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Pros and cons of hiring movers based on reviews


Moving house is stressful and costly. To make it easier, cost-efficient, and less time-consuming, you will hire one of the moving companies NYC. But searching for a moving company can be tricky if you do not know how to do it. If this is your first relocation, you must research quite a bit. The goal is to find movers with enough experience, all the tools, and the right moving service. Of course, the price must match your budget as well. Lastly, your movers must be legit also. Therefore, you will most likely ask someone if they can recommend movers or read moving reviews. So, let us today cover the topic of moving reviews. Is hiring movers based on reviews good or bad? Let’s find out.

Unrealistic expectations are one of the cons when hiring movers based on reviews

Ok, right from the start we must tell you to lower your expectations. You can’t think that you’ll find the best movers in the world after reading a few moving reviews. Yes, reviews will help you get much-needed knowledge about the moving industry and you will learn a lot from previous experiences. Other users post their knowledge and share stories. While some of them take an extra step and explain in detail how their relocation went. It doesn’t matter if the review is positive or negative, you will learn from it. The point is to read as many as you can to figure out how the entire machinery works so you won’t make the same mistakes and, in the process, to find your company.

woman trying to figure out if it is ok to hiring movers based on reviews
The amount of information you’ll read at once can be overwhelming. Try not to stress out too much.

Yes, this process requires reading. We understand that reading requires focus, time, patience, and a strong will. Not many people like to spend hours reading or even reading at all. So, yes, reading reviews is boring but necessary if you want to secure the best local movers Brooklyn for your relocation. Just remember, many users will glorify moving companies. Lower your expectations so you won’t be disappointed later. Be happy just to relocate safely, at a low price, and without any moving mishaps whatsoever.

What kind of reviews are out there?

So far hiring movers based on reviews sounds appealing, right? But before you start reading reviews, you must know about the four basic types of moving reviews. Those are positive, negative, true, and fake reviews. Obviously, there are misleading ones as well and they exist purely to spam you with commercials and banners. But you won’t see those if you have any kind of advertisement blocker installed on your PC. So, the fantastic four are easily recognizable. All four can be fake to boost viewership or to launch a smear campaign against a competitor. Yes, it’s a crazy world out there on the internet. Nevertheless, your job is to recognize and stay away from all of it and narrow it down to two categories. The honest and false review.

What to look for in a review?

Of course, for more experienced customers who know what they are looking for, this task is simple. If you are searching for affordable movers Brooklyn, stick to the task ahead and search companies that offer discounts and lower prices. But for inexperienced people who must find a company but are not sure on how to do it, this is what you must pay attention to. Consider the following:

  • If your moving company is licensed.
  • If they possess all the tools and equipment to operate.
  • They should have enough experience and knowledge related to the moving industry.
  • Safety standards should be in place.
  • If your company had any mishaps or claims made against them in the past.
  • If there are more positive than negative reviews.
two movers getting ready for packing
Make sure your moving company is licensed and able to cover all moving tasks safely. That is all that matters.

Of course, these are only the mandatory requirements. Your search will become more complex when you implement your criteria and preset requisites. But again, if you follow what we listed above, it will be enough to find legit and affordable movers.

Beware of frauds when hiring movers based on reviews

When we say frauds when hiring movers based on reviews it does not mean that there are hidden messages in comments or anything like that. We simply refer to fake reviews that have a single purpose. To glorify a moving company for something they never did or do not have. Comments mentioning years of experience, low prices, excellent service, and more. But as a matter of fact, the company just opened their business a few months ago and they barely have 10 moves on their belt. So, beware of those kinds of frauds. Also, if there are incredibly low prices, you should stay away from that company.

The same goes for the company that has only positive reviews on its website. In most cases those reviews are fake. It doesn’t have to be but it needs double-checking. And the best way to do it is to check the external source. Go on social media and find one of the many moving-related groups and join one. Ask if anyone knows anything about your company and in a matter of minutes, you’ll get a ton of intel about them. That is the best way to obtain bad and good info about the company.

Try to find a moving company by yourself

Lastly, you can ignore all reviews and simply try to find a moving company by yourself. Just browse through random local websites and eventually, you will find something. But again, you must confirm that they are legit and with all equipment required for work. The goal is to have a safe and successful relocation after all. And while searching for movers, compare them across the board. If you are skipping reviews at least compare prices and services. If you want to purchase a packing service or to rent cheap storage NYC, at least try to find the best deal out there. Invest a bit of time and in a couple of hours, you will find your company. Once you do, call them, and wrap your relocation plans.

a woman browsing the internet
Dive in and find moving professionals by yourself.

Write a moving review yourself

If you decide to read moving reviews and they help you to find a moving company, after all, you can write a moving review yourself. As you can see, a good moving review can help immensely. Especially if someone posts a thorough one explaining in details everything about the company and the services they provide. Therefore, if you want to say thanks to the company and help other people to find a good moving service easily, write a review. It will take only 15 minutes and it will help everyone.

In the end, hiring movers based on reviews can be a good thing if this is not your first relocation. But reading them is always a good thing. If this is in fact your first relocation, you should consult with someone more experienced before taking your first step. Good luck and stay safe!

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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