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Dear valued clients,
The moving industry is categorized as an essential industry business, therefore we inform you that U. Santini Moving and Storage is open for business during our regular hours. We continue to operate using all safety precautions concerning the COVID-19 situation. Our moving professionals are adapting the operations in order to meet your moving-related needs while practicing CDC and WHO recommendations. We provide our movers with hand sanitizers and gloves and practice social distancing to protect both our clients and crew members. During this state of an emergency, our number one priorities are the health and safety of employees and customers. We make sure to: • Practice all State/Federal/CDC and World Health Organization guidelines in order to prevent contagion in our community.
• Keep the distance of 6 feet from clients due to social distancing recommendations.
• Use hand sanitizers and regularly wash hands whenever the running water is available.
• Disinfect often-touched surfaces frequently (break room areas, restroom surfaces, countertops, door handles).
• Continuously ventilate the spaces we work in.
• Sanitize moving trucks after the job is completed.
• Provide masks (if they are available) and gloves for our employees to handle clients' possessions.
• Guarantee transparent communication with our employees - they will self-quarantine if even the slightest indications of flu-like symptoms appear.
In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we make sure to adhere to the guidelines set forth by authorities and health officials. During this coronavirus crisis, our clients will be informed of any possible changes in our work by the members of U. Santini Moving and Storage. Hopefully, this unfortunate situation will soon be over, but in the meantime, you are welcome to contact our moving experts for consultations and all additional information. Thank you, U. Santini Moving and Storage


If you're looking for reliable NYC residential movers, we've got a few tips...

Reliable NYC residential movers

For all the eager expats waiting to start their new lives in New York, there are a few things you ought to know. First of all, moving house isn’t a process taken lightly. Moving house to NYC even less so. This is going to be an expensive process with plenty of stress involved. You will need to find a good apartment for a fair price. Also, hire reliable NYC residential movers to help you relocate. And, should we even talk about the rules of packing which you should know? Altogether, moving is a complicated process. If you’ve been following our blog, then you’ve already learned plenty of ways to speed up your relocation and make it easier. Today we’ve decided to answer one of the most frequently asked questions in the moving business. How does one find good movers NYC to help them relocate?

If you’re looking for the best moving companies in NYC, start by asking friends and family

If you want your movers to be reliable, get plenty of recommendations.
The first step to finding good movers in New York is getting recommendations.

The best way to find someone who provides a service is usually through recommendation. It allows for your friends to tell you about their experience. You will learn what to watch out for and how to prevent any mishaps which may happen. Also, it shields you from being vulnerable to scams. Since we’re talking about relocating to New York, you will need to be extra careful of con artists. So, we would suggest starting with your neighbors, friends, and family. It doesn’t matter if you’re making a long distance move to NYC. Plenty of companies, even if they aren’t local, will be happy to provide quality service for one such relocation. If nobody can give you any recommendations regarding reliable NYC residential movers, there is another way. Ring a real estate agent if you’ve been working with one on finding an apartment in the Big Apple. They should be able to give you a few good recommendations. And finally, turn to the Internet or the yellow pages for more ideas. Here is what to do when you’ve got a few companies picked out:

  • Have a list of five or more reliable NYC residential movers
  • Find out if they have proper licenses and insurance
  • Look up their reviews online
  • Narrow down your choice of good NY moving professionals
  • Arrange on-site estimates with the representatives
  • Choose the most affordable option of Brooklyn moving services

Some tips you should know about narrowing down your choice of reliable NYC residential movers

It may seem like an easy thing when you’re talking about it, but telling apart Brooklyn movers scams is an art in its own right. So, when you’ve got your list of about five or more professional relocation companies ready, how do you narrow it down? First, we’d suggest checking their licenses online. It is easy and it only takes a few minutes. Next, take a look at their website. See if they have all the services you want for your relocation. A good thing to do, as well, is to ask for references or read through reviews. It won’t take too much time to visit this moving professional’s profile on Yelp, and you may find that they are unreliable that way. Of course, keep in mind that no moving company will have zero bad reviews. It is difficult to please everyone and even the most reliable NYC residential movers are human. After you’ve done all of these, you should have gone down to about three companies on your list of possibles, right?

When you have your top choices of good NY moving companies call them for an estimate

When looking for reliable NYC residential movers be sure to book an on-site estimate.
You will need an on-site estimate from your top moving companies in NYC.

Let’s clear something out of the way right away. If a moving company won’t send a representative for an in-house estimate, they shouldn’t be on your list at all. Why? Well, moving house means that they will need to load all of your belongings into their van. If they only have a vague idea of what you own, how will they be able to give you a fair estimate? Hence, while you may get a quote on their website or over the phone, an in-house estimate is a necessity.

A representative from a reputable moving company in New York will ask plenty of questions

If you’ve never moved house before, here is what to expect and do during an in-house estimate with good NY movers. It isn’t a silent visit where you drink coffee and talk about your future in New York. An on-site quote will mean plenty of talking about the items you will be transporting. Hence, don’t be embarrassed by your clutter, if there is any. Don’t hide anything from the representative. In order to get an affordable Brooklyn moving quote which is also fair, they will need to consider everything. Also, in turn, the representative of reliable NYC residential movers should ask plenty of questions themselves. If they aren’t, then they may not be the professionals you are looking for…

During an on-site estimate, the representative of NYC residential movers shouldn’t be the only one asking questions

After you're done with the estimate, you should have all the proper information about your movers.
After the estimate is done, you should have a few things about your reliable NYC residential movers on paper…

While the website will give you some information about the company, the Internet isn’t always reliable. Remember to ask some things in person, as well. Talk to the representative about the moving company itself. Are they local? How long have they been in business? Will they be moving your house themselves? All of these questions will help you find movers who will relocate you safely and without much stress. When the representative finally gives you an estimate, request that it be put on paper and broken down. Then, you will be able to see exactly how much what costs. As a parting tip, we’ll give you some things you should have by the end of the estimate besides this paper. Here are the most important things:

  • Write down the full name and any other names under which these reliable NYC residential movers work
  • The address, phone numbers, email and website of the moving company
  • The name and contact number of the person who is providing you with an estimate
  • The USDOT – a number which will help you check that your reliable NY movers have their proper license
  • A small booklet called ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move’ which could help you in the long run

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