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Relocating to Westchester

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With its location along the Hudson River, a variety of towns, great schools, and relaxation spots – Westchester seems like a great idea for a family. This 400 square miles area offers a wide range of activities and opportunities, so relocating to Westchester is definitely something you need to consider. Westchester County is known to be a very pleasant area to live in, and its residents enjoy a very high quality of life. We offer you a couple of helpful pieces of information and a simple guide to support you in moving to Westchester. The best movers New York offers will show you some great tips and tricks for easier relocation.

Relocating to Westchester

The proximity of Westchester County to NY makes it easier for commuters to go to work and organize their daily lives. This is just one of the numerous advantages this relocation will enrich your life with. Before moving to Westchester, find out all about the perks this area offers. Affordable housing, good educational institutions, a large number of outdoor spaces, and many more. If you miss the hectic vibe of New York, you can always hop on the train and find yourself there within 20 minutes. On the other hand, the small-town vibe that Westchester County offers makes this place perfect for family life. Before packing your bags, make sure to hire the best movers NYC to help you move.


Finding a good-quality home at a low price is probably something you don’t even think about, but we will stop you right there. Westchester offers affordable homes, ranging from 350$ to 1000$ per square foot. Compared to the other parts of New York (Manhattan, for example, offers homes at prices as high as 1300-6000$ per square foot!) this place is perfect for young families. Aside from the prices, people who move here will be surprised by the other things this area offers.

a key in a keyhole
There are many affordable housing options when relocating to Westchester
Price is always a starting point when choosing a home, so Westchester is a great place to think about if you are looking for good, affordable homes.
In case you are downsizing, you may end up with a number of items you no longer need, or that can not fit into your new home. In this instance, you may get to keep all your stuff, without overcrowding your new place. Renting cheap storage New York is the best solution to this problem. It is also a convenient and safe place for keeping your household items while redecorating your new house.


This area of New York has some of the most significant schools in the country. This is one more reason for relocating to Westchester is if you have a family, for example. Some of the best public schools here are:

  • Scarsdale Senior High school
  • Rye High School
  • Byram Hills High School
  • Edgewood School
  • Greenville School
  • Seely Place School

To choose the best school for your kids, you need to be prepared in advance. With so many choices, like in Westchester, you will need to ask around and get more information about each school you like. Track its performance and see if it suits your little student.

Open spaces for relaxation

Westchester offers many open, green spaces where people can enjoy their job breaks and days off. Fields, parks, woods, you name it. Here are some examples that may attract your attention and help you decide to move to Westchester.

  1. Untermyer Park – commonly known as Eden on the Hudson, this park is located along the Hudson River. It offers beautiful gardens with even more beautiful views of the river. Here you can relax completely, let your children run around and think about nothing.
  2. Pepsico sculpture Gardens – this sculpture garden has been recently renovated, and here you can enjoy nature, but also see some art. You can walk around and check out sculptures by famous artists everywhere. This is definitely something you need to visit.
  3. Croton Gorge Park – this place is probably the most famous for its view of Westchester’s beautiful waterfall. This makes it the perfect place for a picnic since it has playing fields, walking trails, and a playground.
  4. Rockefeller State Park Preserve – a gift of the Rockefeller family, this place is a perfect oasis of peace. It is spread on 140000 acres of land, with many fields, woodlands, lakes, and streams. Since it is huge, it presents a place where you can come over and over again and explore something new.

Public Transport

Known as a “bedroom county” of Manhattan, Westchester has quick links to NYC, and its public transportation is wide and easy to use. First of all, Westchester Airport is located just 30 miles north of Manhattan, and it is widely used by the locals. It offers not just commercial, but also business and charter flights for everybody. Metro-north, the railroad line, offers you the chance to commute to Manhattan in just 35 minutes. There are three main lines – The Hudson, The Harlem, and the New Haven, so it is easy to commute wherever you need to go.  There is also the Bee-Line System, one of the safest US transit systems. Its shuttles and local buses make public transportation quick and easy. In the end, Westchester’s local car rentals and tours are within easy reach.

a man standing on the train
Commuters will be amazed at how well the public transportation works in Westchester

Relocating to Westchester – how to do it

If you opted for moving to Westchester, you need to do it step by step. Don’t worry it’s not difficult, you just need to be systematic in this process. Here are some things you need to do in order to move without any problems. Deciding on your budget, getting familiar with the area, and organizing your relocation process are the three most important things when moving. Also, hiring a reliable moving company is among the most important items on a to-do list.  We recommend that you consult professional local movers Brooklyn, and avoid possible problems and damage.

Even if you are moving your office to Westchester, there is no reason for stress or worry. With the best Brooklyn commercial movers at your disposal, you can rest assured all your office items and work equipment will be safely transported to the new location.

Set your budget limit

The money issue will be a constant variable in the process of making an offer on a house. You need to decide how much money you have exactly, so you can know for sure what to look for and what to expect. If you need to borrow money from a bank, start that process on time. You will need to have some money with you as well, for a down payment. Remember, the more money you give as a down payment, you will have more chances with the seller. This advice is also valid when the time comes to move. Explore different moving companies and compare them. See if the moving quotes Brooklyn is okay for you, and if it fits your budget, so you can let that part of the job to professionals.

Familiarize with the area

Take your time to do some research before changing residence to Westchester, and see what things are the most important for you. This means that you need to sort out different factors, like schools, commute time, recreation spots, parking, restaurants, distance to your relatives, etc. Whatever is important to you, use it as a factor when choosing the perfect home; Explore the area, and use some free time to go around neighborhoods. This way you will see the best if it suits you or not. Go and get a coffee at a local coffee shop and walk around these beautiful recreational areas we mentioned in this text. Feel how it would be like to live in Westchester.

a person looking at the map on their phone
Get to know the area before the relocation, to streamline the process of settling in

Organize your move

If the time has come to relocate to Westchester, you need to prepare. This means to sort out your things, pack them, and move them safely. Makes sure to buy enough packing material, which includes boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, duct tape, packing peanuts, and packing paper. Creating an inventory list will help you keep track of all your items. Learn how to properly pack fragile and bulky items and label each box according to its content. You can invite friends or family members to help you pack and clean the house. But even though this is possible to do by yourself, it is still best to let professionals handle your furniture in the safest way possible.

As you can see, relocating to Westchester can be quick and easy if you do it right. We are sure that your family will have the time of their lives in this area. You will always have the opportunity to enjoy in your backyard or use public transportation to go out to dinner in NYC. Therefore, start packing and look for a home!

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