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Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes in storage terms


When you want to store some items you ought to be well informed. Renting storage is a great way to have your items in one place where they will be safe and in good conditions. However, it is not only about finding good storage, but it is also about what kind of boxes you will store your precious items. For storage, there is no need to think about it a lot because there is storage Brooklyn and you are safe from that side. So, for now, let’s talk about plastic bins vs cardboard boxes, what do you think it is better?

Cardboard ready to be put together
Choosing between cardboard boxes and plastic bins should be an easy decision, depending on what you are storing

Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes

When you have to choose and when the situation is plastic bins vs cardboard boxes, then you have to choose based on what will you keep in those boxes. Also, is the storage good enough and temperature controlled? So many questions on which you ought to have answers. So, for now, we will make assumptions. This means that we will talk in general what would be better in the case plastic bins vs cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are very good in practice. However, there is always however, when you need to keep items in cardboard boxes for a longer period of time, then using the cardboard boxes may be a problem. The problem is that cardboard boxes in time can become useless. Almost everything inside them can be affected by mold, high or low temperature, humidity, etc. Of course, it is always important what kind of storage have you chosen. If you got a simple container without any perks such as controlled humidity and similar then cardboard boxes are a no.

A lot of boxes
Cardboard boxes can be tricky for storing, boxes are not very durable

Cons for cardboard boxes

Using cardboard boxes cannot be a good idea for numerous reasons:

  • They can break
  • If they get wet everything that is in them will get wet as well
  • You have to seal them very, very good
  • Along with the boxes you would need tape, which means more money
  • If you tape them and untaped them every time you need something from that box, eventually it will become impossible to tape back
  • If an accident happens in the storage, your cardboard boxes will be first to be ruined and everything in them along with the boxes

Pro cardboard boxes

Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes make you think. Even though there are a lot of con reasons for using cardboard boxes to store items, there are pro reasons as well. One of those reasons is that you can get them for free. Simply go to some large convenience store and ask politely and you will probably get a few of them.

Another great reason to use cardboard boxes is that you can get them as much as you like and simply write on them with a marker and you are all set. So, having those cardboard boxes for storage can be a good thing, but not in the long run. Because they are not really durable and you will have to repack in the new ones, once in a while. Also, keep in mind that some things are forbidden to have in the storage, no matter if its in the cardboard box or a plastic bin.

Con plastic bins

Well, honestly there aren’t many cons reasons for using plastic bins for storage. However, if we have to mention some, then it definitely would be that you cannot find and get them anywhere for free. Also, these plastic bins are more expensive than a cardboard box. When it comes to perishable things, plastic bins are definitely not the way to go, but for a long term storing, plastic bins are definitely something that you should choose for storing.

Pro plastic bins

Plastic bins are definitely more expensive than cardboard boxes. However, in the competition plastic bins vs cardboard boxes, plastic bins may easily lead and eventually win the game. One thing is for sure, if something happens in the storage, your items will most likely be as they were when you first packed them. Plastic bins will not let water in and in this way, everything will be still stored well inside a plastic bin.

It is definitely worth an extra penny. You may even save money by using plastic bins. Another good thing about storing in a plastic bin in storage is that they are very user-friendly. No tape, nothing similar is necessary to close them or to open. Let’s see another pro-reason for plastic bins. Cardboard can be easily infected by insects of all sort, not to mention rodents. This will never happen if you choose a plastic bin.

Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes is a legit question and concern
Plastic bins are the right choice in the long run

It is pretty obvious that when we talk about plastic bins vs cardboard boxes, plastic bins won. At the end of the day, you know what type of storage you will rent. And what are your preferences and reasons for choosing a plastic bin or a cardboard box? In general, if you want your items the same as the day you have packed them, plastic bins are the best solution. Once you make an informed decision about whether you will use cardboard boxes or plastic bins, make sure that for moving service check out best movers Brooklyn so that your move runs smoothly.

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