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Relocation equipment for starting a moving company

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Lately, a vast amount of people have been deciding to start their own moving company business. This comes as a no surprise, considering how profitable an average moving company is. And what the general population is so happy about is the fact that they have a huge number of options when it comes to choosing their perfect movers. If we have got you convinced that starting a moving company is the right move for you, keep reading. We will list all of the relocation equipment for starting a moving company that you need if you want to start your business today.

A woman surrounded by her laptop and some stationary, which are necessary when listing relocation equipment for starting a moving company.
Figuring out all of the relocation equipment necessary for starting a moving company can be a difficult task.

Relocation equipment for starting a moving company #1 – The truck

The number one item on our list is the truck. It is an essential piece of equipment for any moving company. If you own a truck, or at least a van big enough to transport a larger amount of goods, you are well on your way to starting your very own moving company. However, if you don`t already possess one, you have a couple of options:

  • When it comes to the relocation equipment for starting a moving company, there are some items you can rent. The truck is one of them. Renting a truck will cost you anywhere from eighty dollars to one hundred and sixty dollars per day, depending on the type.
  • Do the research and find great deals for used trucks in your area.
  • Buy a brand new truck. Luckily, buying a good moving truck Brooklyn should not be difficult to do.

However, getting a truck is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the necessary relocation equipment for starting a moving company. The next step after getting a truck is the registration and insurance.

Relocation equipment for starting a moving company #2 – Registration and insurance

If you want for your company to be legal, you need to register your truck. The legality of your company is the reason why registration is considered to be one of the relocation equipment necessary for starting a moving company. You can register the truck with the US Department of Transportation, where you will receive a US DOT number unique for your company. However, the registration alone is not enough. You also need to get a moving and transportation insurance. The insurance will cover any damages and liabilities. Therefore, contact your insurance agent and find out the minimum prerequisite amount for your cargo and vehicle insurance.

A moving truck on the road.
A good moving truck is considered to be a number one item on the relocation equipment for starting a moving company list.

Relocation equipment for starting a moving company #3 – The fuel

The fuel will be one thing that you will constantly have to spend money on after starting a moving company. The vehicles can`t operate without the fuel. Depending on the type, and the number of trucks you possess, you can expect your fuel prices to range anywhere from 500 dollars to 10 000 dollars and beyond. The price also depends on the type of your moving company. Naturally, if your company is dealing with local movers Brooklyn, you won`t have to spend as much money as you would when dealing with long distance movers Brooklyn. Ultimately, this investment will certainly pay off. 

Relocation equipment for starting a moving company #4 – The boxes and other packing supplies

After making sure that you have a good moving truck at your disposal, you need to spend some money on boxes and other packing supplies. Arriving at the house prepared will make you look professional. And everyone knows that is the key to gaining a good reputation around the city. Finding good moving boxes Brooklyn won`t be so difficult. Knowing where to look for them is all you need.

After taking care of the boxes, you also need to stock up on other packing supplies. Some of those supplies include:

  • tape
  • plastic wrap
  • furniture pads
  • cushion foam
  • packing paper

All of these items won`t set you back for a lot of money. But, they will give your new company a good reputation by making you look prepared. So, don`t skip these items on your moving equipment for starting a relocation company list.

Relocation equipment for starting a moving company #5 – Business cards and flyers

The last item on our list has more to do with the success of your company than with the moving equipment. However, we here at U.Santini Moving & Storage think that you cannot run a good business without attracting some publicity. And, a good way to get some much-needed publicity is to create custom-made business cards and flyers. Flyers are a useful way to spread the word about your new company. And, you can ask your family and friends for help when it comes to giving out business cards. Perhaps your friends know someone who is about to move, and they can put in a good word for you. It all comes down to good networking.

Create a website

Another way to promote your company is to create a website. In the age where everything is digital, having a website is crucial for your company. Your website should be appealing to the eye, as well as filled with information. The most important thing to include in your website is the moving quotes estimates. Knowing the exact moving quotes Brooklyn is important for every potential client. Considering all that we have mentioned, have in mind that hiring a professional to develop your website is always a good idea. Do not be frugal on this piece of equipment for starting a moving company, because it can bring you a lot of profit.

An open laptop on a white desk.
Create an appealing website if you want to ensure the success of your company.

As you can see, the list of the necessary relocation equipment for starting a moving company is not so long. There are some expensive items, such as buying a truck, and the less expensive ones, such as packing supplies. However, they are all necessary for starting a successful company. Good luck!

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