too difficult to get into an elevator or down the stairs. Though, it will still require a skilled NYC piano moving company. As for the price, below $180 is definitely a scam. And, if the piano movers in Brooklyn are offering over $320, they’re likely ripping you off.

And in case you’re hiring Brooklyn piano movers for a standard upright piano, you should know this

This is the kind of instrument you aren’t likely to find in the very center of New York. It’s a large piano, often called the ‘older brother’ of the studio piano. When moving an instrument such as this, there may even be a need to remove a door. After all, a standard upright piano can be up to 4 feet tall. Hence, it’s only natural that you will need several people in order to relocate it. And, in case you’re curious about the pricing, it will definitely range from low $200 to above $300. If you’ve got an apartment on the fifth floor with no elevator, prepare for this Brooklyn moving quote to rise, though.

Move your piano safely, hire Brooklyn piano movers
Brooklyn piano movers will take care of moving your piano safely

A player upright piano is a whole different matter for piano movers Brooklyn you’re going to hire, too

Now, this is a true antique. If you’ve got one of these, moving will definitely not be easy. It is a large, heavy instrument that will require more than several workers to relocate. Of course, this fact will impact the price of the move, as well. Expect the costs to be between $200 and $350, if you’re lucky. Let’s not even mention how heavy the player upright is. It is usually heavier than the standard upright, which can reach up to 800 pounds.

When planning to move house in Brooklyn with a baby grand piano, you should be prepared

Another ideal instrument for a pianist in NYC is the baby grand. And, while it may be smaller than the full-size piano, its shape is peculiar. Hence, it’s on the list of more difficult things to relocate for moving companies in Brooklyn. If your plan is to move house with an instrument like this, you should be prepared to take down a wall or two in order to safely transport it. After all, the baby grand is sometimes either too tall or too wide for doorways. Hence, for this maneuver, we’d advise a budget between $250 and $400. You also may need to find quality and cheap storage in New York for this piano before moving in. After all, it’s a large and precious item that could be damaged during the final touchups of your new home.

And finally, when hiring piano movers Brooklyn to transport your parlor or studio grand pianos, you should be aware of a few things

We’re going to list these two pianos together as they have rather similar properties for the moving industry. As you already know studio grand pianos are large instruments and they’re likely to remain in a single professional studio their whole ‘life’. But, there is sometimes an occasion when you need to relocate them. Any respectable Brooklyn piano moving company will offer between $250 and $420 for this service. Though, it will require more than a few men. As for a parlor grand piano, expect even more work. This is a behemoth of an instrument. Hence, moving t to a new home is both a challenge and a costly affair.  It will require a budget of $420 and more than just a few workers. If you’re going to be using moving services Brooklyn for this, be sure to tell them the type of piano in advance. Some companies may not be equipped for this job.

Piano moving cost
What is the cost of moving a piano?

And now, you may find yourself wondering if you need Brooklyn piano movers at all…

The usual question with a job like relocating a piano is: will it be cheaper DIY? Moving to New York is never a cheap affair. So, how should a homeowner choose what to do? We’ve discussed these topics on our blog extensively already. If you’re moving long distance or have plenty of fragile items, it’s always best to have professionals help you out. So, this is what we would suggest with relocating a piano, as well.

Moving a piano isn’t an easy job. These are large, heavy instruments or extreme sentimental and monetary value. So, it’s only natural that you should look for professional piano movers Brooklyn rather than gathering your friends. Though, if you do decide to go with the DIY option, we wanted to tell you a bit about what you will need to relocate the instrument. Here is the list of necessities:

  • You will need some tape first
  • Work gloves are necessary when relocating a piano
  • Plastic wrap or cloth is often suggested by piano movers Brooklyn, too
  • Every relocation of a piano requires a heavy duty dolly
  • Dolly straps are also a required item when relocating a piano
  • If you’re moving your piano DIY you’ll need a weight lifting straps
  • You also may need a van ramp
  • When you’re moving a piano you could also use a few cardboard pads
  • Depending on the type of piano you will need four or more people

In case you’ve decided that investing in these supplies is more affordable than hiring Brooklyn piano movers, we’d advise you to re-think. Though in case furniture movers in Brooklyn aren’t your cup of tea, we suggest caution. You should wrap your piano securely before you relocate it. Also, take care when moving it, as it can easily be damaged.

Finally, we want to tell you what will impact the estimate you get from your piano movers Brooklyn

As we’ve already mentioned, calculating a moving budget in Brooklyn isn’t an exact science. You will be able to find relevant information about averages online. From there, you will be able to see if the movers’ estimates are fair. Then, deciding which piano movers Brooklyn to pick won’t be a problem. More than often, though, homeowners wonder how the company will calculate the quote. Regarding piano relocation, we wanted to give you a bit of information about a price breakdown…

First of all, different companies will use different methods

Depending on the NYC piano movers you choose, you will have to check how they charge. There are two most common ways to do this. First, a moving company can bill by the hour. In this case, there is usually a minimum of a three-hour window for the job. Of course, this is for local relocation. The other option includes different variables.

If there are a number of factors influencing the costs, you should know a bit about them

Most piano movers in New York use the method of various factors to decide the cost of relocation. First, they will ask about the type of your piano. As we’ve told you already, the difficulty level changes depending on which instrument you own. It’s only natural that the price of a baby grand and parlor grand differ. Next, the distance you’re moving across is going to be factored in by the piano movers Brooklyn. If you’re relocating locally, expect a lower price. Though, if you’re making a long distance or an international move, it will definitely be expensive.

Is there something movers should know about your particular piano relocation?
Let your movers know if there’s anything important they should know about your piano move

The next item on the checklist is usually the difficulty of the move. Here, the representative will need to measure your piano and your flat a bit. If you’re planning to remove any doors, the movers will factor it into the quote. The company representative will also look for stairs and elevators. Depending on their difficulty, they could influence the price. Any tough terrain or limited space will also affect the costs.

Finally, the moving representative will also need to factor in the service which their company will provide. Depending on the size of the piano, the number of workers could influence your quote, too. Naturally, the heavier the piano, the more personnel you will need for the job. If there is any rough terrain, the representative may increase the number, too. And then, the time which the job will require also influences a quote. In case you’re planning ahead, book your move in advance. This will help lower the price a bit. Any last minute piano relocations will be quite a bit more expensive than they should be. If you have any requirements time-wise, they could also affect the costs. Movers will usually pick the piano up one day and deliver it the following. If you want them to delay the delivery it could cost more. Also, if you have them wait on moving day, it could bring up additional charges.

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