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Pool table movers Brooklyn

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Moving house seems like an easy plan and execution until you realize that you have a problematic item. In our experience, it is usually a pool table or a piano. And, when homeowners come upon a hurdle of this sort, their first instinct is to fix it DIY. The logic goes something along the lines of: If I do it myself, it won’t be too expensive. However, with pianos and pool tables, this is a bad idea. You are dealing with expensive, precious and extremely heavy items which can easily be damaged. A lending hand of a professional often costs less than the repairs after a mishap. So, here is our introduction as a local moving company in Brooklyn to pool table movers Brooklyn and why you should hire them…

There are movers who specialize in relocating pool tables in Brooklyn and they won’t leave you broke

It costs to hire a broker. It’s expensive to buy a home. You will spend money on the deposit for your new home. It costs to hire movers. It’s another deduction as you’re getting packing supplies. Finally, you will need to tip every worker, too. And then, you also have the living expenses to think of. So, is it worth to hire pool table movers Brooklyn, as well?

We think that it is. As New York is a popular destination for expats, there are plenty of moving companies in the city. They are all competing with each other to give affordable quotes, great service and even better word of mouth recommendations. So, if you’re looking for pool table movers here, you won’t have a shortage of affordable prices. Here is our tip, however. We advise that you consider hiring the same people as both your NY relocation company and pool table movers Brooklyn. This will allow you to bargain for a better deal in the end. However, if you’re moving DIY with some friends, hiring movers is still an option for your billiards table. Plenty of NYC moving companies will offer pool table relocation as a part of their moving services Brooklyn. And, they will be willing to only move your difficult item for a certain, quite affordable, price.

So, since affordable pool table movers Brooklyn exist, how do you find them without too much trouble

If you need recommendations for pool table movers in Brooklyn, try the local billiard spots.
The local billiards spot can give good references.

In our experience, the best way to find a good NYC moving company for your billiards table is by asking for recommendations. While online searches are reliable and will give you plenty of results, this doesn’t guarantee the quality of service which is provided. If you ask your friends, they will give you plenty of details.

Though, since you’re not looking for just any relocation company, but pool table movers Brooklyn, here is another way. Go to the local billiards saloon or a shop which sells equipment and ask them for a recommendation on the moving company. Since billiards is their trade they will definitely be able to give you a few names of reliable pool table movers Brooklyn.

Then, when you have a list of three to five possible companies, check them out thoroughly. Take a look at their online reviews. Take these with a grain of salt, of course. Also, see if the company has proper licensing and insurance. You can do this online without too much trouble by looking up the USDOT number. Finally, call the pool table movers Brooklyn and ask them for an in-house quote. If you’re planning on hiring this company for both the move and billiards table relocation you will want an on-site estimate. These kinds of quotes are the most reliable.

Finally, here’s what you should know about the difference between hiring pool table movers and doing the job yourself

In our experience costs are usually what motivates homeowners to forgo a moving company. But, as we mentioned before, it’s often more expensive to move difficult objects yourself. So, we wanted to tell you a bit about the whole pool table movers Brooklyn vs DIY job dilemma. Here are your options…

You can move your pool table yourself to your new home

Remember to keep every part labeled when moving a pool table DIY in Brooklyn.
When moving your billiards table DIY be sure to keep track of every item.

First, you will probably need to head online and read up in great detail about taking a billiards table apart. We suggest watching videos, as they are usually the most helpful. Then, you will have to first take out the pockets of the table. Next, you should remove the rails and the whole frame. Be careful when doing this, as it can be tricky and you can damage the pool table. After this, you need to take the felt off. It is usually either glued or stapled to the billiards table. If you’re planning to replace it, feel free to rip it off. If not, you might want to be careful not to damage it. Finally, you will be able to unscrew and remove the slates. Now, there are only legs which need to be detached and packed. Here’s a tip if you decide against hiring pool table movers Brooklyn: bags. We suggest that you keep all screws, pockets and other smaller items numbered and in their own bags.

There is an option of hiring Brooklyn pool table movers

If you hire movers to help you with your billiards table, you'll be able to play as soon as you move in.
Pool table movers Brooklyn will set up your table in the right room.

In our Brooklyn moving tips, we always advise hiring professionals for the difficult part. And, moving a pool table definitely qualifies as hard. Hence, think about the benefits. The movers will arrive at your door at a time of your convenience. They will bring their own equipment and packing materials. As the workers are specialized in this, they will be quick in disassembling the pool table safely. The crew will then load the parts into their vehicle and take it to the designated address. But, this isn’t all. Workers will then unload the pool table into its new home. They will also assemble it safely and level the slates properly. In most cases, pool table movers Brooklyn will give you a new felt for your billiards, too. All in all, if you hire NYC professionals for the job, you will be able to play as soon as you move in.

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