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C Chris M.
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September 18, 2015

U. Santini are the movers you call when you're a full-grown adult, you've outgrown fly-by-nights or man-with-a-vans, and you're ready for a job done the right way. They are far from the cheapest option, but you VERY MUCH get what you pay for: professionalism, attention to detail and reliability.I would know: I used U. Santini twice--once way back in 2004, and again 11 years later--for my two biggest and most complex moves. (The second move involved three weeks of storage, which was fairly priced and during which our stuff was generally well-cared-for; I think maybe two items were dinged.) In between these two moves, I had some smaller ones where I used cheaper services that were just not as good. With Santini, you know your furniture will be wrapped right, loaded carefully, dismantled and reassembled if necessary (even if you didn't think to do it), even made better.No, seriously, made better: In our latest move, we warned the Santini guys that our couch was broken--we hadn't found time to fix it, and we just wanted them to keep the pieces together and get it to our new place, where we would (eventually) deal with it. An hour later, when I checked back with them, a couple of the guys had used the tools they brought to FIX OUR COUCH. (They figured it would be easier to load on the truck in good repair.) No kidding, I am typing this on the sofa that they restored.Will they fix your broken furniture? Maybe not--they're under no obligation--but this story of above-and-beyond kindness and Boy Scout-level pride in one's work is, to me, emblematic of what makes U. Santini great. Simply put, these guys are pros.

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