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Reasons to use plastic bins when moving home


Plastic bins are taking over the moving industry. More and more people are using plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes while moving. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying cardboard boxes which you will throw away a few days after the move. Not only you are saving the money, but with plastic bins, you are also protecting the environment! Many moving companies in NYC offer clients to use plastic bins when moving home. Let’s discuss why you should use it too!

Plastic box
Use plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes and you will save your time and money

Plastic Bins Can Prevent Damage

One and maybe the most important reason why you should use plastic bins when moving home is the safety of your belongings. While moving, it can happen to drop your cardboard boxes and to crush all your most valuable and fragile items. Instead of risking damages and significant financial loss, turn to the usage of plastic bins. With them, you don’t have to wrap your fragile items in three different layers of wrapping. You can cover them just once and to be sure they are safe during the transition.

Plastic bins will prevent damages and headaches. You don’t have to worry about the bottom giving out or the water getting on your items. Imagine how hard it is to move with cardboard boxes while raining. Plastic moving containers are not sponge-like cardboard boxes, so you don’t have to worry about the water inside your staff, at all.

Plastic Rental Bins Save you time and Allow a Quick Move

You want to save time when moving. With cardboard boxes, it can be tough to do it. You have to assemble each box, to separate items, wrap and tape each box after packing. With plastic bins, the process is more straightforward. Skipping the steps of extra wrapping and taping can have you a lot of time! Also, plastic moving containers are easier for transportation on a dolly of by hand. They will maximize the space in the moving truck you rent in Brooklyn. Also, you will save the time of picking them up before the move and disposing of them after the move.

Plastic bin
Not only you are saving the money, but with plastic bins, you are also protecting the environment!

Reusable Plastic Moving Boxes Save You Money

Renting plastic moving boxes will save you time. Rental plastic bins are often cheaper than buying cardboard boxes. You can rent it from your moving company. When you are buying cardboard boxes, you also need to buy packing tape, wrapping materials, etc. With plastic bins, you don’t have these additional expenses. So, plastic moving boxes save your items from damages, save you time and money – it is a win-win situation, right?

Plastic Bins Are Eco-Friendly

If you decide to use plastic bins when moving home, you can be proud because you are also saving the environment. When you use cardboard boxes, you have to ditch them into the environment. Instead, reusable plastic moving boxes can be used for many years. Cardboard boxes end up in the dumpsters instead of recycled adequately in the centers. Moving boxes Brooklyn are a good solution if you want to use it as an extra storage space in your new home. But, if you are planning to throw them away, then save the environment, money, time and energy and rent plastic moving boxes!

Which is better, cardboard or plastic? Here are some considerations

Availability of boxes

  • Cardboard boxes you must find and buy, plastic bins you can rent from moving companies
  • Movers will deliver plastic containers to your address and help you pack
  • With plastic moving boxes you are saving the time and the hassle of recycling cardboard boxes.
  • Plastic bins you don’t have to tape – which save you time

Packing procedures

  • With plastic moving containers you are free of taping and triple wrapping fragile items such as glassware or China
  • Cardboard boxes come in different sizes, and you have to be careful which boxes you are using for certain items
  • Your fragile items are safer in plastic bins (in cardboard boxes they can be easily damaged or crushed if you drop the box)
  • There are also plastic wardrobe containers.
  • It’s easy to label plastic containers using masking tape and a permanent marker.
  • Plastic bins are easier to reopen (cardboard boxes you need to cut and re-tape)
Plastic bins
The best part is: Plastic bins are reusable!


  • Plastic bins are more durable than cardboard boxes
  • Insects and termites like cardboard boxes, which is not the case with plastic containers
  • Plastic moving boxes cannot be damaged by water. Your electronics, clothes, valuables, and photos are safer in plastic.
  • You don’t have to worry about the rain on moving day when you have plastic bins

Environmental Considerations

  • Plastic bins are reusable, cardboard boxes you need to drop off after the move
  • Many plastic containers are made from recycled materials

After the Move and Unpacking process

  • If you pack in cardboard boxes, it can take time to unpack everything
  • You need to get to rid of cardboard boxes after the move, rental plastic boxes you can return to moving company
  • Plastic bins are easy to open
  • Plastic moving boxes are your better choice if you want to store, they don’t attract insects, and they are resistant to water, and they are durable.

How to pack plastic bins properly?

Same as packing your moving boxes, U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn bring you some tips for packing your plastic moving containers. It is essential to know how properly to use plastic bins when moving home. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Don’t Pack Too Much – Especially if you lifting them by the hand
  • Everything Should be Dry – You don’t want to risk mold growth
  • Label, Label, Label: Same as you need to label your cardboard boxes, you need to do it also with plastic bins. Labeling is always your friend.

Although plastic bins are a great way to pack your belongings, we suggest you talk with your moving company about the decision – cardboard or plastic, which is better for you?

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