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Rules of packing for a move: Efficient DIYs



Most homeowners tend to underestimate the number of things that they own. And, even once they start going from room to room and preparing for the relocation, they get overwhelmed. So, if you’re making a partially DIY relocation, you’ll definitely need to know the rules of packing for a move. If you know how you will both trim the costs and the time which you will need for it. Besides, movers and packers Brooklyn will be delighted to see the perfectly labeled and packed boxes! So, let’s start from the top!

Before even thinking about packing for your move, start by decluttering

No matter who you ask, the first golden rule of moving is going to be to purge. Naturally, it needs to fall among our rules of packing for a move, as well. Before you start this entire process you should know exactly what are you taking with you.

mother and daughter packing
Make sure to have enough time for packing

Hence, begin your preparation by using these questions:

  • Do I use it on a daily basis? – These are the things which will definitely be going to New York with you. Decide which goes into the essentials box and which will be packed into some moving boxes.
  • Would I buy it again? – These are the items which you aren’t sure about. Put them aside and ask yourself if you’d purchase them today. Then, you will know which one you will be taking with you to NYC.
  • Where should I donate/sell this? – This is the perfect way to deduct some taxes or save some money. A garage sale is great if you’ve got some time before hiring a moving company.

Many NYC moving services can help you with packing material as well. As a result, you don’t have to use clutter as a packing material. Avoid using old shoe boxes for packing as they may be too old to handle items inside. This involves a lot of risks and you should avoid it at all costs.

While we’re on the topic of purging, let us give you one of the sub-rules of packing for a move. Do not, under any circumstances, delay your planned beginning of packing! As we’ve already said, you will underestimate the number of things you own. It’s best to start early than to be unable to finish before your NYC movers arrive.

Among our rules of packing for a move is getting proper supplies

When you’re getting everything ready in a hurry, packing supplies tend to get lost in the havoc. So, let us remind you. You will need proper, sturdy moving boxes for moving to New York. We’d suggest that you get these supplies from your movers. Even if you’re not using their packing service, you could get a good deal.

Local Brooklyn movers have professional equipment which is sure to keep your belongings safe. And as a last resort, there are plenty of online websites where you can get your supplies, too. Here’s a pro tip: Buy more than you need for your relocation. If you’re not sure what you should have, here are the essentials:

  • Paper wrap and bubble wrap – could be substituted with clothing. Keep in mind that there are certain materials in this category that you should avoid at all costs. Avoid using wrapping paper with ink as it can damage your items.
  • Sharpies– Sharpies are great when it comes to labeling. Try to find waterproof ones as they can stay longer. 
  • Labels in different colors– If sharpies are not enough or you simply need to step up your game a little bit, go with labels.
  • Tape– When it comes to packing using tape is essential.
  • Box cutter– Always be careful when using a box cutter and don’t rush through this process.
packing box on the bed
Almost all rules of packing for a move include high-quality boxes and other packing material

Moving boxes is one of the main rules of packing for a move

Yes, moving boxes actually deserve their own paragraph among our rules of packing for a move. First, as we’ve already mentioned, get more than you think you need. Next, get the right boxes. If you have plenty of books, you will need strong, but small ones. Do you have a lot of fragile things? You might need some boxes with separate pockets. Research how to pack your breakables before you start, though. If you’re re-using old parcels, be sure that you know that they can hold the weight. Finally, here are a few additional tips:

  • Smaller boxes should hold your heavy items- They will also be a lot easier to handle
  • Larger boxes should be lighter– This will prevent having trouble moving them around
  • Electronics ought to be packed into their original packaging, if possible– There is always a chance that due to shape they won’t fit regular boxes
  • Use your box cutter to cut handles on the sides of boxes if there aren’t any– Use this method to make things a lot easier for you
  • Don’t leave empty space in your containers before closing them– This will prevent items from moving around
  • Plates travel to New York in boxes vertically– Pretty similar to their original packing
  • Wrapping paper, bubble wrap, or blankets are perfect cushioning for breakables– This is another situation where your personal items may come in handy
  • A golden rule: If you can’t lift it, your Brooklyn movers probably can’t, either

Keep in mind that the same rules apply to your business relocation. Commercial movers Downtown Brooklyn should take care of your boxes as they are professionally trained to avoid all potential risks.

man packing his books
Don’t leave too much space between your items while packing

Another important rule of packing is to learn to label like a moving pro

It is the time to completely embrace your OCD here. Yes, we mean it. What’s more, you will thank us later for being very thorough with your labeling. Not only does properly marking every box help with organizing, but it will allow you to keep track of any damaged items. Remember that you only have nine months to file a claim with the moving company about it! So, here are the three golden rules of packing for a move concerning labeling.

1. Start by giving each of your moving boxes a number before packing them

Once you write the number on your box, this digit should also go onto the inventory sheet. As you’re placing things in the said container, also note them on the list. This way, you will prevent anything from getting lost in the move. Also, after you start getting your new apartment in New York ready, finding things will be easy.

2. Next, assign each room a color to tell them apart easily

An easy way to do this is by purchasing the color-coded tape for moving. It has different colors for different rooms, with them written on it. It also serves a purpose, as it closes your boxes perfectly. However, if you’re trying to cut the costs of your move, simply choose some colored tape. Don’t forget to have the color on the inventory list, as well. Remember, there are countless tips and tricks about packing and moving you can use for your own relocation.

3. Finally, introduce the HML system to your labeling method

This is something that you should definitely consider adding to the labeling, and it won’t take much time. There is a big reason why we are mentioning this as one of the rules of packing for a move. On the plus side, it will greatly help you once you’ve moved into your new place. Let’s give you a quick tutorial:

  • H – high priority box. These are the things that you will need to unpack as soon as you’ve moved into your NYC home.
  • M – medium priority container. These are items you will need perhaps in a few weeks or a month. Keep them at hand, but don’t unpack them first.
  • L – low priority parcels. If you’re tight on space, consider putting them in some cheap storage in Brooklyn.

Speaking of storage units Brooklyn, it is important you consider using them for your relocation. Don’t feel guilty if you have the need to say goodbye to some items. Just like you, your new home needs a fresh start and you should never run away from it.

Be Careful With Your Finances

Although DIYs can be very helpful if you simply don’t have enough time to do it right it can cost you more than usual. Gathering all material, spending time and more are only a couple of things that can set you extra money. In order to avoid this, you can ask for a free moving estimate. Once the moving company does it for you, you will know exactly how much you will spend on your relocation. This will give you a great head start for your packing. 

man closing the box with the tape
Always have extra packing material lose to you

Bottom Line

Now that all the rules of packing for a move are in front of you- you are ready to do it right. As someone who is used to living fast in Brooklyn, there is no doubt that your relocation will be a successful one. Take good care of your items and before you know it- you will be setting them up in your new lovely home. 

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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