Move Management

Santini Solution Systems Is an innovative computer management program utilizing proprietary software designed exclusively to help us monitor our facilities and fleets of trucks monitor and track every move we make. The system is a valuable Facilities Management tool and has applications beyond a moving and storage company in client settings, including hospitals and large corporate environments.

Santini Solution Systems
U.Santini now offer a external Facilities Management System that can be easily customized to your facility!

We Offer….

  • 10 years of Experience in Facility Support Services
  • Personnel Trained in relevant Facility protocol
  • An independent outside Resource
  • Appropriate Technology – Asset Management – Radio controls – Bar Coding Storage
  • Experience in State and Government Inspections & Regulations
  • Systems to Support your needs such as our Work Book Ticketing System
  • Already setup and worked out for your needs
  • Given the Opportunity we are confident that we will show you an effective support system that will save you money!





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