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Piano moving mistakes to avoid

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Brooklyn, as one of New York’s boroughs with the biggest cultural scene expansion, has seen the growth in the number of artists and musicians relocating here to pursue their careers. Those whose choice is playing the piano face certain issues when it comes to transporting this valuable item. There are so many piano moving mistakes to avoid that after you hear about them, you’ll start wondering why in the world have you ever considered doing it alone. However, there are people who’d still prefer doing it alone. Precisely because of these people we have decided to present the valid reasons why they should shake off the idea of doing it.  On the other hand, these tips will also be of use to everyone who is getting ready for this type of moving. So make sure to write down everything that’s relevant to your specific case.

Playing piano
Try avoiding piano moving mistakes as much as you can.

What are piano moving mistakes to avoid?

You could probably guess, based on common sense, what you should pay attention to when relocating these types of things. We’ll just get a bit deeper into the matter to give you a different perspective on the situation. For this time, make sure to always have on your mind the following:

  1. The actual size and weight of the piano
  2. Contacting the real people for the job
  3. Sticking to the schedule
  4. Having the proper moving materials

Pianos are really heavy, but that’s not all…

heavy lifting
It is very difficult to lift a piano and transport it.

Items such as pianos, pool tables, etc., fall under the category of extremely complicated and difficult to move. One of the reasons is their size and how much they weight; not taking this fact into account is one of the first and most important piano moving mistakes to avoid. This is actually not the time to brag about your strength, as moving the piano has nothing to do with it. So, no matter how strong you are, if you have zero knowledge about how to safely transfer the piano, we strongly suggest you not to do it! If we put some numbers on a paper, you’ll learn that an average piano weighs from 400 to 800 lbs. Grand pianos can weight even double than this.

We’ll all agree this is extremely heavy, and that certain measures of precaution should be made. Therefore, instead of making a big mistake of trying to move this thing on your own, why don’t you contact local movers Brooklyn to help you organize your move and transfer the piano safely to the new location?

What’s your piano made of is also important

Number two of piano moving mistakes to avoid is being completely clueless about what’s your piano made of. If you knew this piece of information that would give you a good hint why moving the piano alone is a big mistake. First of all, it takes a lot of hours to make the body of a piano which will later become a decent instrument. Then, the piano consists of numerous valuable parts which makes it so expensive, after all. It’s an absolute imperative to pay a lot of attention to these parts. But, if consider hiring the movers for this job, they already know what to do.


Respect the time

Nothing can jeopardize the execution of any plan and project as violating the time schedule. Since you’re dealing with a very delicate project, making a precise plan is not only useful but also essential. Leaving things for the last moment will bring nothing but being clumsy, impatient and prone to making a lot of mistakes. Your 101 Piano moving mistakes to avoid booklet says that paying attention to details is a must. We suggest you talk with the movers and ask them for professional advice. If it’s going to be easier for you, you can always start planning in advance. This will give you enough time to update the schedule and make the necessary changes. However, make sure to always inform the movers about the changes so that everyone could stay alert!

The use of appropriate moving supplies

We agree that the regular move is much easier to conduct and handle. Although, it does take certain preparation to do that as well, moving the piano is simply a different category. The right materials for moving such a thing are not so difficult to obtain. However, are you sure you know how to use them? Alright, maybe you will find several tutorials online, but this needs practice. Moreover, to become fully prepared to perform the transportation of your piano, you’ll need to spend some time doing it. Again, are you sure you have that time? To cut the struggle, one simple call to piano movers Brooklyn will help you overcome this issue. The equipment your movers provide include:

  • different types moving dollies depending on the type of the piano you have and its weight and size
  • cargo straps for a safer relocation of your piano
  • rubber bands
  • stair roller
  • piano moving covers and blankets
  • piano leg and lyre covers

The list can include even more items. As you can see, there are pieces of equipment that’ll make the relocation of piano much easier.

Ask for price

Definitely not an unimportant thing to mention. It’s normal that all of us tend to spend the least amount of money with any kind of service. Therefore, before the moving day, make sure to ask for a free Brooklyn quote so that you would know how much exactly this move will cost. This will give you a clear vision if your budget can support the move or not.

There you go, it sounds so simple, but we assure you these are just some of piano moving mistakes to avoid. However, with this guidance, you will surely be able to make the right moves. It’s for the piano’s sake!

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