U. Santini Moving and Storage COVID-19 Statement
Dear valued clients,
The moving industry is categorized as an essential industry business, therefore we inform you that U. Santini Moving and Storage is open for business during our regular hours. We continue to operate using all safety precautions concerning the COVID-19 situation. Our moving professionals are adapting the operations in order to meet your moving-related needs while practicing CDC and WHO recommendations. We provide our movers with hand sanitizers and gloves and practice social distancing to protect both our clients and crew members. During this state of an emergency, our number one priorities are the health and safety of employees and customers. We make sure to: • Practice all State/Federal/CDC and World Health Organization guidelines in order to prevent contagion in our community.
• Keep the distance of 6 feet from clients due to social distancing recommendations.
• Use hand sanitizers and regularly wash hands whenever the running water is available.
• Disinfect often-touched surfaces frequently (break room areas, restroom surfaces, countertops, door handles).
• Continuously ventilate the spaces we work in.
• Sanitize moving trucks after the job is completed.
• Provide masks (if they are available) and gloves for our employees to handle clients' possessions.
• Guarantee transparent communication with our employees - they will self-quarantine if even the slightest indications of flu-like symptoms appear.
In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we make sure to adhere to the guidelines set forth by authorities and health officials. During this coronavirus crisis, our clients will be informed of any possible changes in our work by the members of U. Santini Moving and Storage. Hopefully, this unfortunate situation will soon be over, but in the meantime, you are welcome to contact our moving experts for consultations and all additional information. Thank you, U. Santini Moving and Storage


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Moving is a lot easier with the help of professional movers and that is a fact. But there are many movers on the market and it might be hard to decide which residential movers Brooklyn to go for. We, at U.Santini Moving & Storage, believe that we are your best bet. With our experience comes confidence, reliability, and trustworthiness. In fact, we’ve been around the block for quite some time and you might even have grandparents that used our services. When it comes to residential moving, we can proudly say that we stand among the top moving companies in the business. We would like to use this space to mention what exactly we can do for you and how can we make your relocation a lot easier.

Avoid moving stress - hire residential movers Brooklyn
Hire U.Santini professionals to take care of your upcoming residential move.

Why you should hire U.Santini Moving & Storage?

First of all, we are a family-operated business. This means that we treat each and every customer like they are a part of our family. That is just the way we like to do business. Our goal is, and always has been, to provide exceptional and unique moving experiences. We want you to have a big smile on your face after everything is said and done. If you want to find more about us, we invite you to check out our review page, as well as reviews on any other review sites.

If you choose to place your trust with us, we are going to work really hard to prove that choice correct. While we specialize in the New York Metropolitan area, feel free to call us for any sort of relocation. Even if we can’t help you (which is highly unlikely), we will be able to provide you with expert advice, which will make your move a lot easier.

We have years of experience in the moving industry

Another thing that truly sets us apart from fledgling moving companies is our long years of experience in the business. Across three generations, we have been relocating satisfied customers almost for a century! Eighty years is a long time to perfect our craft, after all. By choosing us, you choose to incorporate all those 80 years of knowledge and experience into your relocation. Our customer reviews reflect this fact quite accurately. Every move that we do, we carefully plan for our client’s specific situation. And with the experience that we have, the process is really fast, efficient, and effective.

We are offering moving services tailored to your needs

Here is a teaser list of some of the services that you can expect from us:

There are, of course, many more services that we can perform. After all, every relocation is different and requires a special “touch”. But listing all the services might be overwhelming for most people. When it comes to local movers Brooklyn, we think that you will be hard-pressed to find a more complete moving company. Regardless of what is it that you need, if it concerns moving we can do it. We can make your move as effortless as you want it to be. Or do only a couple of things. With our flexibility, the sky is the limit!

male sealing a moving box with a packing tape
We will protect, pack, and relocate all your belongings safely!

Reduce the moving stress – Get packing services from Residential movers Brooklyn!

Packing is one of those processes that might take an enormous amount of time to complete. If you simply don’t have the time or energy for it, you can always turn to us for help. With our packing services, you will not need to even look at a moving box prior to your relocation. We work fast, efficiently, and safely. You will never have to worry about any damage during the transport if you entrust the packing to us. What we offer is not only manual labor but peace of mind as well. Our moving crew knows how important your items might be to you, and they will take extra care with each and every item. By hiring us, thus becoming a member of our extended family, we will offer you every courtesy we would to our blood relatives. That is just the way we like to do business.

Are you downsizing? We have a storage solution for you!

Many times, when people relocate to or from Brooklyn, you will simply have to downsize for your relocation. It is the world we live in and the property prices in the Big Apple are all but low. In these cases, using our storage Brooklyn solutions is the simplest and most effective choice. Don’t worry about choosing the right unit for your needs, we will help you with that. It is our promise to you that we will never coax you into selecting a larger unit than what you need. We want you to be happy with our solutions, now and always.

That being said, it is always a good idea to do some research on your own. Making sure to prepare your items for storage the right way is paramount for your storing experience. Feel free to ask us to clarify anything you might not understand at a glance, as well. Storage solutions can get a bit complicated, after all, and knowing more about them is always a good thing. What we offer are multiple prime locations, as well as some really affordable ones. Regardless of what your needs are, we are going to try to find the unit that suits them the most.

woman creating a checklist, boxes around her
Do you need self-storage? We have a solution for you!

Contact your residential movers Brooklyn today!

If you like what we offer, and wish to hire us for your relocation, the process is really simple. You can contact us in various ways, from dialing our phone number or via fax, or through our easy-to-use webpage. Our team is eager to hear from you and to assist you in your relocation. Your search for the best residential movers Brooklyn will be over as soon as you give us a call or send us an email, that we promise.


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