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Reasons why millennials seek out smaller towns


The generation gap is a real thing. We can observe it in various different situations and from different angles. One of the biggest generation gaps, or differences, we can observe today are the housing options the millennials have and seek. Today, we are going to answer why millennials seek out smaller towns? Unlike fifty years ago, when people were flocking to big cities, the newer generations seem to find the opposite better. Why are moving and storage Brooklyn services working more on moving younger generations out of the cities than inside? The answers are actually much more reasonable than one might have thought.

The main reasons why millennials seek out smaller towns instead of big cities

As we were saying, many generations before us worked hard on ensuring that they move into a big city and settle in there. In fact, a lot of millennials are actually born and raised in cities, unlike generations before them.

a father carrying a child on his shoulders with snowy mountains behind them as one of the main reasons why millennials seek out smaller towns
Because a lot of work can be done remotely now, millennials choose to move into more tranquil, eco-friendly, and affordable environments

So, why do so many millennials decide to move to a new, smaller area instead of staying in the city or moving into another one? Some of the main reasons why movers NYC relocate millennials so much are:

  • A better quality of life
  • Better, yet affordable housing options
  • Returning to nature

A better quality of life

As we progress further with technological advancements, we seem to disregard the well-being of nature. However, millennials are a generation that takes pollution seriously. In fact, one of the main reasons why millennials seek out smaller towns is because smaller places pollute the environment less. We are talking about air quality, cleanliness of the area, the community attitude towards nature, etc. Basically, many millennials would rather rent storage Brooklyn, place their unwanted items inside and move with only their necessities to a smaller town. Later, they can either sell, donate or move in those items from the unit.

Better, yet affordable housing options

The housing market will always vary. For instance, in 1975, the median house value was around $40.000. However, today, the prices are much, much higher. On the other hand, although the housing market is still expensive, housing options outside of big cities are much more affordable.

a couple shaking hands with a realtor in front of a newly purchased home
Smaller towns provide affordable housing, an affordable lifestyle, and a getaway from the bustling city centers and crowds

Even if they have a company, they would rather move the office, using Brooklyn commercial movers services, into a big city and still live in the outskirts or further. If you were ever wondering why millennials seek out smaller towns, understand that, in most cases, this is the smartest financial decision they can make. Not only are those houses cheaper, but they are also of better quality in most cases.

Returning to nature is the reason why millennials seek out smaller towns

The smaller the town is, the higher its connection to nature is. This is one of the main epiphanies millennials had during the coronavirus pandemic. Returning to nature and spending time in it leads to a new self-discovery. Because many millennials have a different viewpoint on life than previous generations, this step helps them learn more about themselves and the world around them. In a way, millennials close the full circle we, as humans, made in the last 100 years. More importantly, no one is to say that this is a bad thing.

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